Yadier Molina

Here are five reasons Yadier Molina has earned the honor of being my favorite Cardinal:

(1) Let’s start with the predictable reason shall we? Yadi’s arm is amazing. He threw out 64% of would be base stealers in 2005, which was of course the best in MLB. He is just a few less passed balls away from being an unquestioned Gold Glover. Soon…very soon! (By the way I call him Yadi not because I know him, and we’re friends but because I wish we were!)

(2) The next thing I love about him is even though his offensive numbers were…umm…not great (.252, 49 RBIs, 8 HRs in 2005), I still feel like he’s going to get a hit every time he’s at the plate. Originally, I figured this was a combination of my optimistic outlook for all Cardinals and the fact that he’s my favorite player, but when I looked into his numbers I found something that might actually validate my belief. Amazingly, Yadi struck out only 30 times in 114 games and 385 at-bats last season. That means he struck out only once every 12.83 at-bats. (By comparison Albert Pujols, who is known for having low stike out totals, struck out once every 9.09 ABs in 2005.) In fact, in 165 career games (or just three games more than a regular season) Yadi has struck out a grand total of 50 times. So, in the end, I think my belief that he’s going to get a hit is the result of him consistently hitting the ball. I’m surprised that no one has ever brought this to my attention before…I honestly don’t remember a TV announcer or writer commenting on Yadi’s ability to make contact although someone was bound to have done so. (And just for the record I think he’s going to have much better numbers this season.)

(3) His eternal happiness is uplifting. Alright, he’s probably not actually happy all the time, but it sure seems like it. The amount of joy he seems to get from playing the game of baseball is parallel to the amount of joy I get from watching him play.

(4) For such a young guy the way he handles the pitching staff is unbelievable. Last year, he had a ridiculously low CERA (Catcher’s Earned Run Average) of 3.39, and even more impressively the Cards’ pitchers never seemed to have any reservations about trusting him in his first full year in the big leagues. I remember reading this quote in Tim Kurkjian’s column in ESPN The Magazine from an anonymous Cardinal’s pitcher before the season in even started last year…”We will lose nothing, and I’m president of the Mike Matheny Fan Club.” Wow. Just wow.

(5) Darn it…he’s cute, even adorable. Sorry if you saw this one coming, but I can’t help myself. The guy’s smile (as illustrated in the picture above) could soften even the hardest of hearts. I’m going to leave it at that…

The single negative thing I have to say about Yadi is that I’m extremely disappointed that he changed his uniform number from 41 to 4. Last year my step-dad surprised me with a sweet Molina jersey/t-shirt that is now out-dated. Oh well, I’ll have to get a new one in Jupiter! (Insert huge smile here.) Check out the picture below…he still has 41 on his chest protector.




  1. ester_pants@yahoo.com

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I can see what an amazing sports journalist you’ll be someday (well, actually, how amazing you already are)! Yadi looks adorable in that picture. What style, what flair, what panash! Any upcoming commentary on the World Champions?

  2. Christel

    I really like your blog…it’s great to have another Cards blog to check on. You have a wonderful easy to read writing style. Looking forward to all your posts. Great work!

    P.S. Yaddy really is a sweetie, ain’t he ;). Also there is nothing lame about your blog’s title.



    It’s All In The Cards

  3. smileybabe516@sbcglobal.net

    You are amazing! I stumbled across your blog and couldn’t help but laugh to myself! I have been a fan of Yadi (I call him that too…) since I saw his first game when he came up from the minors. Everyone laughed at me because I couldn’t stop talking about him…Last year I found a Molina jersey after I searched FOREVER and I was stunned to find out he had changed his number too! Just remember…it’s a collector’s item now and in ten years when everyone’s talking about the best catcher in the Majors, you can say that you were a true fan from the beginning.

  4. stefedawn@yahoo.com

    I enjoyed reading your blog today, I am becoming more and more of a fan of the Cards.. I sure do like the catcher too.. My son is a catcher(10yr) and we love to lay in bed and watch Molina do his work.. thanks for the pictures you share with us also…

  5. smiddleton04@hotmail.com

    I thought it was so cool to find ur page. Molina is so adorable. That is my favorite picture of him.

  6. da_fule@yahoo.com

    Being born & raised in MO, I too love the Cards and I’m also head-over-heels for our catcher. (Too bad my name would be Gina Molina if we got married.) I watch every game on MLB Extra Innings all the way from my home in Honolulu, and I NEVER miss a game. Great website, very knowledgeable!

  7. msfixinit@yahoo.com

    Love your blog. Yadi is one heck of an athlete. He is great to watch. And oh yeah… he makes my knees weak! The face of an angel, with that little boy smile. I wanna be his chest protector when I grow up!!!

  8. charlitabonita@gmail.com

    Living in Portland Oregon, I have always been a fair weather baseball team fan. I just love baseball, whomever is playing — since i don’t have a hometown team to cheer.

    this year during the Cards NLDivision Series against the Padres, i feel in love with Yadier during one of those fantastic throws to second to get the runner from 1st. It was gorgeous. He won my heart, as clearly he has won yours! I declared him my “World Series baseball boyfriend”.

    During the NLCS against the Mets — well my sweetheart was having a hard time at bat and with a few of his character making throws. But i didn’t give up on him.

    All week i’ve been telling my dad that the Cardinals don’t give up in the 9th like the Mets. I’ve been watching them, and when the going is tough, they show up to PLAY!

    Game 7 last night was HUGE! He was up at bat in the 9th, and, like you, I was convinced he could knock it out, like in Game 4 sunday. (your stats are on target, Rachel!) And when it went over the fence, my heart leapt — ” That’s my baby!”

    I know it’s silly, but baseball relationships are fun , and the men are always faithful to you from a distance.

    Welcome to the 2006 World Series, Cardinals. Good Luck against the Tigers — you’re my boys!

    If you’re ever in the NW, i’d play catch.

  9. mkdoak@charter.net

    Rachel- I am aghast to find out another person loves my man. But, I guess I can share! Especially since you have the hottest photos of Molina on the web. Thank you for the pix, commentary, and guest comments. (I like the one by missfixinit about becoming Yadi’s chest protector.) Rachel, you’re the best!!! Keep up the good work!

  10. dstemply@hotmail.com

    Well I was just going online to get my Yadi fix since I can’t watch him on tv anymore and I came upon your website. It is awesome! I am so crazy about Yadi and I am glad to hear that other people love him as much as I do!! I don’t mind sharing him at all ladies!! ha! I keep telling my boyfriend I am going to leave hime for Yadi! (He thinks I’m just kidding!) Keep up the good work Rachel!! P. S. Does Yadi have a girlfriend for real??

  11. cardinalsjuliemolina@yahoo.com

    I love your web page. Yadi is also my favorite player. Yadi hit the game winning homerun during the playoffs on my birthday. I was screaming to my boyfriend, “Did you see that, he did that just for me because he knew it was my birthday.” One of my favorite things about him is also like you in how he always seems to play baseball with heart and that killer smile!! Keep up the good work Rachel!! I’m glad to see a website that is about Yadi and how wonderful he is.

  12. txtornado2003@yahoo.com

    Rachel, thank you for making my CHRISTMAS! I love Yadier!
    His cuteness just doesn’t go away after the season’s over!

    I put that hot picture on my desktop, and now I can see him everyday!

    GO Yadi GO!!!!!!!

  13. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I have been going to your website off and on since last fall. I’m probably a little older than you guys, old enough to know better! But I can’t help it! I am happily married but Yadi is Awsomely HOT!! My husband is a pretty good sport about my crush!

    I love your site, but I am wondering ladies, let’s do some homework and find out some of those things that are fun to find out about people!

    What’s his favorite band, favorite movie, favorite BASEBALL movie, what kind of car does he drive? Do we want to know if he is an SUV guy or a sports car guy? How about favorite food, what is the song they play when he comes up to bat, stuff like that! C’mon ladies! You gotta admit, that makes him that much sexier!!

    rnoble1065 @sbcglobal.net

  14. butterflychic343@aol.com

    I have to agree, Molina is so **** sexy…my boyfriend hates that i love him, but I do bot care…baseball would not be the same with out him..

  15. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I was just wondering, Rachel our fearless leader, where are you at Girl? Is school out yet so you can openly lust after our guy with us and maybe find out some of the good stuff I mentioned? By the way, I did find the answer to one of those burning questions. When Yadi comes up to bat they play something called “Rompe” It’s a totally annoying rap song in spanish by someone named Daddy Yankee. Do I sound as old as dirt yet? You can hear it on Napster. As for the being *** thing, I highly doubt it, secondly I would have to kill myself, thirdly I agree, that kind of thing usually comes from jealous boyfriends and husbands.
    Let’s keep in touch Ladies, we all have one VERY big thing in common!!

    PS The at bat song, totally obnoxious guy song. Why do guys like stuff like that anyway?

  16. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    I LOVE YADIER THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!! he like amazing and hes out for 4 weeks because of his wrist! sad sad sad…its ok though he will be back stronger than ever!
    GO YADI!!!

  17. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    alrightt well im pretty bored and im like the biggest yadi fan ever!! i love himmm!! and im soo mad he hurt his wristt!! poor guy! i love himm!!! andd i love your website. bc i love all the pics and im REALLY jealous of how you got his autograph and stuff at spring trainingg

  18. mmouse@msn.com

    Oh, my god!!! I never thought I’d meet another Yadi fan!!! I love the guy so much I cried over him. Yeah, I’m addicted!!!
    i was just going giggle happy over Yadier. YAY!!!!

  19. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    omg guys i am like crazy about him i know like everything about him i mean you got to agree and i know u will he is amazing he is my hero! for sure. I mean everytime i open my phone(hes my backround) I smile i mean who could not love him! i know he’ll be back soon stronger than ever!!!!! I LOVE YOU YADI!!

  20. blueridge@irtc.net

    I love this website & visit often! I am also totally addicted to Yadi! My poor husband is quite tired me babbling on and on about him. I had the pleasure of embarrassing him at a game as well. My 8 year old son tells me I’m too old for Yadi (hello, I’m married!) and my 14 month old daughter claps and cheers when I say “Go Yadi!” I’m looking forward to watching him play tonight…I’ve missed him so…Glad he’s back!! Go Yadi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. brokenchians44@yahoo.com

    HEY! I WAS SO SURPRISED TO SEE THIS SPOT! I’m glad to see Yadi has so many fans. I know what you mean about his smile! It’s infectious! He is fun to watch. I’ve really missed that the last four weeks. I’m so glad he’s back. I can’t wait to see him tonite And he definitely is a cutie! (ok, I’m old and not supposed to notice. But He’s not invisible! He is fast becoming my fav. Cardinal–right up there with Pujols. I hope he stays with us for a l-o-o-ong time.

  22. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    HEY! everybody yadi is sooooooooooooooooo sweet and his smile is so cute i wish i was older …. anyway he is so amazing ..i’ll love him forever!

  23. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com


  24. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    oops! Well, happy birthday one day laye Yadi! The way things looked during the game yesterday, it didn’t look like a real good day. He looked so frustrated at one point he looked like he was ready to cry.

  25. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    I dont know what to say i mean iv said every thing i can about him hes just amazing he is my hero and i would love to meet him i mean wow he looks so loveable like one of those puppys in a window(im not saying he looks like a dog)this year he has not hit so great but but because of his injury we have to give him a break. well i gtg see ya later everyone!!!

  26. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Guys!
    I have been so busy I have not been on here lately! I thought about Yadi all day on his birthday! I’m so sorry it wasn’t better for him! My husband gets all huffy too when I talk about Yadi. But he better get used to it cuz we are going to back to back games July 28 and 29!!

    I can’t WAIT!! Yadi is so damned sexy! I would love to intoduce him to the virtues of older women haha!!

    I’m so glad there are fellow bad girls out there to drool with!!

  27. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I am so glad I am found your website! I was looking up Yadi pictures when I found you! Yadier has rejuvenated my interest in baseball. I have been a long time fan of the Cardinals. I never miss a game. I am sooo happy he is back after being injured. My 16 year old daughter is in love with him! She has a whole notebook full of pictures of him, I also like his brothers, it seems as if his older brothers have some pretty big shoes to fill! Love the smile, I’m a 50 year old grandmother and he call melt my heart just watching him play, smile, bat, run, anything he does. I hope he had a Happy Birthday, we had a birthday cake and ice cream for him! Go YADI, Oklahoma girls love you!

  28. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I would like to make of couple of comments about Yadier. I don’t believe the rumors that he is ***. These are obviously started because of his good looks. Sure he has his eyebrows done and he wears 2 earrings. This only adds to his gorgeous appearance. I would rather see a man who takes care of his appearance than one who just runs out the door looking unclean and unshaven.
    Yadier takes the time to look good for all us ladies and I for one appreciates this! He always seems to be happy and from the smile he really enjoys playing baseball. Keep up the great playing and smiling Yadier, we love you in Oklahoma1

  29. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Wha-a-a-a-at?!? No way! Hey!Yadi has a wife! And just because he’s cute, clean and neat doesn’t make him ***!!! I don’t know who started that, but we need to hush that right now! Even if he were, as long as he does his job, (and he obviously is from the looks of how he threww a couple base stealers out the last couple games), he’s still got my vote. But honestly, I doubt there’s anything to that rumor. Hispanic men seem to pay more attention to their looks, wearing jewelry, etc. than white guys do. We’ve got a lot of them in our family, and they’re all like this. I guess it’s a cultural thing. I kind of like it. Why is it every time an athlete looks like anything good and is kind of nice maneered every body labels him as ***? enough, already!!! Yadi, keep doing what you’re doing!! By the way, You have lots of fans in arkansas–we love you!!!

  30. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com


  31. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I asked my family memebers–we have them married to Mexicans, ElSalvadorains, etc, again about the jewelry thing. They say it is also kind of a status symbol–if you have money, you wear jewelry. it has no thing to do with sexual preference. Hey! Pujols wears jewelry! I know this is true in many foreign cultures Alexei Yagudin, an olympic figure skater from Russia was also accused of being’***’ because he wears jewelry. Real meaning? “I’ve got money”. Hey! Hey! Yadi’s a REAL man! Arkansas fan’s love you, Yadi!

  32. heather-niccole@hotmail.com

    Hey you rock! Me and my family love you your the greatest!!!!!Maybe i will meet you some day and you will sign something but if you never dont i will still love you and think you are great !I cant wait to come to another game hope t see you! We watch every game your a really great catcher i catch for my summer games and we have the same number well hpoe to see you i love you bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and thanks for the pics you are someone to look up to your the greatest!!!!and i wish you the best of luck bye!!!

  33. blueridge@irtc.net

    Okay, I am currently watching the Game and our beloved Yadi just hit 2, YES 2 Home Runs!!!!! I was screaming so loud my husband heard me outside and asked if I was okay. To see his awesome smile after he hit them was so exciting!! Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! I recenlty had a window decal made (after seeing one on EBay) that says “Got Yadier Molina?” It now graces the back of my truck window. If I only “Had” him….. hee hee. I also bought his Jersey and the guy at the store explained (like he had to) that all the women want (him)his Jersey and they can’t keep them in stock. Rock on girls!!!

  34. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Unbelievable! Awesome! 2 homeruns in one game! Ain’t he somethin’?! And he’s so happy when he does these things. He just gets better snd better! Definitely a keeper! And to be that cute too!

  35. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Oh my God! I knew he’d do it! I’m watching the game today and kept repeating(as I always do)when Yadier comes up to bat. Homerun, homerun, homerun and boy did he! Two times, the second time I yelled so loud, everyone came running in (I’m in bed with a brace on my leg, long story) they thought I hurt myself. I was so happy bouncing around on my bed! I know Yadier (don’t you just love that name and love to say it? Have you ever notice when the announcers of the games are talking about players they use their last name only, but everytime Yadier Molina comes up they always use his whole name, they like saying it too!) as I was saying I know Yadier is going to do better this last part of the season, Don’t you just love the full beard he’s growing? I absolutely love it, doesn’t it make our baby look all the more sexier! Love Yadier, Love the Cardinals, till next time ladies, keep up the Yadier Molina watching! Go Yadi and Go Cardinals, remember we Love you in Oklahoma City!

  36. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    yadi hit 2 homeruns for my birthdayy!! on the 16th! i dont get why people are like aww hes already married and stuff like that i mean i can see why your sad casue hes freaking adorable but still i would never actually marry him i just love him so much as a really really cute baseball player

  37. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Well, happy birthday 2 days late! Nope, can’t think of a nicer present than Yadi hitting 2 homeruns! His picture covered the whole sports page in our local newspapaer Needless to say, I kept that one! It had a comment about the reporter’s attempt to do an interview about the homeruns, and all he’d do was praise Wainwright! Aw! Seems he’s jsut as sweet and humble as he is cute. His offense does seem to be growing better. G-o-o-o Yadi! Fans in Arkansas love you!

  38. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Girls!
    Sorry I’m late chiming in on our guy hitting 2 count em 2 Home Runs!! I had to put my dog to sleep later on that afternoon, and in an attempt to try to make my day a little brighter for a little while I turned on the game. I yelled so loud I thought the neighbors would hear me!! I’m SO PROUD of him!!

    So what does everybody think of his new look? A little beard action goin on just around the jawline? VERY SEXY!!!! He is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Better not let my hubby see this haha! I thought they would never get that grin off his face and totally thought they would never get him to sit down!

    I think me and my girls are going to bobblehead night just so I can see our guy!

    I wish I could introduce him to the “virtues” of older women hee hee!!

    Also, what do you think ladies? Best butt in MLB or what? I just LOVE to watch him walk to the mound!! It’s the squats! Great thighs too! Whooo! Better got get a glass of cold water haha!

  39. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    No way!! you actually met him? What was he like? I’d give anything to meet him!! I agree he needs to find out about the “virtues” of older women! I do think the little beard looks sexy. He is just so awesome!

