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Busch III Tickets!

As I’m sure most Cardinals fans realize, single-game tickets for Busch III finally went on sale Saturday morning. I, like thousands of others, got up at the crack of dawn (9 am!!) to secure a few seats. There is one word that can sum up this experience…NIGHTMARE! Even though the front page article in Friday’s Post-Dispatch said Cardinal officials were expecting to sell hundreds of thousands tickets and said that buying tickets online would be most time-efficient, their computer system didn’t seem ready to handle the traffic. This Post-Dispatch article pretty much sums up what the experience was like. I will say that I strongly disagree with Mr. Strohm’s quote about the system not being slow. I had two computers up and running, trying to get past the “virtual waiting rooms” at five ’till 9, and I didn’t finish buying tickets until after 3 in the afternoon. It was almost impossible to see what tickets were available even after miraculously getting past the waiting rooms.
Oh well I say because my hours of staring at up to six windows of waiting rooms paid off…I am now the proud owner of tickets to THREE Cardinals home games. I’ll be seeing them play the Brewers for their second game of the year, the Dodgers in July, and the Reds in September. With luck I’ll get tickets to one more game, and I have extremely tentative plans to potentially, just maybe see the Cards take on the World Champion White Sox in Chicago. (How sweet would that be?) It’s going to be a banner year for live baseball for me! I can’t wait!

Here’s a picture you could only take during Spring Training. I really like it, and amazingly it has nothing (ok very little) to do with the catcher with the cool mask.