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Yes he’s married…and YES he’s a World Champion!

First, the most obvious yet necessary statements of the offseason thus far:
1. I was/am/will continue to be thrilled that Cardinals are the 2006 World Series Champions.

2. Albert Pujols should have been the 2006 National League Most Valuable Player. He’s starting to be treated a lot like Michael Jordan in his day, and I don’t like it. Karl Malone, please meet your baseball equal for this season…Ryan Howard! It’s alright though, because just like the MJ vs. Malone debate, at the end of the day there is not a lot of disagreement from intelligent sources about who is the better player. (Yes, thank you, I do feel better now that I’ve got that out of my system. I suppose here is where I should make the obligatory, “But hey, Ryan Howard seems to be a great person and he sure enough proved he could hit for a lot of power this season. He’s a country strong St. Louisian, that boy, and a hard worker to boot. Woo-ee.” There. I said it. Happy?)

Second, I owe a belated thanks to the surprising number of people who emailed and/or posted messages during Yadi’s amazing playoff performances. Apparently there was a lot of googling “Yadier Molina aka super hot, super great baseball player” going on and several people found my blog that otherwise would not have. The title of this post probably already delivered the answer to by far the most commonly asked (especially emailed) question…I was finally able to confirm that Mr. Molina, despite his youth and diverse gifts, already has a Mrs. (Breathe ladies, if I can get over this you can too!)

I even managed to find a picture of couple at long last that can be found below. It is from the opening of Albert Pujols’ restaurant. From left to right the picture includes: the real Mrs. Molina, Gladys, the original Benjamin Molina, Yadi and Wanda. Now, if you’re thinking what I was thinking the first time I read that you are currently thinking, “He’s married to a woman named WANDA?!?!?! He could be married to a (insert your name here) for goodness sake!” Trust me. I know how you feel. I will say that she looks perfectly friendly in the photo while Yadi looks perfectly creepy for some reason. Yet, incredibly, I still like him a considerable amount more than her. And, no, I’m not willing to reconsider that position and be civil and nice and all that stuff. Maybe someday, but not today…or tomorrow….or the day after that in all likelihood.


I know this isn’t the ending most were looking for, but I hope that it provides people with some closure. (Grin.) I’m going to cross the proverbial line and just get downright gossipy here, so I’ll apologize ahead of time. Sorry! I’ve looked every place I can think of for pictures of Wanda with Yadi at the Championship Parade and never saw her anywhere, and I scoured the net for months for a picture of her before the restaurant opening shot popped up. I originally presumed that meant she preferred to stay in Puerto Rico or something, but the above picture shows she’s in St. Louis at least part of the season. Plus, you would think Yadi playing the World Series would bring her stateside and thus make her available for the parade. I think can see the picture I’m trying to paint…

I promise I’m not a mean person.

As always, I wish I had more time to post here. I’m hoping the holidays will bring some extra free time. Until then, may the Cubs and Astros knock off their spending and the Cardinals increase theirs!