  40. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    haha yeah but im only 13 so younger also haha but i dont know if this is really meeting him but he was like walking out from where they come out from the game and i was in the first row and he was like 3 feet in front of me and then i said i love you yadi! and he smiled and said thanks and then waved to everyone else so if thats meeting him then im glad lol

  41. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    and oh yes that beard does look sexy his phone is so cool..and he has like a line on the back of his hair its really weird

  42. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hello Yadi’s girls! Isn’t our baby doing alot better at the plate lately? And he’s only going to get better, his average is 278! Didn’t you just hate it when chicago decided to intentionally walk him! They knew he’d hit it, even possibly another homerun. Happy Birthday to you stlballbabe94, and brokenchains44, you are so lucky to have gotten a huge picture of him. I collect every picture of him I can find, he is so cute. I can’t wait until the beard he’s growing get fuller! But the best is that stlballbabe got to “meet” him, yes, that is still getting to meet him in my book, 3 ft. away from him! If I were 3 ft. away I’d probably grab him! They’d have to pry me loose! And to rnoble1065, yes! he indeed has the best butt in baseball. He looks good coming and going! Like I said before LOVE to watch him walk, play, run, bat, catch, everything he does, especially LOVE to watch him smile. I have to remind myself to breath when I’m watching him or I’d probablly pass out! Later Ladies, gotta go, games on tonight. LOVE YADIER, LOVE THE CARDINALS! GO YADI, GO CARDINALS, we are only 3 games back, going to move into first place any day now! Oh, I forgot, did you see that the Cardinals catchers have allowed the fewest steals in the NL! That’s our baby! He’s getting closer to that gold glove! LOVE YOU YADIER!

  43. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    OH MY GOD!! We are going to the game Thurs. nite! sec. 165, if I get too close I’ll faint! To okcKaren- I don’t know, I think I full beard would hide that gorgeous face! I like it just the way it is! Stlballbabe94, I’m sooo jelous! He does have the most gorgeous smile! Oooo Karen, they would have to pry me loose too girl! I sort of have to behave my self cuz my hubby will be with me, oh well
    I can’t believe we are going to be that close!

    I will give you guys a full report ASAP!

  44. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    What do you guys think? I think we should rename this site “Yadi’s Girls”! I like that!

  45. blueridge@irtc.net

    Okay, Ladies…..another Home Run!! I kept my cool since my husband was in the room. However, when he made one of his spectacular catches, I did yell “You are a Stud!” and I got a dirty look from my hubby. I don’t want to hurt my hubby’s feelings, so I guess I need to back off a bit. But, Yadi is just one of the best looking men I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I am very impressed by his hitting lately, also. But what is the deal with the media never talking to him? They always talk to Albert & the others but I never see Yadi’s face on TV…I love to hear him talk! My goal is to one day meet him as well. But, I’m afraid I too would grab him and run. From your fellow “Yadi Girl”…..

  46. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I missed the home run but thank God for TiVo I was able to replay it. FSN(Fox Sports Midwest) interviewed Yadi last night during the post game show about how well he did for the team. I don’t think they interview him nearly enough but they are one of the stations that does interview him. Did anyone else catch the Cardinals Crew show with all three Molina brothers? Not enough Yadi time but it still was a good show.

  47. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello fellow Yadi Girls!
    Well, I don’t have to tell you what a disaster last nights’ game was! I endured at least 150 degrees, or what seemed like it and our guy didn’t even play! I was so disappointed!! I agree, he IS one of the hunkiest I’ve ever seen! But, yes we do have to have a little self control when husbands and boyfriends are in the room-just a bit of advice ladies, so we can all keep harmony at home!

    I don’t think he talks to reporters much is maybe he is a little self-concious of his accent and is afraid no one will understand him. I’m totally with you blueridge buddy, I love to hear him talk-VERY SEXY! Sweet nothings in my ear in Spanish whould not be bad either haha!! I adore the accent, makes him that much cuter!

    Well, let’s cross our fingers for a win tonight! Maybe another homer for our Sweetie!!

  48. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I almost forgot! I also received my “Got Yadi Molina?” sticker from Ebay too. Slapped it right on my back window above my Cardinals sticker-looks great!
    Go to Ebay and in the “search” window, type in “Got….?” car decals” and the posting will come up. 5 bucks s&h girls! What a deal!

  49. blueridge@irtc.net

    You have my sympathy for being at the game “rnoble” and not being able to see Yadi play. One of my fears is that I go to a game and he’s not playing. But, I figure there’s still a good game & a great team to watch, (even some eye candy left..Ankiel & Pineiro). We go to a game on September 3rd and I pray he plays! I read the article that Bernie Miklasz wrote, LOVED IT! Thanks for putting that out there! So glad you received your Yadi sticker. I think we should ALL have them.
    I was disappointed in the game last night, and I just couldn’t stay awake that long, either. Maybe we’ll do better tonight. Go Cards & Go Yadi!

  50. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    i went to the game last night it was a bad game i was so mad! i really dislike kip wells but i was still happy to see yadi playing he tried his best !! i love u yadi

  51. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    omg yay that means i met him im so happy and tomorrow i got green seatss so i hope it happens againnnn i love this website its like my life.. lol all my friends think im nerds cause i get on here all the time lol

  52. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Great aticle about Yadi! Thanks for posting that site. He so-o-o deserves that attention. I agree that as he grows he’ll be the greatest to ever hit St Louis, and that’s saying a lot up agaist these other great catcher. I just love to see him nail a base stealer! I don’t know why any body would even try to run against his throwing. I love to watch him and Pujols work togwther–it’s like they have a magic chemistry with throws.. He’s just double hot–looks and palying!! Go-o-o-o Yadi!!! Your fans love you!!

  53. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Girls!
    Could you tell it was a slow day for me at work on Friday haha?! Glad everybody got to read the column on Yadi. How did our guy do today? I had a bunch of errands to do and did not have time to see the game. I know we won, YES!!

    The few minutes I had to watch in the beginning, the broadcasters here in St. Louis mentioned the first time he came to bat that he was “battling some physical ailments”. Has anybody heard anything? I’m guessing either that wrist stiffens up on him, or at this point in the season his knees start barking at him. Either way, the line for offering to rub him down starts behind me!! Also, if you go on the Cardinal webpage there is something you can purchase called “The Cardinal Yearbook”. I have seen them in Borders I believe. They have pictures of all the players. The one of Yadi, well, the word “breathtaking” comes to mind. Definitely worth checking out but I’m not sure how much they are. Whatever the price, WELL worth it for the pic of Yadi alone!

  54. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I almost forgot! I’m going to the game Sept. 18. Yadi bobblehead night was sold out DRAT!! Oh well, I’ll take the day before. Might be my last chance for the season. I don’t want to be the one to bring it up Ladies, but we have to start thinking about how we are going to keep each other bucked up during those long cold winter months. Plenty of Yadi photos is the first thing that comes to mind for keeping warm!!

  55. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi fellow “YADI GIRLS” I hope everyone is doing well this week. Isn’t our baby doing great, didn’t I tell you last week his offense would improve, it’s getting better each time he bats. If the would only quit walking him. His average is .280, down alittle from .282. rnoble, I am so sorry you didn’t get to see him, there is always next time. Thanks for telling us about the column on Yadier, I loved it, it’s all so true. Yadier is a great catcher and he shows it each time he’s behind the plate. I loved it when Ramirez with Florida thought he could take our baby! Hey, I’m in line behind you for the rubdown! Couldn’t you just imagine what it would be like to rub him down? I’m waiting for my Cardinals Yearbook in the mail, can’t wait to get it. My daughter and I race to the door when we hear the mailman!
    (this old lady can still move!) A great place to find pictures of our baby is to go to Photobucket.com, then put in his name for seach and it brings up tons of pictures of him. You ladies need to go there and look at some of these pictures! Wow, some of the pictures of him are breathtaking. The two of my favorites are the one where he is sitting on the ground (page 2) and on page 1 the one where he is in the Stl. World Series pullover. These two pictures of his smile are absolutely gorgeous! All the pictures there are great but these two are my favorites. Also there are more great pictures of him on slide.com!

    Yadi probably is self concious about talking to the press, I too. love to hear him speak! He can whisper sweet nothings in my ear anytime he wants! Till next time fellow ‘YADI GIRLS” LOVE YOU YADIER, LOVE THE CARDINALS!

  56. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi fellow “YADI GIRLS” I hope everyone is doing well this week. Isn’t our baby doing great, didn’t I tell you last week his offense would improve, it’s getting better each time he bats. If the would only quit walking him. His average is .280, down alittle from .282. rnoble, I am so sorry you didn’t get to see him, there is always next time. Thanks for telling us about the column on Yadier, I loved it, it’s all so true. Yadier is a great catcher and he shows it each time he’s behind the plate. I loved it when Ramirez with Florida thought he could take our baby! Hey, I’m in line behind you for the rubdown! Couldn’t you just imagine what it would be like to rub him down? I’m waiting for my Cardinals Yearbook in the mail, can’t wait to get it. My daughter and I race to the door when we hear the mailman!
    (this old lady can still move!) A great place to find pictures of our baby is to go to Photobucket.com, then put in his name for seach and it brings up tons of pictures of him. You ladies need to go there and look at some of these pictures! Wow, some of the pictures of him are breathtaking. The two of my favorites are the one where he is sitting on the ground (page 2) and on page 1 the one where he is in the Stl. World Series pullover. These two pictures of his smile are absolutely gorgeous! All the pictures there are great but these two are my favorites. Also there are more great pictures of him on slide.com!

    Yadi probably is self concious about talking to the press, I too. love to hear him speak! He can whisper sweet nothings in my ear anytime he wants! Till next time fellow ‘YADI GIRLS” LOVE YOU YADIER, LOVE THE CARDINALS!

  57. blueridge@irtc.net

    Oh…..my…..gosh….I just went and looked at the pictures on Photobucket.com and slide.com. LOVED the picutes of Yadi. Each one is cuter of him than the next! And there are lots that I’ve never seen before. There oughta be a law against looking that good. Thanks for sharing those websites, “karen4949”!!! I wish I could get away with one of those pics as my desktop, but I might get into trouble for that!! I heard a saying the other day when my son was watching NIck Jr. This girl said: “He’s so hot I want to Bake cookies on him!” Ha!!! I got a kick out of that, and that’s pretty much how I feel about Yadi!! Carry on Yadi Girls…..

  58. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    OMG! I think I died and went to heaven! Those pics are just too gorgeous. Thanks for posting that site. I can see I won’t be getting much done (except for looking at Yadi) for a while. To echo an old Dolly Parton song: “Here you come again, lookin’ better than a body has a right to” He’s a real heart breaker! Yadi girls love their man!

  59. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the website with the pics. It was a great break for the work day. Some of my co-workers wondered what I was up to since I was grinning from ear to ear looking at all the pics. If you go to yahoo.com and type “Yadier Molina photo” it will pull up lots of pics also. I like the butt shot on the photobucket site.
    Starting tonight we will have 35 games in 34 days.

    rnoble I can sympathize with you. I have tickets for the game on Sept. 20th the day after bobble head night :o( I had bought the tickets back in May and was not happy to find out that I would be missing Yadi’s night by one day. I have been to 3 games this year and have missed him every time. 2 times he was still injured and the last time he wasn’t playing. I can’t believe my luck. The Sept 20th game my husband is going with me so I will have to keep drooling to a minimum.

    Love this site and Yadi. From a fellow Yadi Girl :o)

  60. blueridge@irtc.net

    Okay, girls, I was watching the game last night and at one point they advertised Adam Wainwright and YADIER MOLINA were going to be someplace in the Chesterfield Valley for fans to meet Saturday, Sept. 1st. It went off too fast and I’m not sure where it is, so if anyone else saw it, please post it up. I tried looking online at the Cardinals website, but nothing came up regarding that date and Meeting the Cardinals. Did anyone else see this? Can you imagine?! Meeting him face to face…………oh boy.

  61. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    He will be at Amini’s in Chesterfield. The address is 17377 Chesterfield Airport Rd, Chesterfield, MO, Phone # 636-537-9200.
    They will be there on Sept 1st from 10:30am to 12:00pm

    Unfortunately I will be out of town with my husband and don’t think I can convince him to cut things short so I can go see Yadi :o(

  62. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi “YADI GIRLS” I’m glad you all liked the pictures of our baby! He is so gorgeous, I just had to share them with you! You ladies are so lucky to be able to attend the Cardinal games. Living in Oklahoma, I can’t just run across town to see our baby! If I lived in St. Louis I’d probably go to every game, I absolutely love Yadier and the Cardinals. My daughter tells me I’d probably be arrested for stalking! Has anyone heard yet what our baby’s physical ailments are? I sure hope they aren’t serious. I’d sure hate for him to miss playing for us, it’s bad enough that Albert has been hurt. Watching the game last night I was growling at Chris Duncan for not hitting lately and what does he do! 3 run homer! My daughter said I should have growled at him earlier! Were you all on the edge of your seat when Yadier came up to bat and the bases were loaded, man I was hoping for that grand slam. I kept reminding myself, breathe, breathe! I love hearing from my fellow YADI GIRLS, till next time. LOVE YADIER AND LOVE THE CARDINALS! GO CARDINALS, WE’RE 2 GAMES BACK SOON TO BE IN FIRST PLACE!

  63. blueridge@irtc.net

    Thank you “c4lulu” for the info on where Yadi will be! I can’t thank you enough. Now, I plan on going, if nothing comes up. My son wants to meet Wainwright, too. I’m not sure if I can keep it together though. I will probably end up acting like a giddy school girl. If I can talk at all, that is.

  64. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    I was writing to tell you guys about Yadi and Adam being at Amini’s! OH MY GOD!! I will not believe I am going to meet him until I am about 10 feet away, then I’ll have to remember to breathe! My husband is going with me but he may just have to put up with me, cuz I don’t know if I can keep my drooling to a minimum! OK Yadi-Girls! This is it! Shave your legs(going to!), get a haircut(did that!), and pick out of your closet what MAKES YOU LOOK GOOD!!!Cuz we got a date with our man!!

    Is there any way we can Identify each other in the crowd? You just know there is going to be a million people there, and for those of you familiar with St. Louis,I am coming from North County, so I’m figuring if I leave the house by 9…There is NOBODY else I would give up a morning of sleeping in for!

    Somebody bring a sign that says Yadi’s Girls, then again, we get may get husbands all in a wad if we do that.

    Any other suggestions? I think Yadi would get a huge kick out of it!

    Everybody put your thinking caps on!

  65. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hey! I’m going to try to come from Illinois to meet Yadi and Wainwright Sat. does anybody know if this is limited to a certain number of people? My mom saw the advertisement on the game last night and thought it said only 500 people or something, but wasn’t sure about it. Just wondering how early I should try to get there…any help is appreciated, thanks!

  66. blueridge@irtc.net

    I am sad to say that my Grandfather passed away this morning (we’ve been bracing for it) and I won’t be able to go down to meet Yadi on Saturday. I must be there for my family, that is obviously more important right now. Give our Yadi boy lots of love from this Illinois girl, please. I hope you all get to meet him and enjoy his captivating smile in person! Promise, you’ll let me know how it goes, please!!! I can’t wait to hear about it. And if you take any pictures, I’d love to see them. Take care fellow “Yadi girls”!

  67. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hola! “YADI GIRLS” Oh, I am so jealous! You all will get to meet our baby! Give him a hug and kiss for me, or may 2! You girls could possibly ID one another by maybe carrying a rose. I hope our YADI GIRLS find one another there and get to meet one another and our baby too! Oh, I was so sad last night losing to the Astros, but we will win today, in fact I’m watching as I speak with you girls. I just watched Yadier fly out to the catcher. I know we will win and get back ahead of the Brewers. Back to the game, remember if you do get to meet our Yadier, tell him about our little group of his fans. Tell him we all love him and you might tell him to go to our site to read about us and our love of him! YADIER WE LOVE WATCHING YOU BEHIND THE PLATE AND AT THE PLATE, REALLY WE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU DO, KEEP UP THE AMAZING DEFENSE. WE ALSO LOVE THE CARDINALS! YADI GIRLS, let us know asap if you got to meet him and what he is like in person. Good Luck and remember carry a rose and when you meet him you can give it to him or keep it as a keepsake after you have him kiss it!!!

  68. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I am envious of those of you going to meet Yadi. When I even joked (actual serious) to my husband that maybe we didn’t need to take our trip this weekend and could take a drive to Chesterfield on Saturday he wasn’t at all amused. So I guess I have to miss it. :o( I have heard that it is going to be limited to the first 400 people. I know that Yadi has a lot of fans especially of the female variety. And why not he is HOT!!!! Best of Luck Yadi Girls and I would like to see any picture any of you can get. The closer the better :o)

  69. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Yadi Girls!
    And a VERY good evening it is! I trust everyone is PSYCHED! Everyone get to bed early and get your beauty sleep! Blueridge Buddy, I am so sorry about your Grandfather. It’s hard to know what to say at times like this, so I’ll just say that we are all thinking of you.

    I heard tonight the first 450 people!AAAUUUGGGHHH! it would have been nice if they would have said that the first time they advertised it!

    I’m leaving from north county at 9, I hope I’m not too late! I can’t believe they open before 9am. I don’t know if I can get away with carrying a rose without having to explain it, so maybe if 1 person carries one, we will know where to gather.I have a “Got Yadi Molina?” sticker on the back of my car if that helps.

    Hey, what do you know, our Sweetie hit a homer tonight!! We can tell him how proud we are of him!

    So what does everybody think he will wear tomorrow? Shorts? Bet he’s got the sexiest legs around! Blue jeans? With that butt, I don’t know if I can keep my hands to myself!!

