Return to Rotation for Reyes?

This is good to read.  Tony LaRussa is by no means denying that he is thinking about inserting rookie Anthony Reyes into the starting rotation soon…only this time without any particular injury to a current member of the rotation as his reason.  Neither I nor anyone else can guarantee his continued and/or consistent success in the big league, but at this point I don’t think any starter is without need of a wake-up call.  Carpenter seems to have gotten his, and we can hope that LaRussa coyness with the situation, if nothing else, will be sufficient for the rest. 

And personally speaking, I’d like to see a Reyes’ start where he has his stay in the big leagues at risk.  In each of his previous starts, he knew he was headed back down to Triple A regardless of what transpired.  In other words, while it wasn’t exactly a "no pressure" situation, it also wasn’t "you pitch well and you stay or else."  I"m ready to see the the "kid" has…inside and out.



  1. Kevin


    Good point you make. We all wanna see him pitch with something on the line.

    I was thinking about something tonight that I wanted to get your opinion on. Do you think that Yadi is as good defensively as Mike Matheny was with the Cardinals? My personal belief is that no one is better than Yadi at throwing runners out…but that his ball blocking skills aren’t quite as polished as Matheny…yet. Just something I’ve noticed…or I think I’ve noticed.

  2. dave

    Brilliantly for the U.S.A., Muntari has buried an unstopable shot into the roof of the net, to give Ghana a deserved 2-0 lead with 8 mins left. They have held on and the U.S.A. and Italy are safe, for today, regardless of the result. A win for the Eagles would certainly place them in an very good position.

    The Italy v U.S.A. match will be a huge event in Kaiserslautern in an hours time

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