It doesn’t get any easier…

Well, things aren’t going to get any easier for the Cardinals as they try to break their three game losing streak.  They just got swept by the AL Central’s second place team, the Chicago White Sox, and now they have to take the leaders in that division, the Detroit Tigers.  If anyone out there claims they had the Tigers winning the division or even leading it in June, I’m going to need a witness to verify your story. 

Tonight Chris Carpenter (6-3, 2.46) will take on Justin Verlander (8-4, 3.21) in Detroit.  I know close to nothing about Verlander, which is to say I just checked out his stats and bio on  I know one thing that makes me smile, however.  Albert Pujols will be in the lineup and playing first base.  See, it makes you smile.

Perhaps the most interesting match-up of the series will take place on the benches rather than the field with Tony LaRussa going against longtime friend (and former Cardinal employee) Jim Leyland.  Both are undisputedly talented managers, and I’ll be paying close attention to their moves and counter-moves.

A sweep (alright…or even two wins) of the Tigers sure would make this road trip feel and look a lot better.


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    OK, Im getting tired of losing Walt has to really be banging the phone now my search would be in the ATL trying to get Chipper to put a bat in the outfield.
    I hate to say it but its time to let Jim Edmonds go he has the most value for trading as of now and we need so much in terms of players its horrible 2nd base, outfield, starting pitching, I have a shortlist of players I would like to see put in the mix:

    1. Chipper Jones (the money is hard to eat but the bat is well worth it and if Rolen would get hurt he could play 3rd)

    2. Carl Crawford (young player great wheels would be able to start right away)

    3. John Smoltz (would be the vetran we need down the stretch)

    4. Miguel Tejada (move Eck to 2nd…hey could be done)

    All I know if we want to salvage a chance at the post season we need to make moves plain and simple!

    dan from des moines

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