    Well, we got a winner tonight! GO CARDS! Sleep well girls, see you guys tomorrow!

  70. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I almost forgot, did anybody notice that Yadi shaved off his beard? Bummer!! I guess he’s trying to spruce up for tomorrow. We should ask why, tell him we thought it was sexy!

  71. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello Fellow Yadi Girls,
    Well… Is everybody as disappointed as I was about the way things were handled on Sat.? I think we are all intelligent enough to know that baseball is indeed a business, but did anybody else notice the looks on peoples’ faces as they were turned away? Because I did, and the best word I can come up with to describe that look was “scammed”. I need to know from you guys, talk to your families and friends and ask around if anybody heard or saw anything prior to Fri. night’s game about there being a cap on the number of people allowed in the tent to see Adam and Yadi. Because I did not. I want to be mad at somebody and I am not quite sure who to be mad at. Not at Mr. Amini, all he wanted was some ball players to come and drum up business for his store. Not Adam or Yadi because it could have been any other 2 guys on the team and it still would have been wrong, so the best I can figure is it is the Cardinals who screwed up bigtime! I am going to fire off some e-mails. One to the Cardinals, possibly the St. Louis Post Dispatch editorial page, and I think maybe Bernie Miklasz, the guy who wrote that great column on Yadi last week. I may not get anything else but satisfaction, but this was wrong from jump and somebody needs to know. I would encourage anyone else who was there to do the same. Maybe if enough people make their feelings known, I don’t know maybe something good will come of it.

  72. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    i was in line but i was like the 210th person so i didnt get to even have a chance so i was mad ehat happened sis u get to meet him

  73. mgill04s@uis.edu

    rnoble: I heard from my mom after Wednesdays game that she thought they had said there was a cap of 500 people (ended up being 450). Apparently alot of people got there extremely early. I got there 2 hours early and was about 110th in line.

  74. blueridge@irtc.net

    Good morning girls. So, did ANYONE get to meet him? I can’t believe it went so badly. I’m really sorry to hear that. I did hear that the first 450 people would be able to meet them, and that’s it. I am kind of glad I didn’t drive all the way down there to be turned around. I would have NOT been happy. We are going to the game today and we are so excited!! I’ve got my new jersey to wear and I am ready to yell & scream! Have a great day, Ladies.

  75. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    omg i went there and i met him and got a pic w/ himm its my background for everything! i got there at like 8 30 and i was number 124.. and 150 got to meet yadi and take a pic with him and 150 got to get wainwrights autograph

  76. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    i talekd to yadi tooo!! i was like so happyy.. bc i was inside and i saw him on the way to the bathroom and he just like looked at me like are u gonna come here and get my autograph or not cause there was like only 6 ppl in there getting autographs but my jaw was like just dropped and then i went back outside for the line and then when i got up and got the pic (he put his arm around me!!) he goes hey didnt i see you insdie and i was like yeppppppp and he laughed

  77. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    “stlbballbabe94” you lucky lucky girl. He put his arm around you…How did you stay calm? I’m glad that one of us was able to meet him. I would love to see the picture you got of him. If you don’t mind my email is below :o) I bet he was in a good mood after such a great game on Friday.

  78. mgill04s@uis.edu

    I got to meet Yadi too! He was so nice and looks even better in person…lol. He asked me how I was doing and then I said “nice homerun last night” and he said “thank you, you like it?” and of course I said “I loved it!”.

  79. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Yadi Girls!
    Well, I am still mad, but I am glad some of you got far enough up in line. I just think they should have made it so that more people had a chance. That’s not right. So Ladies, FULL REPORT!! What was he wearing? Did he have on killer cologne? OOOHHH! I just don’t know if I could guarantee that I would not have just grabbed him and RAN!!

    Anyway, I am going to drop some e-mails and see if the rest of us can maybe get a better chance next time.

  80. cocoprec@optonline.net

    Hey Yadi Girls,

    Go to gettyimages, click on sports & enter Yadier Molina to view 745 pictures of our precious Yadi in action.

    Enjoy…I always do:)

  81. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies,
    I will second Gettyimages.com. EXCELLENT Yadi photos, and tons of ’em!

    It will warm your heart on those cold winter nights!! Has anyone noticed tonight during the game, he shaved his chin. I like it, you can see more of his face!

  82. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Yadi Girls!
    Is everyone breathing again after that scare on Friday night? Oh my God! I think I definitely stopped breathing when that ball hit our sweetie right in the mask! I thought for sure he was either going to toss his cookies right there at home plate, and I thought,”Yadi don’t be sick right at home plate because then they are going to have to stop the game and get out the kitty litter (haha!) or I thought he was just going to roll forward from the squat he was in and pass out. They said he was still a little dizzy today but should definitely be in the line-up tomorrow. Wwwhheeh! That was too close!

    Black polo and jeans huh? Sometimes simple is that much more sexy ya’ think ladies?! I e-mailed a guy at the Cardinals last week. His title is Community Relations Rep. We will see if he has anything to say about “Meet The Cardinals” day.

    Til sometime this week Girls!

  83. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    That was a close one i have been thinking and praying for the last 4 days but he’ll be ok. i get to go on the feild on saturdays game the double header tp meet some of the players im so excited and i hope thast i get to meet yadi but im not sure if i get to. im just glad hes getting better ok we’ll talk to u guys later make sure and ubdate on any yadi news!

  84. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I heard one of the cubs commentators say during today’s game that Yadi had suffered a mild concussion when he got hit. In a way you could really tell it today,he’s not totally over it. He kept missing catches and didn’t act like himself at all! the Cub’s commentator said it was the worst he’s ever seen Molina defensively. I love to see him play, but frankly, I wish they’s let him rest another day or two to get over this. But I have a feeling he’s a little on the stubborn side when it comes to his work. We love you, Yadi! Hope you feel better!

  85. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi! “YADI GIRLS” It’s been a while since I logged in with you all. I hope everyone is good. Blueridge friend I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather, my condolences to you and your family. Grandparents are the best thing a parent can give their children! This has been a very trying last few days for Yadier and the Cardinals! I missed the game friday so I missed Yadier getting hit, I certainly hope he is feeling better, but we all know he will be back to his amazing self before too long. And for the Cardinals they are just on a little slump, they too will rebound and come back better than ever, especially our pitchers! Thanks for the info about the Getty Images, they have some great photos of our Yadier! Did you all notice the other players had very few pictures but our baby has 745! The photographers must love our baby too! Lets all pray for our baby to continue to get better each day. Yadier, we love you and wish you continued health through each day on and off the field!

  86. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I saw the hit on Friday and it looked like his head moved from the hit. It really gave me a sick feeling after it happened and he kept rubbing his eyes like he couldn’t focus. I saw part of the game yesterday after I got home from work. Listen to it one the radio at work. That was almost painful to listen to. When Yadi would miss a catch I kept thinking he must still not be alright.
    I didn’t like the old style catcher’s mask he was wearing. I wonder if his other one had to be repaired after the hit. I also didn’t like the black marks under his eyes. He has such beautiful eyes but you can’t see them that well when he does that. Anything to help him play, black eyes and all.

    I missed him on Saturday and Sunday but was glad he took a break to recover.

    Love the GettyImages site. Thanks for the info.

    GO CARD!!!! GO YADI!!!!

  87. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Morning Ladies,
    Just had a few quick minutes. Hey Karen, what’s up girl? I was just wondering did you get your Cardinal Yearbook in the mail yet? Well? Did you get a load of that picture? That alone is worth the $20 and then some huh? The other word I thought of to describe it is “exquisite”! My advice Girls-GET ONE!

  88. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirls!
    Just thought I would say whatup? It’s been slow at work today, cant ya tell? Wanted to run an idea by everyone. I brought it up a few weeks back and I hate to be a buzzkill ladies, but we have approx. 3 Yadi-less months looming, and I was wondering how everyone felt about some off-season get togethers? Possibly the Winter Warm-Up in Jan. and whatever else anybody has an idea about. If there are some ideas, just throw them out there! Tell me what you guys think!


  89. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Silly me, I forgot to ask who all is in town here? Show of hands please! Thought it would be fun and we can keep each other boosted up until Spring Training!

  90. blueridge@irtc.net

    Evening Ladies…. how is everyone? I am doing much better. Thanks to all of you for the kind words on the passing of my Grandfather. It is wonderful to know there are such thoughtful people out there. OKay, girls, go to YouTube and and put in Yadi’s name and some neat video’s should pop up. Has anyone seen these? There is some comments from other people as well about him. It’s pretty entertaining!!! I hope you can get them to come up. I went to the Cardinals website and got there from there too. As far as getting together, all of us girls, that sounds like a great idea, Becky. I live in Illinois, so I am close by. Let’s plan something!

  91. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Aw! Shucks! I live in Arkansas–a little to far to come! If I’m not mistaken, Yadi plays winter ball in Puerto Rico. Anyone know of internet links to keep up with him? I heard commentators today say they are adding additional padding to Yadi’s face mask so he won’t have any more concussions. Three months without Yadi! That will really be hard. Hurry up spring training!

  92. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Yadi’s Ladies!
    Has everyone recovered from that horrible game today? I was listening at work and I don’t know…If I was a Cubbies fan I would be licking my chops! Hey Blueridge Girl, how are you doing? Glad to know that we can help you through such a difficult time. I think I recruited 2 more friends from the fan forum chat room on the Cardinals website so you guys might see some new names pop up. I really wish there was some way that Yadi could see what a crazy bunch of girls we are out here who love him so much! I bet we could get him to turn 8 shades of red! I am going to give it a few more days and see if everybody is interested in meeting up. Send in your ideas girls! The only other one I had myself was Puerto Rican restaurant night but there is just 1 problem, There isn’t one around here! Well, we will think of something else I’m sure.

    I had another silly little kind of thought. I know you guys are probably thinking, “what the **** kind of job does she have that she has all this free time?” One that has not been this slow in a LONG time, believe me! OK, thought for the day, if you were going to make a video with pix of Yadi, what song or songs would you put to it? Just a little fun question for everybody, maybe we can burn a CD or something. In case you were wondering, my husband works in the evening and I work during the day, so here I am… I told him about us and he just rolls his eyes, but he is a pretty good sport. Hey, I’m coming home to him right? Usually, I just bring up those Jenny Craig commercials with Valerie Bertinelli in them. He’s got it bad for her! That makes us even haha!

    Oh well, thanks for keeping me company guys. Sweet Dreams-I just can’t imagine who they might be of!haha!


  93. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Brokenchains!
    Good idea! If anybody comes up with links to Puerto Rican Winter Ball, let us know. Boy am I glad to hear that they are going to add padding to his mask! Anything to make our sweetie more safe!

  94. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I would be up for a Yadi Girls day. I’m about an hour west of St. Louis. Maybe we could get a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Bread Company for our first meeting.
    I can’t believe we are 5 games back and the Cubbies are in 1st. I don’t even want to think about the Cards not being in the post season.

  95. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Good afternoon “YADI GIRLS” I just reread all our YADI postings again! It’s always enjoyable to read how “obsessed” we all are or shall I say how much we love our YADIER! Man, it’s going to be a long winter! I have been working on a YADIER Scrapbook for my daughter, it has over 200+ photos of our baby! I went to the youtube videos and most all of the pictures in the videos I have in our scrapbook. Hopefully this will get us through the long cold winter nights. I also have around 30 pictures of Yadier and Albert Pujols, to me Albert is right up there on the step below Yadier on the liking to look at department.
    Yadier does play for Puerto Rico in the winter leagues but this year the World Baseball Classic is not playing due to financial difficulties, they are regrouping for next year. RNOBLE, no, I haven’t received my Cardinal yearbook yet, still patiently waiting.

    I’m also sorry to hear about the fiasco of the meeting of our baby, maybe some other time you’ll get to meet him, but I am glad some of the others got to meet and take pictures with him. They were so lucky.

    A get together sound like a great idea, what I would like to do is go to spring training! Wouldn’t it be great to sit and watch him practice all day!

    YADI GIRLS, let’s not get down yet on our CARDINALS. They will make it to post season and will win the World Series again! We all need to think positive! We are just in a slump, remember last year we did lose several games at the end and we did go on to be World Champions! Remember think positive!


  96. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Buenos Noches Senoras & Senioritas!
    Pretty good for somebody who took french in high school huh? Maybe Yadi could give me an INTENSIVE 1 on 1 lesson!!

    Wow, this does not look good! Did everybody see Yadi get Soriano in the 2nd? Man that is so cool!! Oooouuuuuu, Spring Training would be fun! We would be the group they coun’t get out of the stands cuz we would be sitting there drooling all day! Karen, the yearbook is definitely worth the wait! Oh! I almost forgot, they said tonight if everybody did not get to see the game that the new issue of Gameday Magazine had something about Yadi in it. It doesn’t come out til the 22nd but I am going to see how much a susscription is. I can’t believe it’s all that much. I know! I have so much fun with you guys! You silly giggly girls keep me company while my hubby is working, and what better subject to talk about?!

    Everybody check your calendars to see if we can plan something!

  97. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    i think the get togethers sound great and tonight i may get to meet yadi ill let you know what happens im so excited!lets pray that we win tonight ladies!!

  98. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I still think this site is so cool! I can’t talk about Yadi with any of my friends and family–they just groan and roll their eyes!at least we can all be crazy together here and nobody cares! I would love to go to spring training–or anywhere else Yadi is for that matter. Anybody for a winter trip to Puerto Rico? It’s got to be a sin for someone to be that darn cute!

  99. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I just found out some facts you may or may not have known and might find interesting. I found a site called baseball cube. It had some info on Yadi: his full name is Yadier Benjamin Molina. He now makes his home in Vega Alta , P.R. He Likes the TV program “Prison Break”. Also, I found out the winter league in Puerto Rico, which was featuring Yadi and his brother Jose this year, has been cancelled due to lack of attendance in recetn seasons. They are taking this year to reorganize.

  100. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    last night was AMAZING we finally WON. and i was soo close to yadi about 10ft away from him i yelled i love you yadi and he waved and smiled it was AMAZING!!keep smiling yadi! WE LOVE YOU!!

  101. blueridge@irtc.net

    I am doing great RNoble, thanks for asking! I am SO glad we won last night!!! Yeah!! I didn’t get to watch both games yesterday, but I made it a point to watch the second game. You girls make me laugh and I am so glad we all came together here! We need to get together, maybe Casa or something? We could eat and have some cocktails…We could all wear a Yadi shirt/Jersey so we all know who our group is. We’ll just have to be thinking of Brokenchains while we are there since she’s so far away!
    I had a dream the other day about Yadi, that I was dating him!!!! (My hubby wouldn’t like that one.) All I remember is hugging him and not letting go of his arm. Too funny! I am desperatly trying to find someone where I live that’s going to the Game on Wednesday so they can get me a Bobblehead. I’ve asked everyone I know here. No luck yet. I must have one! When I was at the game 2 weeks ago, I was in the bullpen and took a great picture of Yadi, I zoomed in bigtime, and I was screaming Yadi’s name and waving at him, but apparently He didn’t hear me or see me. Or, he thought, why is that old lady waving at me! Ha!! I’m really 34, but I’m probably old to him. Well, I have a screaming 1 1/2 year old who needs to take a nap! Until next time, Ladies…. Go Yadi, Yadi, Yadi!!!!

  102. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Well, another loss. I just don’t know. I am going to the game Tues. night and who knows what the heck I am going to see. I know 1 thing, I’m gonna see YADI!!! What about that double last night! About Gameday mag. Go to Borders, there is an issue out right now with Rick Ankiel on the front, fairly decent eye candy right there, but there is an AWSOME article several pages long and lots of great pix, including, are you ready girls?, a centerfold of him in full catching squat mode. Granted not exactly the centerfold you are looking for when you’re talkin Yadi but pretty darn good nonetheless! It is $5 bucks and well worth it! Casa sounds good Blueridge Girl, I think what we should do is maybe consider the rest of the Cardinals game schedule and match it up with your own girls and report back. Week vs. weekends, weeknights, or whatever. Wouldn’t it be fun for all of us to show up in our Yadi shirts somewhere and watch our Sweetie in Action?! Let me know what we can do girls! Hey, he would think I am REALLY old, I’m 42! Like I said, old enough to know better but still young enough not to care and still rock his world!!!

    Talk to you guys soon!!

  103. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Oh yeah, winter trip to Puerto Rico? Just all of us, several bottles of Puerto Rican Rum, and Yadi. I’M THERE!! I think it must be criminal for any man to be that sexy have a butt like that!

  104. gatorbabe041@aol.com

    OMG!!!! I totally agree with you. Yadi(I too call him that) is my most favortie player ever. He is sooo HOTT!!!! I also need to get a new jersey. crosing my finger it will be soon.

  105. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    So, gymnastics girl–you got a wave and a smile out of our Yadi? Lucky you! If he ever smiled at me, they’d have to do CPR on me!! Thanks for saying you’ll yhink of me when you all get together. I may be far away in body, but I’ll be right there in spirit! OK, cardinal commentators have come up with yet another nick name for our boy–“Iron Man”. He seems to be quite the object of a lot of conversation during the games anymore, mainly be cause he has improved so much offensively this year. Now if we could just get him to speed up a little while running, he’d be perfect! I got a new cat last night and the first thing out of my daughter’s mouth was “please tell me you’re not going to name it Yadi!” Well, I had thought about it, but since the cat is a girl I guess it wouldn’t be too cool.lol I hope he plays tonite. games just aren’t as much fun to watch without him. They said he was kept out last night because of a sore knee (or maybe just overworked?)

  106. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    ya he smiled and waved it was so cool i heard he got taken out of the game because he at the flu i hope hes ok i get to go to the game tommorow i hope hes playin!!

