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Day 3

Day 3 following the Cardinals in Florida was certainly different. First, we traveled to Fort Lauderdale to see the game against the Baltimore Orioles…our first ever venture to see the Cards outside of Jupiter. We got there about 20 minutes before the gates opened, so we had time to take in the exterior of the ballpark. Wow! What a difference from Roger Dean Stadium. The pictures I upload will give you an idea of the difference. In short, if Roger Dean is a 10 then Fort Lauderdale Stadium, home of the Orioles, is a 3 at best. Still, none of the shortcomings hindered our watching of the game. The main differences were the tiny offices and clubhouses, the..umm…shabbiness of the outside, and the lack of any “concourses” at all really. These are the only two Spring Training complexes I’ve visited, so I’m not sure which team has a more typical set-up. My guess is the Orioles because the Cardinals complex is new, and the funding was of course shared by two teams.
Enough about the stadiums. Once we got into the stadium two hours before game time we found the Cardinals about to begin batting practice. It was immediately clear that there were some people missing. Here is a (complete, I think) list of the MIA:
Albert Pujols
David Eckstein
Scott Rolen
Jim Edmonds
Yadier Molina
Chris Carpenter
Jason Marquis
Mark Mulder
Jason Isringhausen
Ah well, any day at the ballpark is a good day. Most or all of the players above apparently worked out in Jupiter on Tuesday morning. (We struggled with whether or not to head over to the practice fields…wrong choice on our part.) I stood in a sweet spot right by the Cardinals’ bullpen the entire game and got some great pictures. I also enjoyed listening to the bantor of the pitchers (when they actually talked). Check out my photo albums for Day 3 for the rest of the details of the day’s happenings. I added captions to another album, and I’m going to keep adding them until every last picture has one! More soon I promise…including my new found, strictly baseball, interest in Adam Wainwright.


Photo Albums

I just added three more photo albums from Jupiter! Only the Yadi album has captions, (I’ll add the others tomorrow…it’s 2:30 am, and I need sleep.) but I think you can figure them out. I apologize for the not so logical ordering of some of the albums. I’m uploading pictures from my digital camera and a low-ish quality CD full of pics from my mom’s 35mm camera, and the site won’t let me re-organize the pictures and mix them together so they are chronologically organized. They still should be fun to view, however.