  107. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hola, “YADI GIRLS” Just a quick note, I just got caught up with everyone here. Humm, winter in Puerto Rico, sounds yummy, but just our luck Yadi would be in the states! (just kidding) sitting on the beach in Puerto Rico with that cold glass of Rum and a hot Yadi at my side. (please don’t wake me up)sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn’t it!
    Just dropping a note to say how proud I am of the whole Cardinals team the past two nights. It doesn’t make a difference to me if they won or lost, they all played their hearts out! I am so Proud of them, go Cardinals I love you win or lose, you will always be my heart!



    Now back to the beach, till next time YADI GIRLS!

  108. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Yadi Ladies!
    How is everyone? Our Sweetie got taken out of the game last night, I was so bummed! He looks like he is feeling much better tonight. We were sitting where you could see in the dugout, and before the game he was just sitting there, elbows on his thighs, head down and Dave Duncan was sitting next to him talking to him like he was trying to find out if something was wrong. Now I’m thinking he was trying to talk Yadi into sitting out last night and he wanted to try to play. When he didn’t get those 2 base stealers I knew he wasn’t feeling good. Poor baby, I had visions of him laying on a couch in the clubhouse shivering! I hope he wasn’t in there barfin or anything. I just wanted to shove everybody out of the way and get down there to TAKE CARE of him!

    If you guys go to the Fan Forum part of the Cardinals website click on Message board and scroll down to a posting titled “Cub fans visit Molina Puerto Rico off-season” or something like that. It’s pretty funny and I have included the “Yadi Girls” in one thing I added to it. I am going to add some more so watch for the further adventures of Yadi and his Girls!

    What does everybody think of the “sign cam” in the left bottom of the screen? Not to be too nasty but signs? What signs? I am all about a good Yadi crotch-shot AAAAAHHHHH!!!

    One of the Fox announcers just wondered out loud how tired Yadi must be by the end of the season squatting like that inning after inning. Poor baby, he probably will want to sleep for a week. He deserves a week on the beach with us! How lucky can he get?……Fill in the blank ladies, fill in the blank.

    Hey does anybody know if they will sell the bobbleheads in the Gift shop at Busch? Don’t they sell the other ones? I think I might call them and find out.

    Sweet dreams ladies!

  109. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    How bout our YYYYAAADDDIII!!!

    Won the game!!! They just interviewed him on the field and he is sooo cute when he gets all excited he can hardly talk! I don’t know about you guys but I am so ready to grab him up and head for the beach!

  110. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I was so happy for him to win the game on his night to shine. Well he shines every night for the “Yadi Girls”. I will be going to the game tonight with my husband so I guess I will have to keep my Yadi screaming to a minimum. This will be my last chance this year to see our guy in action in person. Unfortunately it will be from the top deck. I hope he is still feeling good tonight and is in the line up.
    I just ordered the GameDay Magazine. I’m hoping that it will help me this winter until spring training begins. I’m looking forward to the centerfold of Yadi. Although I too was thinking of a bit different centerfold than one of him in full gear. The gear is fine but maybe a little less uniform. (BIG SMILE) :o)

    rnoble the Fan Forum funny. I will stay tuned.

  111. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    How about our Yadi! Won the game again! Seems he’s getting good at that. I’m glad he was feeling better. He had to be, right, I mean 3 for 4 hits! Please let us know what you find out about the bobble heads. I really want one. The likeness was really good. I heard the comment too about his legs being tired at the end of the season. How’s this sound–our winter vacation to Puerto Rico on the beach with the rum —anybody up for a knee massage ( and back and shoulders–You get the point?) I’ll be the first to volunteer–after all, I am a nurse and should show you all how, right. Besides, he needs to relax and be spoiled for a while. He’s worked so hard this year!

  112. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Girls
    I only have a few minutes. My husband is off tonight so I guess I better sit and talk to him. I was actually thinking of a centerfold with gear and less uniform! Kinky but fun!! I’m a pharmacy tech so I am SURE I can assist with his aches and pains! We are EXACTLY the Girls to spoil him! Let’s hope for a win and I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

  113. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Well I was at the game last night and stayed for the whole thing. Even after they took Yadi out. (Why?) I saw a girl with short brown hair in a Yadi jersey in the top section in the 440’s. Was that any of you? Jim Edmonds new restaurant was having a grand opening party for some big wigs, celebrities and some of the players last night. Maybe they had to leave early for the party.
    I’m not in nursing but I can definitely help ease his aches and pains or what ever else Yadi may need or want.

    Keep your sprits up Yadi Girls.


  114. blueridge@irtc.net

    Wasn’t me at the game, I’ll tell you that! That was horrible! We need some more wins for goodness sake! I’d like to see a centerfold of him too, in anything… I am not in nursing either, but I’d sure help out. Couldn’t you just see all of us coming at him giggling like school girls?! I do love when Yadi makes a great hit and he smiles all the way to the base. It’s so neat to see that face. He’s so proud of himself, but did you notice that he gets very angry when he misses or hits a pop-fly? He throws the bat or slams it down. I love the “sign cam” also…..I try to remain calm (husband in the room..) HOWEVER, I am screaming inside!!!!! Nothing like looking at Yadi’s squat…..hee hee. Better get going, sweet Yadi dreams, girls…

  115. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Yadi Girls!
    No, it wasn’t me either. Lulu I am SO sorry you had to sit through that, whatever that was , was it a baseball game? I don’t even know. I would love to see a spread in St. Louis magazine or something with a “Men of St. Louis Sports” fashion something or other. To see him all dressed up? Yeeeooowwww! Or nothing! OK ladies, I’m going to say what we have all thought at least once but I’ll whisper it in case children and/or husbands and boyfriends are in the vicinity (****sshhhh****- we just want to see him neked!****sshhh***) There you animals! I said it! You know you do! Or maybe you would like just the catcher’s gear, leave a little bit to the imagination! Have you noticed that he has an overbite? Very sexy, I bet it makes him a dynamite kisser!!! OK, I’ll stop before we all have to go get some water!!

    Ok, I have to go update our trip to Puerto Rico. Let’s get a win, we are only 1 run down for pete’s sake!

    Hope I have helped you all to have sweet “interesting” dreams!

  116. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi, YADI GIRLS, wasn’t that just fantastic when Yadier hit the game winning run on his bobblehead night! I knew he’d get a hit and that incredible smile as he was running to first, he knew he had it!
    And wasn’t the 2 pick offs last night against the Astros beautiful! I could not believe Anderson thought he could take our Yadier, even the Asto commentators made that comment.(our tv game last night was foxsports.southwest with Houston commentators) The commentators kept going on about how good defensively our baby is, and they too kept using his whole name and not just his last name. Then in the 8th Wiggington tried to do the same, it was adios hombres to both of them, our baby is too good! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for that Gold Glove. After the 2nd pick off did you see the smile on his face, he smiled all the way to the dugout.

    Another thing I noticed toward the end of the game, when Yadier would go to squat he would rub on his lower back, made me wish I was there to rub it for him!! Yes, rnoble, Yadier does deserve a week on the beach with his YADI GIRLS, we’d make him forget all about those aching sore muscles!

    Last night was also the fifth or sixth time Yadier has come up to the plate lately with the bases loaded, I am hoping and praying for a grand slam from our baby. Each time my heart just about pounds out of my chest and again I have to tell myself breathe, breathe, but I’m always happy with the base hits or doubles.

    Have you ladies noticed the mole(beauty mark!) Yadier has near his right eye? You can see it in some of the pictures of him and I noticed it again last night during close ups of him, very sexy!

    I read the Fan Forum, it is hilarious, Becky you are too much, loved it!

    Well, YADI GIRLS, gotta go, games on in 4 hours and I have a full day of errands and chores to do before I can watch our baby!


  117. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Just a couple after thoughts, pictures of our Hottie Yadi in nothing but his gorgeous smile and catchers gear!!! I will gladly offer my services and the official photographer! On the beach with our Puerto Rican Rum, a few margaritas and our baby in nothing but his gear! The Yadi Girls taking turns massaging and rubbing him down between poses! Ok, becky see what you started!!
    Also, our Yadier Molina book of pictures is nearing 300+ photos of our baby and 50+ of Yadie and Albert. I’m going to have my son put it on a disc one of these days so my fellow Yadi Girls can see it, you all can drool right along with me and my daughter!

    Later ladies, keep up the Yadier Molina wathcing YADI GIRLS!! Hasta la vista!

  118. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Karen!
    I got an early start today too so I could watch our Sweetie only to learn that he’s not playing and has sore knees! Quick Yadi-Girls! Who has the biggest car-I only have a Cavalier so I can’t fit too many-we have to get to the stadium for HEAVY massaging! You guys are nasty old women! Everybody seems to like the idea of just the catcher’s gear and a smile! I’m sure we can provide the smile haha! A disc would be awsome! I wish we could all go to the Cardinal’s Campout! Ditch the hubbys and boyfriends for the night and stay up all night giggling about Yadi in just his gear! Most Excellent! We would keep the entire stadium awake! We could probably sneak in a few margaritas!!

    I’m going to zip on over to the Cards message board to see what they are up to. I told them about us and to come on over and hang out with us!

  119. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    I almost forgot- LOVE IT when he gets base stealers! Why do they even try?! Wouldn’t a grand slam be phenomenal?!! I am the same way- I just hold my breath and try to send telepathic messages to him to ssseeeeee the ball! Can I be next to rub his back? I have not noticed the mole, noticed everything else but not that. I will look for it next time.

  120. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good evening Ladies,
    I’m afraid it is not as good an evening as we would like. Our Sweetie is not in the line-up again! Poor baby, he must be sore. I bet Tony is saving him for the Brewers, although I don’t know why. Maybe just to get the wins. I think I came up with a way that we could keep Yadi in one place long enough to ask him questions and generally hug the stuffing out of him. My husband exploded a Dr. Pepper all over the kitchen floor this morning! Needless to say it was a little sticky in there! I’ve been scrubbing all day so it is a whole lot better, but if we could have gotten him in some rubber-soled shoes and planted him in the middle of my kitchen he would not have been goin anywhere! Who knew all we needed was a little Dr. Pepper?

    AAAUUUGGHH! My hubby-love him-but could’ve shot him!

    Speaking of hubbys, mine is home tomorrow night so I probably will not get a chance to chat. But I’m sure we will talk later on tonight!

  121. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    i met yadi again yesterday..he wasnt near as hot as before cause he was in his uniform but man he was still smokin..i have his mysapce..he acutally messages u back

  122. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Stlbballbabe94,
    So… are you willing toshare this valuble piece of in fo with your fellow YadiGirls? I know we would all love to send him a message or 2!

  123. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I don’t know if it is really his myspace site but if you go to myspace.com and type in Yadier Molina it will pull up a myspace that says the it is him. Not much info on it that I can see but I’m not much of a myspace er. I got to meet Jim Edmonds. He is no Yadi but still cute.

  124. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi YADI GIRLS how is everyone handling the news today that Yadi is out for the season! When he didn’t play for the second time I told my daughter I bet he’ll have to have surgery on his knee. I know the pain he’s going through, remember back on 08/16 I said I was in bed with a brace on my leg. I tore a ligament in my right knee also. But I’m lucky no surgery is needed, it hurt like heck for a few weeks. I still have the brace but doing alot better.

    One more week ladies of watching the Cardinals then what am I going to do????? I am so dreading the time between now and spring training and opening day.

    I read an article by a reporter that spent some time with Yadier’s parents in Puerto Rico, it was very interesting. It told about how Yadi would put on his older brothers gear and run around the bases when he was younger, how could he not follow in his brothers and father’s footsteps. His mother told of the competitiveness between Bengie, Jose, and Yadier. She sounds like a very proud mother, very proud of all her sons. When I heard Yadier had to have the surgery I immediately thought of his mother and how she must be worried about him. The article said she calls all three of her sons every night to make sure they are ok and didn’t get hurt.

    Till next time YADI GIRLS!


    P.S. I hope TONY LARUSSA stays with the Cardinals, it wouldn’t be the same without him.

  125. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    lol yes i would send info but theres really not that much on there..except for there are alot of US.. like girls that LOVE yadi..but not as much as us :] and he got divorced..and you should make a myspace

  126. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Yadi’s Girls,
    Well….here we are…we knew we would be here next week, but who knew our week to get psyched up for a long Yadi-less winter would be snatched away from us. Poor baby, he had to be hurting so bad! BrokenChains, I don’t know about you but did your “nurse” kick in? My “pharmacy tech” did. Occupational hazard huh? They probably got him on some pain meds that will knock him out for a couple of days. Who better than the Yadi-Girls to be taking care of him! Somebody else is doin our job Girls!!

    Well, here is where we need to keep each other going. Does anybody have any suggestions about how we might get a Get Well card to him? Let’s put our thinking caps on. What better time for him to know of the Yadi-Girls!

    Also, I know it’s early, but does anybody have any thoughts on possibly hitting Winter-Warmup?

    Anyway, keep your Yadi pix close at hand girls. I know we can muddle through til Spring Training!

  127. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi! YADI GIRLS, how is everyone today? It is very hard to watch the Cardinal games and not be able to see our Yadi, I hope he is doing better. I bet it is hard for him to have to sit home and watch his teammates on the road without him.
    The address I found to send our baby Yadi a card is:

    Yadier Molina

    Busch Stadium

    250 Stadium Plaza

    St. Louis, Missouri 63102

    I found this address on a blog I received about sending fanmail to Albert. I’m certainly glad Albert is doing better with his injury.

    Gotta go YADI GIRLS, I’ll talk with you later, just thought I’d give you all the address I have for a get well card to our baby!LOVE YADIER, LOVE THE CARDINAL, AND THE YADI GIRLS!

  128. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Karen and the rest of the Yadi-Girls!
    What is going on? I know, it is very hard to watch our team and not see our sweetie!

    I told one of the girls on the Cardinal message board that I picture him sitting on the couch at home with his knee propped up on 4 or 5 pillows watching the game on

    TV and yelling at the TV in spanish! Wish we were right

    there to yell with him!

    OK, what I am going to do is get a card and sign all of our names to it. Tell me if I have forgotten anyone. I need some names for some of you, all I have is screen names:

    Becky (myself!)







    Rose (Cardinal message boaed

    Margaret(Cardinal message board)

    Is that everyone? Let me know!


    Becky (myself!)


  129. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    P.S. I’m thinking they all have to come back to St. Louis after Pittsburgh to clean out lockers (groan!), tie up loose ends, etc. here in town before they go their separate ways. Let’s try to get this out next week!

  130. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    rnoble My name is Cindy.
    Let him know that the “Yadi Girls” are thinking of him and hope he feels better soon.

    I have been watching the games and TiVoing my start of the fall season shows. Sometime soon I will have a full day of TV viewing. I have a bunch of Yadi clips on my TiVo to help me till Spring training starts but my Tivo is acting up. I will not be happy if I loose my Yadi clips.

    Also I don’t know if anyone else noticed but on Yadi’s my space page (if it is he’s) it say that he is in a relationship not that he is married. Stlbballbade did you mention that he is divorced? Married, single, or divorced he is still HOT. It is sad news if he is. I hope if he is that he is able to find someone special. Wish it could be me but I don’t think my husband would go for that. I would :o) LOL

  131. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Cindy!
    My fellow Yadi-Girls, I thought of something else. I am going to try to get the biggest most attention-getting card, and why not? We have to stand out from the crowd! What does everyone do for a living? Let’s let Yadi know what an accomplished, successful group of women make up his biggest fan club! What do you think? Might make him feel pretty good!

    As for Myspace, I am not trying to be a skeptic, but at the top of the page, his name is spelled “Yadie”, and it says he is 26. He’s 25 and I don’t think he would spell his name that way. Whoever heard he was divorced where did you hear it or read it? That I would tend to believe because think about it. Your husband’s team wins the World Series and no one sees hide nor hair of you? I don’t know about you guys but I would be front and center! Back in the early part of the season, before he broke his wrist, he was being interviewed after the game and at one point he ran his left hand through his hair and he was wearing that WS ring on his middle finger but NO wedding ring. So it is all very mysterious. I don’t think many guys, not many straight ones anyway, are going to wear that many rings on one hand. They had to be fitted for those WS rings, so SOMEBODY asked him which hand and finger he was going to wear it on. I know my wedding ring finger measures differently than the ring finger on my right hand, so I don’t know, go figure. My husband calls me “Mrs. Columbo!” Anyway Ladies, let me know what you think about the card ideas!


  132. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    hi again, it would be nice for becky to send Yadier a card from all of the YADI GIRLS! My daughter and I sent him one as well.

    I went onto Yadi’s my space page and I don’t think it’s him. First of all, it has his age wrong, he is 25 not 26 and it has Bayamon spelled wrong, I’m sure he knows how to spell the town where he was born and it has his brother Bengi’s name spelled wrong also! And he has Yadi spelled Yadie! Don’t you find these things kind of strange? It’s probably a Yadi wanna be!

    Another thing I wanted to tell the YADI GIRLS, go to getty images and put in yadi’s name to search, go to page 7, the picture of him with his helmet sitting on the top of his head and you can see the mole on the side of his right eye. It is sooooo sexy! I absolutely love that picture of him!

    Since Yadi just had the surgery and is going to be rehabbing his leg, he will probably be in St. Louis for at least 4-6 more weeks!

    I was looking at the Cardinals website about the Winter Warm-up after Becky had mentioned it earlier. I am thinking about maybe trying to come to St. Louis for this but from the pictures of it from last year Yadi wasn’t present, he was probably in Puerto Rico playing winter ball. My daughter said, “If Yadi isn’t going to be there I’m not going!” She’d rather wait and go to a game instead, so we are debating what to do, Winter Warm-up or a home game next season!

    I’m with Cindy about the married or divorced part of his life. He is luscious to watch play ball and gorgeous just to look at, married or not I still am goofy about him and he will always by my HOTTIE YADI!


  133. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Karen and fellow Yadi-Girls!
    I’m glad everyone likes my idea! I tend to think that he might be here for the Winter Warm-Up cuz remember you said the Puerto Rican Winter league was not playing due to financial difficulties? If he’s not playing down there…

    Plus it would be so much fun to get us all together to be giggly girls over our guy! Come on up Girl!

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we were all at the Campout tonight?! We would keep the whole stadium up giggling about our Sweetie! I hope SOMEBODY would think to sneak in the booze and spike the punch!

    Anyway ladies, send in those names and occupations so we can totally impress our guy and so he knows what TOGETHER ladies we are that love him so much! I am going to try to get this out by Wednesday of next week.

    I just wanted to say too, I’m with Karen, you guys are so crazy and fun! We just have to be the most devoted fans if we are not the biggest group!

    Talk to you guys soon!


  134. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    P.S. Karen-
    did you get your yearbook? Any other words, clean or otherwise, that you can think of that you would like to share with the rest of the class on that devestatingly sexy picture of Yadi? Have you gotten up off the floor yet?haha! Just wondering!


  135. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    Hey sorry i havent talked in a while trying to catch up but anyway the card sounds great my name is kaitlyn. He’ll be back next year stronger then ever and what is all this i hear about divorce??

  136. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Sorry to get everyone in a frenzy it is probably just a rumor and more BS like the myspace site. After you guys mentioned those things I took time to actual look at the site and I think your correct it is bogus. Also Jim Edmonds link to “his” myspace says that he is 41 years old and he is only 37.
    I think that his wife was there at the World Series celebration. Or at least some girl he gave a big kiss to was. During the on field celebrations he picked up a short dark haired girl up gave her a big kiss and spun her around. My guess would be his wife. Also who were the 2 girls in the truck with him if in the parade?

    I ordered the game day magazine but haven’t gotten it yet and notice there is new one on the site now. I hope I still get the one with the Yadi centerfold in it.

    Cindy- Legal Secretary

  137. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Yadi-Girls!
    Well, how many days til Spring Training?haha!

    Anyway, just wanted to update you on the card situation. I got one yesterday, almost got one of those musical ones that played “Oy Como Va!” cute , but it didn’t say anything about get well. It is kind of blue and purple on the front with a dog with his head on a pillow kind of looking bummed out and at the top it says, “Thinking of you as you recover”. On the inside it says, “You’re going to need a little time to rest, restore, repair- Hope everything is comfortable on the way to getting there.”

    I composed a little something to put in it, but I can add in occupations.

    “Dear Yadi,

    We were all very disappointed that you were unable to finish the season and very(underlined) concerned about your knee injury. We hope you are well, and that rehab is going as expected. There are 9 of us in this group at last count. We all met on a chatroom. Most of us live in and around St. Louis, one in Arkansas, two in Oklahoma, and one in Michigan. Somebody started calling us “Yadi’s Girls”, we all liked it, and the name stuck! We get together almost nightly to talk about our favorite topic, you! We all love(underlined) to watch you play, we think you are an amazing athlete, and just about the cutest thing we have ever seen! Watching the games has just not been the same lately! We hope you will be at the Winter Warm-up. We are all going to try to be there. If we miss you, get strong and healthy,and please know we are thinking of you. We will be looking forward to Spring Training 2008.

    All of Our Love,

    “Yadi’s Girls










    So that is what I am going to write in it. I still need 3 names and occupations ladies. I can leave out the occupations if not everyone is comfortable with that, but I still need 3 names-you all can see who I am lacking!

    As far as him planting kisses on anybody, he has all of us to choose from! Whyever would he go anywhere else? Wife-smife, minor detail! Let’s not talk about her!(she who will remain untalked about!)As soon as I have names I will send it off!

  138. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hi Ladies…..Hope all is well with all of you. I’ve been a bit busy lately so I apologize for not being in the chatroom in a while. My name is Tracie and I am a stay-at-home mom, plus I work for my husband’s business by being the Secretary & painter. I also help out at my old job (I quit in May) one day a week as a Magazine Coordinator. So, needless to say, I do a lot. I love the idea of a card, girls. So thoughtful. I was devastated when I heard Yadi was out. I hope he heals up fast and gets healthy for next year!!

  139. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I hope everyone is surviving being without our Baby Yadi and the Cardinals. I may make it to next season since I have our Photo album of our dear Yadi! I haven’t put any new pictures in the past week, I have about 20 more to put in. Unfortunately I reinjured my knee and am back in the huge brace and can barely walk! My daughter says I’m having sympathy pains for our baby! I told her, No, the pain is really my own!

    I am just so bummed that the Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres, they are the ones who broke Yadi’s wrist! I hope Philadelphia stomps them good!

    Yadier’s brother Jose plays for the New York Yankees so he will be going to the Post Season, I hope they make it to the World Series, my daughter likes the Boston Red Sox, so we have a bet going. As a matter of fact, that was Yadier’s brother Jose who was in the truck with him during the Victory Parade, the girls may have been Yadi’s wife(shhh I didn’t just mention her) and may be Jose’s girlfriend. I have never seen anything that says Jose is married. I seen a picture of Bengie’s wife on the getty images with one of their daughter’s. His wife looks a few years older than him! And I think Bengie’s daughter looks more like Jose than Bengie. So much for the gossip!

    I like the sound of the card that Becky got for our Baby Yadi. You can add my daughter’s name to it, her name is Andrea, she is 16 years old and totally in love with him. She is already planning on naming her first born son after Yadier, we have picked out the name Yadier Yovani! But like I said she is only 16 and has a few more years before she even thinks of having a baby.

    Another interesting thing I would like to share with the YADI GIRLS, I am Native American and my dauther is half Native American and half Hispanic. I am also a Realtor, Andrea is a student.

    Gotta go YADI GIRLS, till next time


  140. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hi again YADI GIRLS,
    I think I do this everytime, I think of something else after I post.

    Did you see the comments in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on 09/23 by Joe Strauss about our Baby Yadi. He said “We’ll say it one more time: Give the guy his Gold Glove. He might be the games best defensive player without one.” I totally agree, he needs to win the Gold Glove this year. The last report I read said Yadier nailed 23 of 46 attempts, that’s 50%! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for him to win this year! Yadi’s brother Bengie won a Gold Glove in 2002 with 52% nailed and again in 2003 with only 33% caught! So I hope this is our baby’s year!

    Also you can go on slide.com and see 3 pictures of Yadi with some girls at the amini’s signing with Adam a few weeks back. There is one of him that is absolutely breathtaking! His smile is gorgeous on all three but the one where he is with the white girl (don’t mean to be racial) in the green blouse is probably my all time favorite picture of him. The other 2 girls look to be hispanic. This picture is nummy nums! You all need to go on slide.com and take a look for yourself, I know you’ll agree with me on this!

    If anyone hears any news of our Baby Yadi during the winter break, please post asap! I’m sure we’d all appreciate it! And if any of you hear that he will be at Winter Warm-Up let us know.

    Becky, no I haven’t gotten my yearbook yet, but Border’s near us have them and the Game Day magazine so when my leg gets better in a few days, we plan on going to get our copies. My yearbook went to my old residence. I recently quit my job and moved with my daughter to whole new area and I’m newly single again! I can make all the loving comments about our dear Yadi without anyone getting upset! We are safe and very happy and have talked about maybe relocating to St. Louis. How are the jobs and housing in the St. Louis area?


  141. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Karen I am sooo sorry to hear about your knee!! I have to agree with Andrea, You are having sympathy pains!! Wow, that would be awsome to have another 2 Yadi-Girls in the vicinity! I guess it’s kind of hard for you what with the housing market being what it is. What part of OK are you in? My friend’s sister moved back here from Tulsa about a year ago. She works in a Doc’s office and it seemed like she got a job fairly quick. Don’t be silly about saying things like that, people are people! You must be really pretty! My Dad likes to say everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time! Guess he’s right when yoy think about it!

    So are you going to have to have surgery? I hope not.

    As far as housing goes, I think that St. Louis is pretty reasonable as far as cost of living. I think you can get a really nice house or apt. in a good area for not alot of money.

    Last but not least, I don’t know if you are looking, but as far as men, well, Yadi lives here…! I celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary on Fri. so I’ve not “bought” in a while, but I’m always game to window shop with ya”!!

    O.K.-The rest of you Yadi-Girls-BrokenChains and Stlbbbabe-You guys got til Fri. and then I think we are going to have to fly this card downtown! I’m afraid we are going to be cutting it close, don’t know how long he will be in town. So give me some names and jobs Ladies!!

    Talk to you guys soon!

    Yadi-Girls are the BEST!!


  142. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Just a quick note about something interesting I noticed. Along with the photo album we have on our Baby Yadi, I also have copies of any news items and stories I find on him. I went on to Wikipedia and printed out his bio, they are updated every so often. The bio information was updated 09/27/07, the last one I had was done in June ’07. At the end of the bio it has the trivia section, on the old bio from June ’07, it states that “Molina and his wife Wanda make their home in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico.” On the updated version from 09/27/07 it states, “Molina makes his home in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico.” It says nothing of his wife on the updated version, so maybe the news of him getting a divorce is true. But like I said before it makes no difference to me if he is married for not. Yadier still is #1 in my books, I still love to watch him play, run, walk, especially love to watch him smile! Thought the YADI GIRLS might enjoy hearing this, even though most of the YADI GIRLS would love him either way!

    Becky, thanks for being concerned about my knee. I have a doctor’s appt. next week, I’m praying I don’t have to have surgery, but I’m thinking that I probably will have to because this time it is worse and alot more painful than last time. So, YADI GIRLS please keep me in your prayers! My daughter says, too bad we don’t live in St. Louis, you and Yadi could recuperate together, maybe even massage one anothers knees and what ever else!!

    I was working on our YADI book, trying to keep my mind off the pain. And as you look at the pictures we have of him, you can see him as he is growing from an 18 year old to the present. Its like watching your child grow from a boy to a man. You all will see when I get the disc done.

    Till later YADI GIRLS!


  143. blueridge@irtc.net

    Howdy girls! I feel lost…I mean I watched the ballgame everyday and now…there’s nothing on TV. I sure miss Yadi…I guess that’s what the internet is for…I can still look at his awesome face on websites. Did you get the card sent, Becky? Karen, I am thinking of you and I hope your knee heals up and you are jumping around in no time! I am going to get my son the yearbook for his birthday or Christmas. Except, I may be fighting him for it. I just wonder if our Yadi is married or not. I didn’t see a ring on his finger when I took the picture of him the last time I was at a game. I made that comment and my husband just looked at me like I was stupid. Oops. He’ll never understand, but I will never understand why he likes Calista Flockhart… she’s cute but too skinny! I am also amazed at the pictures you are collecting, Karen. I can’t wait to see disc. Take care Yadi Girls!!

  144. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirls!
    How is everyone tonight? Tracie, I know how you feel! As I am writing to you guys, it is in between periods of the Blues game. Just last week I was still watching baseball, I am so confused! I am psyched about hockey, but oh how I miss our Yadi already! I would be more than happy to take him to a hockey game! I guess there is not much hockey in Puerto Rico!

    I was also checking in to see if my last name holdouts checked in with us but I don’t see them, so next period intermission(haha!) I am going to write it out and get it in the mail tomorrow! My husband likes Valerie Bertinelli. He stops DEAD in his tracks when those Jenny Craig commercials come on! And he HATES Eddie Van Halen, because he did Val wrong you know! Nice to know chivalry is not dead! Karen, I can’t wait to see your Yadi disc too! You are sure going to help us get through the winter! Karen, I almost forgot to ask you, I tried going on Slide.com and I couldn’t get to the pictures you were talking about. How did you get to them?

    Well my good Yadi-loving friends, I am going to write a card for our Honey. Hope he likes it. How could he not? It’s from us! I also hope it doesn’t get returned cuz I’ll have some ‘splainin to do!

  145. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Where is everybody? My excuse is I have A new puppy!

    She is 3 months old and her name is Jezzie. She is a Rough Collie and she should get about 50 pounds when she is done growing. But man is she a handful right now! Chewing on EVERYTHING, mostly me! My hands look like I’ve been in a barfight! But she is cute as can be, a big ball of fluff!

    Well Girls, the card is in the mail! I hope Yadi gets it so he knows we are thinking of him. You think Collie pups are good knee therapy haha? I promise I would do all the nibbling and not my dog!! She is like Jaws, those puppy teeth are ****! Got my bobblehead too. He is sitting on my desk at work!

    Karen, how is your knee? Any better? I got a dog you can borrow!

    Well Yadi-Girls, just thought I would catch you up. If I forget to write you know I am busy being a “new mommy”!


  146. blueridge@irtc.net

    I’m here, Becky! I’ve been busy with my daughters (she is 1 1/2)sprained wrist & nursemaids elbow! She hurt her arm last Thursday at the babysitters. She was playing too hard with another little boy doing “butt busters” (where they fall on their butts!) and she went to catch herself and fell on her arm. It was horrible. We actually thought it was broke the way she was screaming. After X-rays at the ER it turns out it was her elbow, so they “popped” it back into place. Which totally gave me the heebie jeebies. But, she was still in pain, so they think she sprained her wrist, also. She is doing much better now, thank goodness.
    Sounds like you are having a blast with that puppy. I love puppies. We have 3 Labs, which one is still puppy-like. He is just stupid though. I hate to say it, he’s just not real bright. The other two are fine. Wonder what kind or IF Yadi likes dogs? I would follow him around like a lost puppy dog that’s for sure!! Hope all is well with everyone. Hope Yadi likes (LOVES) the card you sent. Thanks, again for doing that, Becky. I still think we need to all get together soon and have some drinks and eat!!!

  147. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Thank you Becky for sending the card. I just haven’t had much happening since baseball is done for the season. Becky I remember the puppy stage. My Lab mix is 2 years old and she is still a hipper handful. For the chewing I would highly recommend a “nylabone” not sure on spelling. Dogs love them and it will take them forever to chew it up. I know Wal-mart has them. “Konks” (spelling??) are good also. They look like a fire hydrant with a hole in the bottom. You can put peanut better in it and put it in the freezer and take it out for them to spend the day trying to get the peanut butter out and chew on the toy. Ok I’m done for now on my puppy soap box ;O)
    Karen good luck with the knee. What ever the out come (surgery or not) I hope for a speedy recovery.

    I haven’t found any new pictures of Yadi. I guess I will probably have to wait until next season. I did find a video on youtube of Jose Molina from a September interview. He looks mighty fine. Nothing new on Yadi though :o( I would love to take a trip to Puerto Rico. I have a friend who just went and she said it was wonderful. Spring training trip would be nice but I can’t convince my husband on either trip. Not that I would want him to come with me on either of those trips. That would have to be more of a girls trip. Like “Yadi Girls” Wishful thinking.

  148. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    this is a chat room? hey im not supposed to be on here then…we are doin all that internet safety **** in school…but im just gonna stay on here cause its not like im telling you guys where i live..and yadi put me on his top friends for myspace..but he took me off again cause he changed it to just the players and like some other ppl…yeahh and becky i think thats who wrote the letter its stlbballbabe

  149. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Sounds like everyone is just totally missing our baby! I am having a really hard time with the season almost over. We get so used to turning on the tv and watching our baby, it’s going to be a lllooonnnggg winter!

    Thank you YADI GIRLS for the comments about my knee, my doctor’s appt was changed to tomorrow (thursday). I can walk better if I keep moving, but let me sit down and get relaxed and have to get back up, that’s when it hurts!

    Becky, I tried to go on slide.com again to see the pics I was talking about and they are gone! You’ll see the pictures of him when I get them done.

    I’m glad you got the card in the mail. Thank you from all the YADI GIRLS!

    YADI GIRLS, what we should have done when our baby got hurt and had his surgery was to place an ad in the Post Dispatch! Yadi would have gotten it for sure! We could have told him how much the YADI GIRLS were thinking of him and how much we love him. And we could have said to find out about the YADI GIRLS, go the Rachel’s website to find out about us and our love for him! (But then again so would all of St. Louis and anyone else who read it!) I would have gladly pitched in some $$ to put an ad in the newspaper! Even if Yadi doesn’t read the paper, someone would have surely told him about our ad, then he would have found out about his YADI GIRLS and how goofy we all are over him! Maybe it’s something we might all think of doing in the future!

    Becky, if you wanted a dog I would have gladly sent you one. We have our little “Mouse” a chihuahua, she is just like your Jezzy, she chews everything but her toys and bones! She killed my cellphone cord last week (twice!)

    As we were watching the Yankees games, my daughter wondered if YADI was with his brother Jose. Supporting him during his post season as Jose did for our Yadi last year.

    Well, YADI GIRLS, it’s going to be hard but we’ll make it to next season and spring training. We know we will because we have our YADI to watch then.


  150. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Again, a couple of things, Becky, what month was the Gameday magazine with the photo of Yadi? Andrea and I went to Borders last night, they didn’t have the Yearbook any longer nor the Gameday.

    I just went on line to order the Cardinal Yearbook, now I’ll have to wait 4-6 weeks! Borders did have other books about the St. Louis Cardinals, we ended up buying the 2006 Cardinal Year In Review. It has alot of great pictures. We couldn’t make up our minds which book to buy! My daughter limited me to only one book! She said I wasn’t going out of the store with all of them (she’s no fun)

    Tracie, I hope your daughter’s arm is doing better. Children are so resilient. When one of my three would get hurt, after a kiss and hug from mom, they’d be back doing what got them hurt in the first place!

    And stlbballbabe94, back to your school work! Drooling over Yadi 101 is for after school!

    Cindy, got a kick out of the peanut butter idea! I’ll have to try that with our dogs, it may save one of our shoes or whatever they are chewing on at the time!

    Any bets on LaRussa leaving the Cardinals next year? I hope he stays! It wouldn’t be the same without him!



  151. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Ladies!
    I just had about a million things to write about but my computer just belched! I will get back to you guys tomorrow!


  152. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Yadi’s Ladies!
    I was going to ask what was going on but I can see all kinds of things! Hopefully my computer won’t belch tonight!

    I would have gotten here earlier but, in addition to “dealing” with my puppy, I swear that dog is going to kill me! I had to go online to pay my TICKET! AAAAUUUGGGHHH! One of those **** cameras caught me on the way to work about 2 weeks ago! 100 smackers! Needless to say my husband was NOT a happy camper. Creeps!

    Tracie I am so glad everything is alright with your daughter! I think Karen is right, kids are very resilient! You were probably more scared than she was! I agree, we need to get together. Maybe we can convince Karen to take a road trip! Speaking of… Karen how did your Dr. appt go? Is your knee getting better? The Gameday Magazine says “No. 5” on the front and Rick Ankiel is on the cover. Maybe Borders can order back issues or maybe call the stadium. I love the idea of an ad! Maybe before the start of next season! The picture of Yadi in the Yearbook is EVERY BIT worth the wait! You will see! The spread in Gameday is good too. About 4 or 5 pages of story and pics, and then there is the centerfold. Not a CENTERFOLD like WE would like, but it will do! He can come play with my puppy anytime he wants!

    Cindy, got a Kong and I put peanut butter in it and she loves it but I will try freezing it. That will keep her interest longer. I’m gonna go get a nylabone too. The one we got at the Humane Society I’m afraid she is going to bite off the end she is knawing on it so hard. Guess we will be going to Petsmart this weekend! She is definitely Daddy’s Girl! I was watching the “***** Eye” guys Tues. night and they kept showing vacation commercials for Puerto Rico! Don’t they know we could be packed and ready to hop the plane in about an hour? We ain’t goin for the rum either! Although we could get around to that! Another tidbit girls, I was watching the hockey game last night and they were interviewing Mike Shannon, guess he heard there was beer there, and he said Spring Training 08 starts Feb. 27, happy birthday to me! They can just deliver Yadi in a big Cardinal red bow! Start counting down ladies! But I think the Puerto Rico trip would definitely be a girlie trip! No boys allowed, well, just one boy, and he is all man!!

    You guys are more than welcome for the card! Glad to do it! I just hope it gets to him, and I hope that by putting our occupations on it it will stand out from the rest by sharing a little info about ourselves with him! Keep your fingers crossed!

    Well, everybody go to bed and have sweet Yadi dreams!


    PS-My nutjob dog is laying in her crate sound asleep-on her back waiting for my husband to come home and scratch her! I wish you guys could see this, it is hilarious!

  153. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hi guys!!! Well, my daughter’s arm is much better, she is back to normal. Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. I had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I and another couple went to Hermann, MO to the Winery’s. SOOO much fun. We got rained on, but when the wine is flowing…who cares!! It’s our anniversary (10 years) today, so it was a fun way to celebrate.
    We watched parts of the Boston Red Sox game last night. Pretty interesting. The catcher for the Indians is pretty cute, no comparison to Yadi, but pretty good looking. No one beats Yadier!!! I miss him….

    Hey, I love finding interesting things about all of you. Keep the fun facts a comin’! In each blog, I think we should include one tid bit about ourselves. It’s a fun way to bond with each other. I enjoy hearing about Karen’s life, keep that healing going & Becky, you just crack me up! I love hearing about your dog. Some interesting facts about me, is I deer hunt (hope that doesnt’ offend anyone). I use a bow & arrow and a shotgun. I’m kind of a TomBoy still…never grew out of that(I drive a big ole’ truck too!). I love to be outside and enjoy nature. It’s so neat to be out in a deer stand watching the sun come up. Hearing the little animals (darn squirrels!) trot around & the birds chirping all around. I don’t know if anyone can relate, not too many women hunt, but it’s becoming more popular among ladies.

    Well, I must get going for now. I hope all you have sweet Yadi dreams… I miss him….I know I said that already. Is Spring here yet?

  154. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend! We only had 2 puppy accidents over the weekend so maybe we are getting the hang of this potty-training thing, I hope so! She attacks her toys now, just kind of pounces on them, it is soo funny!

    On an unfortunate note, our card to Yadi came back Sat. in the mail. It had the address crossed out on the front and a “return to sender” sticker on it. Karen, did you use that address-the one above when you guys sent your card? The only thing I can figure is that we did send it kind of late. I don’t know… I’m with you Trace, it has to be spring soon? I miss Yadi sooo much! Guess I’ll have to get out that yearbook! You are right, the winery is loads of fun. I haven’t been in a few years. We were going to go last weekend but my friend had to work. Oh well, I may just have to bring the winery to MY house! There’s a great idea-YadiGirls day in Hermann! I’m there! Karen, in case you are wondering, Hermann is a small town about 100 miles west of St. Louis. Founded by Germans, and it still has alot of German flavor to it, really quaint and just gorgeous in the fall, lots of hills and leaves changing, Google it and you can see. Anyway, there are 2 wineries, one at each end of town. One of them is called Stonehill, and it sits on top of a hill. The view from the top of the hill is fabulous! And the wineries are award-winning! Awsome way to spend the day with a bunch of friends. We usually bring some crackers, cheese, sausage, etc. Ooohh makes me want to go!

    Let’s see, a new tidbit about me, I just had a wedding anniversary as well, on the 5th. Six years for me. Sometimes it seems lloonngger….-(sigh)MEN! I guess I am kind of the star-gazer of the bunch here. I am very intersted in Tarot card reading, I have 2 decks but I’m still learning. I would like to learn more about astrology, I have a book, just have to get the time to read it. I would LOVE to do Yadi’s chart! I would have to post THAT right here!

    Well girls, I guess I will see if I can’t get Jezzie to chill out for the night. She is getting her distemper shot on Thurs. thank God! I hope it helps!

    Talk to you guys later! Luv ya!


    PS I heard today that the Cardinals resigned Joel Pinero for 2 years. Good deal. Good pitcher and not a bad piece of eye candy either!

  155. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    That is disappointing about the card being returned. Thanks for trying.
    Did anyone else get an email from jcphotos? She said she had lots of Yadi pictures. I am always interest in Yadi pictures or anything else Yadi. I told her she should come and join our blog. I really miss baseball and especially Yadi.

    Yes Becky, Joel is a nice piece of eye candy. With Joel pitching and Yadi catching and I’m a happy girl. :o)

    I have been reading to stay busy lately without the Cardinals and Yadi. James Patterson books mostly. I enjoy a good murder mystery. Ones with a little romance are nice like his “Women’s Murder Club” series.

    I’ve been to the Hermann Stone hill winery. I like their Concord the best. The Adam Puchta winery (also in Hermann) has a really good Vignole. Both are sweet wines, Concord is red, Vignole is white. I am definitely not a wine connoisseur but I know what I like.

    Later Yadi Girls.

  156. jcphotos@adams.net

    Figured out how to get on. I am jcphotos and I am a big cardinal, fan and even bigger yadi fan. I have been following you girls for about a month now and really getting a kick out of this blog. I would like to join in the fun. I am a photographer and have taken a lot of cardinal pictures this year. I would like to share some of them with you. Just not sure how to do it. Can any of you girls help me? I have dial up internet.

  157. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good afternoon YadiGirls!
    Hey jc, welcome! we are all Yadi-crazy so we like anyone else who is too! I hope we have a computer geek among us who can get your pix up. I would love to see them! I know everybody else is always looking for a way to get by til Spring Training! Karen maybe you can ask your son? We can all use a fix!

    Talk to you guys later when I get home inbetween DOG time!


  158. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    It’s been a very long week for me, it seems like it’s been longer since I last talked with the YADI GIRLS!!

    Good News, I started a new job monday, I started working for a state agency, I work mon-fri 9-5. And my leg is alot better! It’s amazing what doctor’s can do for what ails you! I’m walking without pain now!! Thank God no surgery is needed!

    Welcome to our haven of lust and love jcphotos! As you can read, we all LOVE Yadier and the Cardinals!! Yadi is our baby!!

    I took some sample photos of our YADI book this past weekend and they turned our blurry. I have the pictures in plastic sheet covers and it causes a blur with the flash, so I’m trying to figure out how to take the pictures without the blur! My son tells me when I get the pictures developed I can get a CD made and this is how I would put them on line for you all to drool over!!!!

    OMG!! When I got home from work today, my daughter had the biggest, goofiest smile on her face. I knew my Gameday and Yearbook were here. The Gameday magazine with YADI in it came but the Yearbook didn’t. Oh dear! you all were right about the pictures and poster of YADI!!! I have the perfect spot for poster of YADI!

    YADI is soooo gorgeous, my daughter kept telling me to wipe my chin!! Made my day!!

    I was talking to my older son today, he is the one telling my how to put my pictures on line. He said, “it’s so cool, my mom is a groupie!” But he is happy to know his mother is getting a life again after all I’ve been through these past 3 months.

    Happy Anniversary Becky for 6 years of marriage and to you Tracie for 10 years. And many more happy years to all of you!

    Watching the post season games is not the same without being able to see our baby. The teams I like have been eliminated, New York Yankees and Arizona D-backs. So whoever wins between the Indians and Red Sox better kick Colorado back up their mountain! Watching the games makes me miss our baby YADI all the more!

    More good news, I am also taking refresher classes, before I got into real estate I was a medical assistant. So I’m taking refresher courses to be able to get my license. I will be having a very full day. I need something to keep me busy until spring training and opening day! Can’t wait for April 1st! I have a grandaughter born on April 1st, her name is April May. When I get goofy about April 1st, she thinks I’m excited about her birthday!!

    Becky, our card didn’t come back, so maybe we waited too long to send it. Maybe we need to think about putting an ad in the Post Dispatch. We could put an ad in the P-D around Opening Day, to let our baby YADI start next season knowing how much we love him and wish him a great 2008! Think about it YADI GIRLS.

    Well, YADI GIRLS I hate ending these little talks, but dinner awaits. Till next time, keep in touch. Sweet YADI dreams to all. It’s funny, everynight when my daughter goes to bed, she yells out, “good night YADI, I love you, sweet dreams YADI I love you” then she yells out to me good night mom, sweet dreams, love you. YADI always gets top billing and two I love yous!!!


  159. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    How is everyone’s weekend going? I intended to get on here a long time ago, but I have been running all day! The car wash was so crowded! My car is a black 2005 Cavalier. Black is soo sexy when it is shiny and clean, but it has rained here this week and it was so dirty. I live in my car too during the week, so it needed it! The grocery store was dead so I got through there. I got a late start today maybe that is why. My husband is working both jobs this weekend so it is just me and Jezzie! Her favorite new toy is the icemaker on the fridge! She sits in front of the fridge and looks up at the icemaker, then she looks at either me or Randy like, “well?” So then we have to push the button so the ice comes shooting out on the floor and she pounces on it! It is hilarious!

    Congratulatons Karen! Hope your new job is gonna be great! I was in your shoes about a year and a half ago so I remember feeling like the new kid on the block! You are going to be very busy! I am a Pharmacy Tech and I think BrokenChains Girl said she was a nurse so we have lots of medical people around here! Think we can give Yadi the TLC he would need in any medical emergency?! I do haha!! I work for a Home IV infusion company so I work in a clean room all day, you know hair thingie-just “great” for your do, gloves, mask, labcoat, the whole works. I like it cuz I am by myself and I turn on the radio, either music or I listen to Bill O’Reilly call people “pinheads”! I just love it when he gets on a roll! I even have Cardinal scrubs! I have only stuck myself once in a year, thought I was gonna see stars, guess I’m lucky! I also went from working evenings for 20 years at a hospital to 9-5, not just a job change but a lifestyle change too! Good luck with getting your license Karen! You can do it, you are a YADIGIRL!! I can’t believe you are a Grandma! You are not old enough!! And you are too cool! We are groupies aren’t we? Dirty job but somebody has to do it! Karen, we won’t pry, but you can always talk to us! Hope you are coming out of the bad time in your life and things are looking up! Didn’t I tell you about those pix? huh huh?!! Nudge-nudge??!! Wait til that yearbook comes….!!

    Well girls, my hubby will be home soon and he wants to get on the Blues website for hockey tickets. Everyone have naughty naughty Yadi dreams haha!!

    Talk to you soon!


    PS-How long again til spring training?

  160. blueridge@irtc.net

    Good afternoon Yadi Girls! Hope everyone is doing fine. I’m getting ready to take a nap, but I wanted to chime in on our chatroom first. First of all, GO RED SOX (my son loves them along with the Cards, so I am cheering with him!). I hope they win tonight. I have to root for a team right now, and it’s baseball baby. I like football, but the Rams are horrible. And I kind of like DA BEARS & Broncos. I really just want to see my Yadi, it seems like it’s been forever!
    Karen, hang in there! Congrats on your job, too! I wish you all the best! We all go through rough times, so I am thinking of you. 2 years ago I lost my Step-Sister and then two months later I lost my Mom, both to cancer. It was horrible. We had 3 years of bad things going on (my husband and I split up too, but now we are back together) & it seemed like it would never get better. You just get through it somehow. I was pregnant with Haylee when my mom passed and she never got to see her. But, everytime I look into my daughters eyes I see my mom. My mom gave her the beautiful blue eyes and curly hair she had. I still have my dad and he’s just started to date, which is awkward for me to see him w/ another woman, but I like the lady he is seeing. She’s really nice and good for him. He took care of my mom in the end and then my Grandpa (who just passed away) so now it’s his time to live life and take care of himself. Sigh….Okay…moving on…

    Becky, I love hearing stories of your dog! You are just a hoot, girl. We are pretty boring, around here. We are just a bunch of country folk, I guess. They call it “Gods country” up here where I live. The people at work call me a redneck, is that right?! I’m not that bad! I’m not a hillbilly! 😉 I don’t have too many exciting stories to tell. Maybe some stuff my kids do. Haylee flushed one of my bracelets down the toilet the other day. How about that?!

    I think that’s about it, hope I didn’t bore you all with my ramblings. We all need a good dose of Yadier…come on Spring!! Take care girls!!

    Tracie Molina – ha!

  161. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Just a quick chat before I run off to class later.

    I have the day off work today, I had to go for x-rays. Just because my knee is trying to get better, everyone wants to bump or hit it! The doctor is now suggesting surgery, but said she would like to try rehab therapy first. She says they need to go in and scrape the bone chips away! Sounds painful and something I’d rather not have to do, so I’m going to do the exercise therapy in the evenings. We’ll try this first and see how things go before I let decide to do the surgery.

    YADI GIRLS, I also received my CARDINALS YEARBOOK in the mail on saturday! Needless to say, it came while I was preparing lunch, and you guessed it, lunch had to wait. Once again, the YADI GIRLS were right! The pictures of our baby are gorgeous, but then again I have never seen a bad photo of our YADI!

    While I was looking at the book, Andrea threw me a towel and told me to wipe my chin!! She said, ” you’re going to ruin the pages, getting them wet!” It was worth the wait!

    I agree with you Tracie, Go Boston! They are going to show the young Rockies how to play ball! Have you ladies noticed the rookie center fielder for the Red Sox, Jacoby Ellsbury #46!! He is one fine looking guy! But our YADI is still better looking! And the center fielder for the Indians Grady Sizemore. Grady has a fan club called “Grady’s Lady’s” They were showing them during the game one night. They were all holding up signs. I said, the YADI GIRLS are better and our YADI is alot finer than he is!

    Oh how I miss our baby YADI and the Cardinals. I am so happy LaRussa is going to stay with the Cardinals for at least the next two years!

    Thank you girls for the kind words, things are beginning to get better for me. And the YADI GIRLS have gotten me through some long, lonely trying couple of months. Thank you YADI GIRLS for being just a click away and helped keep me going. And to our baby YADI and the CARDINALS! And I promise I will have the pictures of our YADI PHOTO ALBUM on line for you all to drool over in the next week or two! Making the photo album for my daughter also kept me from going insane and kept me busy during some long nights!

    Gotta go, til next time YADI GIRLS! Love ya!


  162. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Just getting caught up. Missing Yadier. I was looking over my Yadi clips on my DVR. I wish I had a DVD writer and could just combine the all onto one long running show of Yadi clips.
    I have kind of been rooting for Colorado. They haven’t won and they are part of the National League. After last nights fiasco I’m not sure how well their going to do.

    When are the Gold Gloves announced? Yadier better be a winner. He deserves it. He deserved it last year. More so then Brad Ausmus, not that he wasn’t good by Yadier was much more deserving. Many had said so, that isn’t just Yadi Girl talk. ☺

    Good to hear that everyone is or is beginning to heal and/or feel better. We all seem to be making it though the very limited baseball and lack of Yadi. I have many hobbies I have neglect over the baseball season and a husband that sometimes felt neglect over the baseball season, to try and keep me busy and I still have you gals to keep me company with our favorite guy. He is soooo HOT.

    Ok gotta go before I get too worked up.

    Later Yadi Girls

  163. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening YadiGirls!
    Wow! It’s good to finally talk to you guys! I have had such an incredibly busy week! Crazy busy at work, then Wed., left work late,got home just in time to take Jezzie out, change clothes then go see Randy on his dinner break, then I had a hair appt. I don’t think I got anything to eat til around 9 or so!When I get home I just want to deal with Jez and collapse! Poor puppy! I’m afraid she is going to spend the first 6 months of her life in that crate! She is gonna be the death of me! Tracie, I think I can match your story of Haylee flushing your bracelet, Jezzie got ahold of a spring wreath I had sitting against a box in the room where her bed is, you know, a wreath you would hang on a door, it’s a springy one that I always hang in a spot above our basement stairs. Well, when I called Randy when I got home today he says, “Jezzie has flowers coming out her butt!” I was like “wwhhaatt?” I had to think about what the **** he was talking about then I remembered seeing some of the flowers in her crate! AAUUGGHH! So, yeah, my dog has flowers coming out her butt, just another day at my house

    I haven’t been watching the WS, I’m like you Cindy, I have things I neglected during baseball season too. I must have 4 books all stacked up on my nightstand, but then I get home and fall asleep on the couch and I get mad cuz I’m too tired to read! IIII MMMIISSS YYYAAADDIII!! Have I mentioned how LOST I am without my daily dose of Molina? I think WE are our own Yadi 12-step program!

    So Karen! Did Andrea have to pick you up off the floor when you saw those pix? You KNOW I wouldn’t lie to ya girl about HOT pix of our baby! Can’t wait for the photo album! We could all use a fix! I wish we knew when the Gold Glove awards came out too, probably not til after the WS. I sure do hope he wins!

    OK ladies, if Brady Sizemore’s girls can get on national TV, then WE have a project to work on, and we have all winter to do it! I think it’s high time the YadiGirls were noticed too. Aside from possible Winter- Warm-up, we need a PLAN. Everyone put your thinking caps on! We are way better than those chicks, and our guy is WAY hotter too!

    Hey guys, I’m so glad we are all, like Karen said, just a click away from each other in those bad times! We can kind of pretend we all live just down the street from each other! So if you guys find anything chewed on in your yard, the culprit is no doubt Jezzie!

    Well, my busyness doesn’t appear to be stopping with the weekend although I am sooo sleeping in! I have to drop my car off for an oil change, then get some grocery shopping in and afew other things before we go to the hockey game tomorrow night, GO BLUES!! I might just do nothing on Sunday!

    So sweet (but oh so naughty!) Yadi dreams Girlies! Talk to you soon!


  164. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hi everyone this is JC and I’ll tell you a little about myself. I have been a Cardinal fan my whole life, but these past few years baseball has been extra exciting for me because of Yadi! Believe me I am old enough to know better and I do live in reality “barely”. My Mom, my Daughter, “who’s 15th birthday is today” and myself went to 8 ballgames this year. Yadi didn’t play in 3 or 4 of the games. It just wasn’t the same without him. Everytime but one we sat in the bleachers. For my Moms birthday I got seats 11 rows behind the cardinal dugout. Yadi didn’t play that game. BUMMER! I have been a photographer for the past 17 years and recently went back to school and became a surgical technologest. Now my full time job is working in surgery and my part time job is a photograhper. I took loads of cardinal pictures this year. My daughter and I are playning to go the winter warm up. I am making 8x10s of some of the players hoping a lot of our favorites will be there “YADI” to sign them for us. I wander if we can find who is going to be there? I don’t think I will be able to post my pictures on this blog. I’ll try to email some to you personaly. Till next time, JC

  165. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I’m glad to see that all the YADI GIRLS are surviving (so far) without seeing our baby YADI! We’ll all make it to spring training and opening day, it seems like such a long time away! We’ll make it with one another’s help!

    I just received an e/m from jcphotos, I love the pictures she sent me of our baby YADI!

    A girl can never have too many YADI pictures!! (smile!)

    I agree with Becky, we need to figure out a way to get the YADI GIRLS noticed! We have got to be the most loyal, loving fan club in all of the MLB! The YADI GIRLS love their man! We need to take out and ad in the Post-Dispatch, like I mentioned before! We could put the ad in a couple of weeks before opening day. This way YADI will start his 2008 season, knowing how much we all love him and enjoy watching him play. So let’s all be thinking about this and if anyone else has any other ideas, speak up! We’ll show the Grady’s Lady’s, we love our man and support him!

    Been a very busy week for me. I too have neglected a few things during baseball season. Friday night I have to go to see my son play in the band, at their last football game. He said, “since you won’t have a baseball game to watch, can you come to see us play?” I was teasing him about being a baseball orphan! Andrea told him “ha ha mom loves YADI more than you! She’d rather stay home and watch YADI play baseball than to go hear you play!”

    Till next time YADI GIRLS, have sweet YADI dreams!! No, I couldn’t dream about YADI, I had a dream about his brother Jose!


  166. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    P.S. It was not a naughty dream!! Some friends and I were sitting on a bed talking and Jose came walking in and sat down on the bed with us! But he didn’t say a word, he just sat there looking all yummy and ready to be taken advantage of, but not one word!

    Love you girls!


  167. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I got the pictures from JC. Thank you VERY much for those JC. There is one that shows Yadi’s hand up close. He has big hands and long skinny fingers, which means……..he has really nice hands ♥. Karen I can see how you would be dreaming about Jose Molina he is hot. How great would it be with both Yadier and Jose in the bed (Insert your continued thoughts here). Do a search on youtube for Jose Molina. There are 2 interviews on there on him with the Yankee’s this year. One of them he doesn’t have a shirt on but they only show him from his shoulders up. The other he is in a dark shirt that he looks really good in. I think Yadi looks good in anything or…….well you know.
    I don’t know Grady’s Lady’s but I know my fellow Yadi Girls and believe we have to be far bigger faithful fans of our guy Yadi.

    Later Yadi Girls

  168. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hello Yadi girls,
    You are very welcome girls, I love to share my pictures. I just wish I could post them on this web site! I have seen you talk about the winter warm up, is anyone going? I will have to go on Sat and Sun because I just stared my new job and will not be able to get the time off. Maybe we could meet and see Yadi together as group. Yes Cindy, that does mean Yadi has nice hands! Better go for now I need to fix dinner for my kids.

    next time JC

  169. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Hope everyone’s weekend was good. Had a good one myself. Blues won,sweet! JC it’s good to have you join us! The more the merrier! Feel free to e-mail me ANY pix you have of our guy! I for one am going through serious withdrawl!

    I am definitely interested in Winter Warm-up. Has anyone heard about pricing, etc? I would go not only to see Yadi(and those long skinny fingers! I could be REALLY nasty….ok STOP! But just so we could have a definite possible meet-up for the YadiGirls! What a hoot! Maybe we can talk Karen into a road trip, weather permitting! Ok Karen, we are enticing you with “long skinny fingers”-insert your own nasty thought here! Isn’t there something about guys and shoe size? Hmmmm, wonder what size shoe Yadi wears? You guys are a bad influence! I would definitely like to go as a group and present ourselves to our man! I think he would absolutely love it! Can you all picture it? A picture of all of us with Yadi in the middle? AWESOME!! I am also up for an ad in the paper before the season starts. We have ALL WINTER to plot and scheme girls!

    JC, you are in good company. Karen is going back to school to be a Medical assistant, somebody else around here is a nurse, Brokenchains Girl I think, and I am a Pharmacy Tech. Think we can give Yadi all the “personalized” attention he might require? Haha! I am also old enought to know better, but I just can’t help myself!! He’s just so **** SEXY!! This is the place we all come to so we don’t get husbands and boyfriends all in a wad! So again, welcome!

    Well, I guess I better think about getting to bed. If I don’t talk to everybody, have a fun Halloween!


  170. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hello Ladies!! Hope this finds you well. I just have to tell JC about this…I opened the pics you sent and my 1 1/2 year old daughter screamed and came running over to the computer and started saying “Yadi, Yadi, Yadi!” Yes, I’ve trained her to say that. It was so cute! Even my husband started laughing. I was getting ready to head out to hunt when my husband said “You have an email with Yadi pics in it!”…needless to say the deer had to wait until I checked them out!!
    Well, way to go Red Sox. My husband & son had a bet who would win….that was an easy $10.00 for my kid! We are going trick or treating tomorrow night, Haylee is a Ladybug (perfect because we call her Bug!) and Gunner is Darth Maul….he is a Star Wars FREAK!! It will be much more fun this year with Haylee since she’s older. Does anyone else have young kids?

    I wish I could attend the Winter Warm up, can you tell me more about it or where I can find out more? I am missing our hot catcher and it’s starting to get to me!!! Veritek is pretty sweet though, by the way. I didn’t realize how cute he was until I got a look at him with out his goofy mask on. Yadi’s mask is just so **** cool! Varitek’s is not…but his facial hair is! 😉

    Keep the pictures coming, I think I need to visit another one of the photo websites just to see Yadier’s face again. My baseball cards on my computer are not enough!! Until next time….

  171. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening YadiGirls!
    Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Tracie, glad the kids had a good time! Are they still on a sugar buzz?!

    Could SOMEBODY e-mail me some Yadi pictures? I am wandering through a Yadi-less desert dying of no Yadi pics and just can’t stop speculating on his “shoe size” Haha! I would like to know about Winter Warmup too. Maybe we could plan something for the YadiGirls.

    We are just trying to keep up with Jezzie. She is growing like crazy and now she belches! Like a sailor! It’s hilarious! Only MY dog….!

    Well, now that I have groveled and begged for Yadi pics, and I am certainly not above groveling and begging if it scores me Yadi pics, maybe somebody will take pity on me.

    Talk to you guys soon- luv ya’!


  172. jcphotos@adams.net

    I have tried countless times to email pictures of Yadi to you Beck, for some reason the email comes back to me unable to send. Sorry, I will keep trying. Does anyone know how I could post my pictures for everyone to see? I see where Yadi got an award for being the best catcher in major league baseball. Hopefully that means he will get the golden glove! I miss seeing and hearing about Yadi too. I wonder how we could find out who is going to be at the winter warm up? The other day at work, Halloween, a woman came into my department dressed up will long red false eyelashes I have been looking for them forever. She said she got them at Walmart, now that Halloween is over I don’t know if they would have any left. I think it would be cool if we all wore them to the warm up. I think we would get noticed don’t you? Got to start taking pictures now so later, JC

  173. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    hey beck, -i got some pics for ya. go back to Rose’s site and click my avatar(yadi’s pic)on top contributors. i tried to email you too and it also came back unable to send. i got some baaaaaaad close-ups if you’re interested. (i know you are) ciao ~ygirl

  174. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck that is funny about Jezzie. My dog belches also but not that loud. She does snore not as loud as my husband but loud enough. Also I can send you the pics I get from JC. JC I know that you have dial up and it’s hard to send large files. I have high speed and can forward the pics to Beck.
    Marseanmorris I would like to see some baaaaaaad close-ups :o) Have you come to join the Yadi Girls or is my memory just that bad and I don’t remember seeing your email before? Always good to have another person to share their thought on our favorite topic, Yadier Molina.

    Got go Yadi Girls :o)

  175. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    My computer has been farting all night but here I am! Better late than never! JC that could be why you can’t send pix if you have dial-up and I have high speed. I don’t know. I am the computer geek at my house and I know just enough to be dangerous!

    Margaret is that you? Girl you know you are home when you got all these nasty women mentally undressin that sweet thang Yadi!! So what are your thoughts on long skinny fingers haha!!? I love the red eyelashes! We would definitely get noticed! If you can’t send them to me just keep putting them up on Rosie’s site, I saw them and now I KNOW I am going through Yadi withdrawl-I need a fix! JC where did you see that Yadi got the award? I would think that Gold Gloves would be coming soon. We should have a party WHEN Yadi wins!

    Karen, how is your knee? What’s the word from the Doc? I’ve just been thinking about you and I hope everything is ok!

    Ok girls, I am going to try to get some sleep, everyone have naughty Yadi dreams!


  176. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    omg yadi is building a new house and its like 45 min. away from mine my parents sadie they would take me up to see it omg im sooo excited i hope everyone is doing ok i know its hard without being able to watch yadi but hang in there winter warm up is just aroung the couner!i love the yadi girls!!

  177. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    OMG!! There are not enough hours in a day anymore!! But….I still find time to miss our baby, YADI!!

    I am doing great! Good news, I do not need surgery on my knee but I do have to do the rehab therapy, the pain is now very minimal.

    I decided to go to school full time, so I am no longer working. I go to school from 8am and I get out of the last class at 5pm. It makes for a long day but I decided I may as well go full time and get it done, instead of part time and take longer to complete.

    I miss YADI so much and the CARDINALS! How many days did you say it is until opening day?

    Got to fly.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing good. Will talk more later. Love the YADI GIRLS!!

    What award did our baby win?

    Everyone keep your fingers crossed for the Gold Glove for our YADI!!


    you all have me thinking about those big hands when I should be studying! Shame on all of us!!

  178. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hey Girls,
    The St Louis Cardinals web site had the write up on Yadi. I also go to StL today .com and check out the sports. Today it said the Yadi had been robbed of the golden glove. That stinks! What’s this about Yadi building a house? I called the Millium Hotel where the warm up is being held they couldn’t give me any details on who was going to be there, but the cost is $179 for the first night and $99 for each additional night. That includes two adult passes for the whole week end. I read that you can get some of the players autographs for free and some you had to buy tickets for. Any takers? got to go later JC

  179. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!
    OOHHH MMYYY GGOOODD!!! I cannot BELIEVE he did not get the Gold Glove!! That totally *****!! There is no other catcher in BASEBALL (I’m yelling!) that even comes CLOSE!!! Man! Do we ever need to sweep in and comfort him!!

    OK. I’m calm now. Yes, what about Yadi building a house here? Maybe he just can’t tear himself away from the toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake, and just loves when people ask him where he went to high school haha! For those of you not from St. Louis, those are St. Louis things. But what it really is is he knows the YadiGirls are just waiting for the right time to make themselves known. Which brings me to my idea. Winter Warmup tickets are $40 plus a hotel stay, kind of pricey for some. I myself would not need the hotel room, but what I was thinking was that we could target that weekend to meet up somewhere, maybe downtown close to the action. Let’s see what we can do Girls! We can’t leave Yadi down there, if he’s gonna be there, with all those OTHER women! Everybody let me know your ideas so we can plan something!

    Karen, I’m so glad you don’t need to have surgery! Great news! Hopefully rehab will go smooth for you! Glad to know school is going well too. I think Yadi would be so proud of the strong intelligent women who love him so much! How could he not?!

    Ok, I guess I will get myself to bed. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are always busy days at work for me. Karen, get to those books and stop thinking about Yadi’s….HANDS, yeah that’s it, hands!

    Nighty-nite Girls! Luv ya’!


  180. tkane@mchsi.com

    OMG, as i sit here staring at the picture of that beautiful man standing next to me that day in St. Louis. I can’t help but wonder.. WHYYYYY NO GOLDEN GLOVE??? And then as I read this blog I am so excited to hear a new house will bring him so much closer. Glad to see there is a place where I can get all my YADI updates until I can get to St. Louis again. Got the Winter Warm-up tickets. SO EXCITED! By the way ladies those hands are SOOOO soft!

  181. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Yadi not getting the Golden Glove that is @#%^&!$ Bull@%*#. Sorry for the language but that is wrong. I read the articles on stltoday and share in their opinions and was happy to see that Yadi did win the Fielding Award.
    tkane, welcome to Yadi Girls. I now it’s Rachels Redbird Ramblings but it has almost become a support group for us until the season begins again. tkane more details please. When did you meet him and where? Soft hand huh?

    He’s moving to St. Louis? Where in St. Louis? I believe that Albert and Izzy lives here and that Jim Edmonds is now living here for more of the year because of his restaurant. Is St. Louis becoming more appealing?

    I’m still not sure about the Winter warm up. I wouldn’t need a hotel room. Yadi is becoming so popular now it will probably cost to get his autograph if he comes. I’m not sure I would have enough in my after Christmas budget for everything. JC you could take some great pictures of everyone though if we were all able to get together.

    Karen I hope your rehab is going well. Also going back to school full-time, good for you. Do you have a degree in mind? We seem to have a lot of medical oriented members. I’m not one of them but know that I could have that healing touch when it comes to Yadi.

    Better get back to work. Breaks over. Maybe I have a minute or so to look at my new Yadi pics thanks to JC before I get back to work.

    Later Yadi Girls

  182. gymnasicsgirl@hotmail.com

    omg i cant believe it that is soo stupid! hes moving by where my step mom works kinda by ofallon! she said shes gunna take me to see it i cant wait i let you guys know what it looks like!

  183. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hello….Still p*ssed off because Yadi didn’t get the golden Glove…. what the???? I was in a deep sleep when the sports was on the news and all I heard was Yadier Molina – no Golden Glove! I immediately woke up! What a feaking rip off. Okay, calming down now….

    Anyway, we are all fine and survived Halloween, I think we are still on a sugar buzz!! Keeping busy with the business and tomorrow is my last day helping out at my side job. Getting ready to go shopping this weekend at Mid Rivers to get some Christmas shopping done with a friend. It should be pretty fun. This will be short for now, hope all is going well for everyone and welcome to the new comers!!

  184. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirl Sisters!
    tkane, welcome to the YadiGirls! We are always glad to have 1 more giggly YadiGirl! We definitely are our own support group! By the way-how many days til spring training starts? Definitely yes-more details! You will learn that we ALWAYS want more details! JC-thanks for sending Cindy those pix. She sent them to me as an attachment and I got them! Awsome!! He is truly beautiful! I’m telling you, everybody keep Winter Warmup weekend open, the date is on the Cards website, and we can surely plan something even if we can’t all get into the warmup. If anybody has ideas let’s hear them. We have approx. 2 months ladies to plot and scheme!

    Until tomorrow ladies! Sweet dreams!!


  185. tkane@mchsi.com

    Hello again… The details…. well… I could pretend like it was some great huge meeting… but not so much… I met him Labor Day weekend at Amini’s, just a small meet and greet type of thing. We shook hands (they were so soft) said a few words, took a pic and got a lil hug squeezed in there too. Later that night we caught a game and sure enough in the 2nd inning.. BAM… Yadi’s 6th homerun of the season. I went CRAZYYYYY!!!! I must have made some impression… heheheh. Anyway, there’s the details, catch you ladies later.

  186. tkane@mchsi.com

    Hey has anyone ever went to Winter Warm-up before? I’m just curious about how it works exactly. Like is your pass only good for one of the 3 days? Will there be more info on the cards website or what? someone let me know, I’d appreciate it…Catch you ladies later -D

  187. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I’ve been trying for the past couple of days to chime in my thoughts on the Gold Glove, but like I said there are not enough hours in a day!

    I am in total agreement with the YADI GIRLS, our baby was robbed of the honor!

    The managers and coaches are wrong in not selecting YADI as the GG catcher. The GG seems to be more of a popularity contest than for performance! The managers and coaches are full of sour grapes because our baby stopped their running game! They aren’t going to reward him for shutting them down! Like a bunch of playground bullies, play by my rules or else!

    I read the STLTODAY articles and am in agreement with the writers, if the managers are so sure about their selection, let them have their teams try to run on YADI. We all know none of the NL managers, nor the AL managers would advise their players to try to run on our baby! There’s a very good chance they would be thrown out!

    I’m glad the Fielding Bible awarded our baby the award for Best Catcher in the MLB! They award on the performance of the players! It probably made our baby happy that he beat out fellow Puerto Rican, Ivan Rodriguez!!

    I was so upset yesterday when I read the articles. I had to retake a quiz, I did really bad on it since I was fired up about our baby being dissed! I aced it the second time after I calmed down!!

    Gold Glove or not, YADIER is still the best catcher in the MLB and the hottest with the yummiest smile!

    I got to watch YADI play a game last Saturday! The kids bought a new video game (2K7) and of course Andrea was the St. Louis Cardinals! She kept beating everyone!! Watching this made me miss our YADI more! It’s 144 more days until Opening Day! And 113 days until I can listen to their first game on the radio. We have a local channel that airs all the Cardinal games and the first airdate for the first Cardinal game is March 1st, I can’t wait!

    My daughter has gotten her first job, she received her first paycheck this week. She’s working as a cashier in a neighborhood grocery store.

    I’m such a proud mother! I went to my sons football game last friday night. He plays in the band,they performed during halftime. I’m used to hearing him bang on anything in sight at home. Hearing him play real music and sounding so good almost made me cry! I was so proud!

    My schooling is going great, I’m attending Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City Campus. I’m taking a short term course for Medical Office Assistant with Medical Coding and Transcription. I’m hoping to finish early, this week I have tested out of 4 courses. Before too long I will be able to answer everyones questions about the computer and internet. I learned alot this week already! The computer and the internet is becoming my friend!!

    Well YADI GIRLS I have to go, it’s been great to be able to blow off some steam!


    P.S. If any of you will E/M me your address I will send you copies of some of my favorite pages of our YADI BOOK! I’m still working on the disc, but I can make copies of some of the best pages and mail them to you. Send directly to my E/M.

    Also, one of my instructors once went out on a blind date with Johnny Bench! She said he was a bore because all he talked about was baseball! She is a hockey fan and thinks baseball is a stupid game for little boys who never grew up!

    Love ya YADI GIRLS!!

  188. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Karen!
    It’s good to hear from you! Glad school is going so well!

    You get to be the official count-down person until spring training for the YadiGirls! I agree with you. It does seem like the GG’s are a popularity contest. But we all know who is best! All you have to do is watch enough games to see that guys just do not run on our Yadi. They know they are gonna get nailed if they do. But man! He was so robbed!

    Glad the kids are doing so well. I was a band brat too, about 100 years ago so I can relate. I saw a kid walking down the street last weekend with a band uniform from my old high school and man I was jealous! They have the coolest uniforms now! God, we had those hot wool ones with the tall fuzzy hats uuggh! It just goes to show you what a great job your doing!

    So, how are those OK State men? Any hotties? We know your nose isn’t in those books ALL the time!!

    Well I will talk to you guys more later. We have to take Jezzie for another distemper shot and hopefully her rabies tomorrow. She is growing like a weed, and of course, belching like a sailor! Only my dog! People will think I’m putting beer in her water dish!

    Later YadiGirls!


  189. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net


    Calling All YadiGirls!!

    Saturday, Nov.17 2:00pm

    Sports Design Group at Mid-Rivers Mall in St. Peters

    Autograph Signing with YYAAADDII!!!!

    Ok Ladies, here’s the scoop. This a charity thing so it’s gonna cost you to get an autograph. They START at $99.99, I know this is pricey with xmas coming and all. The only reason I’m going is I get an extra paycheck this month or else I’d be S.O.L They have 8×10’s, 16×20’s for $99.99, balls, bats, caps, jerseys,etc, or anything you bring to have signed is around $100. Myself and Margaret(see Nov. 3 posting-marsean…) from the Cards forum met at the mall on Sun. afternoon. Man it was so good to finally meet one of the YadiGirls! Anyway, we sat in the food court and giggled like teenagers for 2 hours! What a blast!! We would like to get as many of you as possible cuz we are making a sign and hopefully will get our picture taken. I’m working on the sign. Red lettering on white posterboard:

    WE LUV U!


    We will sign anyone’s name to it that is unable to make it-so Karen and Andrea, don’t feel left out! Part of the proceeds go to the Disabled Athlete Sports Assn. If anybody is interested, please e-mail me directly at rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net because we have some inside skinny on how to get to the front of the line that I don’t want to risk just anybody seeing. The only thing that may go wrong for me is that my mother-in-law is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and things are very iffy right now. But I am DEFINITELY planning on going as of now.

    So that’s the dish ladies!! I can tell you that I am sooooo pumped! Margaret met him at Amini’s and says he’s even hotter in person, hard to fathom!! Also, if anybody has any input on the sign, let me know, I’m still in the sketching phase. Feel free to give me any ideas!

    Talk to you guys soon! OMG!! 4 days!!


    PS- Sports design’s website is sdgstl.com

  190. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    OMG!!! I don’t think I can make it on Saturday. I wish I could have heard about this sooner. Beck I think the sign is a Great idea. We can show him the Yadi Girls support. We need to get a real website like Grady’s Ladies http://www.gradysladies.com/ . Do any of you have any idea how we can do this? I think that Yadi has a bigger following than Grady Sizemore. Maybe I’m showing favoritism but I don’t think so.
    Anyone who is able to go on Saturday try to get pictures. Though I would really love to see him up close and in person.

    Karen it is a good thing that you are getting a lot of classes done now because in 109 days you should be really distracted. I am so ready for the distraction. I’m not sure my husband is ready for the decrease in attention.

    Later Yadi Girls

  191. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Now this is the very reason I wish I lived in St. Louis!! The YADI GIRLS need to give our baby a BIG KISS and LONGGGGG HUG for me and Andrea!

    YADI GIRLS!! This is our chance to make our presence known! Make the biggest, best sign you can, to show YADI how much we love him!

    Beck, I bet you can’t eat or sleep! I’d be the same way, I feel the excitement all the way here to Oklahoma, knowing YADI will finally get to meet some of our little group!

    YADI GIRLS, get to bed early the night before, get all prettied up-hair, make up and your spiffiest outfit and make us all proud.

    You might even print out this blog and give it to YADI, so he can read all about us!


    Remember you are representing the best group of fans in the MLB!


  192. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Senoras and Senoritas!!
    Just brushing up on my Spanish before Sat.haha!! Just enough to say something like, “The Zebra in your yard is on fire.” Or something like that. Just my luck I took French in high school, so I would really have him cracking up!

    Anyway, just thought I would tell everyone my mother-in-law passed away this morning about 1:30. My husband got to see her before she passed, and we are just glad she is out of misery. It has been a very hard day and we both hardly got any sleep. I think we got home about 5 this morning so I’m sure we will collapse later. The funeral is on Friday so I will be soooo ready for Yadi!!

    I am off the rest of the week and will try to work on the sign to get it done.

    I DEFINITELY think we need our own website! Who among us is the biggest computer geek? Karen? Are you up to geekness yet? We need to check this out!

    Wow, 109 days and counting ladies!! We can do it! We will have bazillions of pix!

    I will be in and out this week so I will talk with you guys soon!

    4 days!! I have to find something that will not make me look FAT!!


  193. jcphotos@adams.net

    Way to go Becky. I wish I could go, got to work. I did book a room at the millinium hotel for the 17th and 18th of January. My daughter is going with me. I drive in Friday night and go home sometime on Sunday. I too think we need our own web site. Sorry to hear about your Mother in law. I hope she didn’t suffer long. Take plenty of Pictures I want to see them. Later JC

  194. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hope everyone is doing fine, Becky-I’m sorry to hear about your mother in law. You and your husband are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Andrea was reading an article on the internet about our baby YADI. It was about YADI not getting the Gold Glove and it sounded as if they were trying to justify dissing him. It said Martin played 20 more games than YADI and it also brought up the fact that Martin is a better hitter than YADI. The coaches and managers screwed up and they know it! YADI should have won this year and last!

    I looked at the Grady’s ladies website. It was alright, the appearance of it is busy, kinda hurts your eyes when you look at it.

    I am researching how to set up our own site for the YADI GIRLS. I’m getting closer, but not quite geek yet. I learned this week how to put pictures in e/m’s. So be expecting some pictures from me soon! I am learning what all the different tools and programs are on the computer and how to properly use them.

    At our office we mainly used our own program and rarely used the other programs available. Its kind of neat to be geeky! (smile)

    c4lulu-thanks for the comments about my schooling, I am getting as much done as possible now to keep me busy and my mind occupied.

    Becky, I’ll get back with you about the sign, it would be great if we could include something in spanish. I understand some spanish and speak alittle. Get alcohol in me and I speak alot! (smile)

  195. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    The geek hit the wrong button! (smile)
    Is anyone else going to make it saturday?

    If we get a website, what do we want to call it? YADI’S GIRLS OR YADIER MOLINA’S YADI GIRLS? Both of these domain names are available. Any other ideas girls, let me know.

    later girls,


  196. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirls!
    Wwwhheeww! I’m busy this week. We went to the funeral home today to get all the arrangements taken care of. Man, it is way too expensive to bury somebody! Anyway, I’ll be glad when it is all over with. I don’t know if it has quite hit Randy yet. I think he will get through Fri. ok though.

    I get my reward Sat.!! 3 days! I have nothing to wear! I’ll have to be creative.

    JC, we are going to get our Winter Warmup passes this weekend I think. I hope more of us can come!

    I haven’t had too much time to work on the sign, but I think I will tomorrow and Fr. nite. Let’s start coming up with more ideas for the website. I had another thought. Does anybody know how we might become an “official” fan club? I’m guessing we would have to contact MLB first, then the Cardinals. Something to mull over.

    I’m sure I will talk to you guys before Sat.!! 3DAYS!!!!


    PS – I like Yadi’s Girls for the website!

  197. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hello Yadi Girls,
    I like Yadi’s Girls of the website too. I am also game for a fan club. What do we need to do? Glad you are going to the warm up Becky hope more of us get to. Are you staying at the hotel or going to drive over? Let me know so we can meet up. Remember I want to see lots of pictures of this weekend! You know it has been a long time sence I have seem Rachel post anything, does anyone know anything about that?

    Later, JC

  198. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Girls!
    What’s goin on? Not too much here. Got a nice suit to wear tomorrow, and managed to sneak over to the Clinique counter at Macy’s to get a new eyeliner pencil and some tips on lookin GOOD on Sat.!!

    Hey JC! I don’t think we are getting a hotel room since we are right here in town, but I hope alot more of us can make it too. We have to keep working on Karen to make a Road trip if the weather is good!! I don’t think I am gonna do the sign for Sat. cuz it looks like it is just gonna be me and Margaret and it might look kind of silly for just the 2 of us. We will get one to him. I have it on good authority that players do get and READ their own mail during the season if it is mailed to the club house. I think that is why our card got returned, it was too late. Oh well, we will try again. Maybe one from all of us once the season starts!! You know, kind of a good luck we are thinking of you thing!

    Like I said, I’m thinking for a fan club we would most likely have to contact MLB first then the Cards. But I’m game to check into it.

    I don’t know about Rachel. I tried to scare her up the first few times I posted but I think she has abandoned her blog. I wish we could take it over and change it around but I don’t know. Anyone??

    Oh well, I will DEFINITELY talk to you guys tomorrow night!! I will be so pumped up!! I know I will not be able to eat anything Sat. morning!!


  199. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hi Yadi Girls!!! Well, when I read that Yadi was going to be at Mid Rivers, I almost passed out. I WAS JUST THERE LAST SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! UHG!!!! That’s just my luck. And it’s deer season, so I am hunting this weekend. I won’t be able to make it. Bummer….I was running around the house in total disbelief and my husbands’ buddy was looking at me like I was nuts! Beck – give him a kiss from me!(wink wink). I love the idea of a fanclub & I think my son and I are going to try to go to Winter Warm Up. He would love it!
    Becky, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother-In-Law. Losing a parent is so hard. My prayers and sympathy are with you & your family.

    Try to have fun tomorrow and give Yadi all our love!!

  200. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck sorry about you mother-in-law passing. Hope all went as well as it could today.
    I don’t know where Rachel went to. When I got started she wasn’t bloging any more.

    I also like the “Yadi’s Girls” for a website and would join a fan club.

    I can’t make it tomorrow. I just heard the advertisement for the first time on the radio this morning. Maybe there won’t be too many people who know about it. But good news does have a way of getting around.

    Gotta go. Hugs and Kisses to Yadi. Have fun Beck and Margaret.

    Later Yadi Girls

  201. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Wow, am I glad today is over. Very hard, but I think Randy got through it better than he thought he would. Very nice service too.

    NOWTHEN!! I have a hot date tomorrow!! I can’t believe I am going to meet Yadi tomorrow! I just know I will say something terrifically intelligent like “hi”. I will take LOTS of pics and I know Margaret will too. She has a handicam she can get stills from so, get ready Girls!!

    I will have a full report tomorrow night! Tracie, keep your mind on hunting (haha!)you are handling firearms!!

    I will DEFINITELY talk to you guys tomorrow!!!



  202. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!!
    And a VERY good evening it is!! Wow!! Where do I start??!! What an amazing day!! Everybody who says Yadi is even better looking in person is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! I know it’s hard to fathom ladies, but it is true!!

    Because of the prices the line was not very long, but I would do it all over again! Worth every penny!!

    Margaret and I were about maybe 3rd and 4th in line. I made her go first. I was trying to center her handicam but I was shaking so hard! We looked at it later(over and over until we ran her battery down!) and it came out pretty good. I don’t know if she told me what she said, I’ll have to ask her, I asked him how his knee was and he said it was feeling pretty good.

    When we let the next people go I had a hunch not to leave the store because the girl had told us last weekend if there was time we could take more pictures. Margaret wanted to go over to the food court to get something to drink, neither one of us could breathe but I knew if we both left the store we would never get back in so she went over and the whole time she was gone I kept sneaking peeks! God I could stare at him all day!! When she came back we kind of hung around for a few minutes, then they let us go back up to take more pictures. I was out of film by that time(Jezzie!)so we traded off Margaret’s camera. I was trying to center it again and she kept saying, “No over here!” and Yadi was waving at me and I said, “Wait a minute I’m a rookie at this!” But I got them centered and again, I don’t know why I can’t remember what she said to him. My brain has not worked the same since this morning! Then it was my turn. I almost didn’t get my smooch in. The guy sitting at the table started to wave me off saying,”No more kisses”. I said kind of teasing but really not,”No more kisses?” Then, in a totally reflex move, I didn’t realize I had done it til I was doing it but I put my hand on Yadi’s shoulder(all muscle girls!!) and I kind of said kidding,”He’s the boss!” and then Yadi waved the guy off and said,”one more” I planted the biggest smooch on his cheek! Like I was never gonna get to kiss anyone ever again!! Kind of a few seconds lingering kind of thing!I’m shaking all over again just thinking about it!I said,”We can’t wait for the season to start!” He smiled at me-THAT will make you forget your name and said Thanks! AAAAGGHHH!!! If anybody had told me this morning that I was gonna be planting one on Yadier Molina this afternoon I would have told them they were NUTS!! He has very soft skin ladies!! Just a little bedtime pondering for you haha!!

    Margaret is gonna get a bunch of stills from her camera and we are looking for someone who knows how she could post some of them here. Anyone? Karen?

    Yo Karen, are you up off the floor yet?! Get the kids to help you!

    Tracie, just some juicy tidbits to greet you when you come in from the great outdoors!! We wish all you guys could have been with us! The one thing we forgot to ask him was is he gonna be at Winter Warmup?

    Then we went outside because somebody said he was parked around the corner from the mall entrance by the dumpster. Big black Hummer ladies. No. Not goin there. It’s too easy!! Isn’t there some old thing about guys and the size car they drive? haha!! We did see him leave and he just waved to everybody. There was a girl with him that could have been Wanda but I did not get a good enough look but ya know, Wanda is a giant ******* minor detail at this point!!

    I’ll have to get Margaret to jot down her recollections of today!

    Wow, I’m ready for the next signing!

    Hope I have provided VERY sweet dreams girls!!

    I am so tired, I think we both were just running on adrenaline all day. I KNOW I will have sweet dreams!

    Talk to you guys soon!


  203. jcphotos@adams.net

    Yadi Girls,
    WOW! how exciting Becky I am thrilled for you. What time did you get there to be 3rd in line? How many people do you think was there? How much time did you get to spend with him? The first and second time. Was the crowd wild or pretty tame? Did he smell good? What was he wearing? We realy do need to get our own website. Oh I do wish you would have remembered to ask about the warm up, but I know I probably not remembered my name either. I know I will have more questions but that’s all for now. I want to see pictures please I can’t wait!!!! Later JC

  204. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirls!
    Wow! I am still on cloud 9 or somewhere thereabouts!!

    Major tidbit!!

    I called the place this was held this morning to thank the girl that gave us the heads up on comin in early to get our line tickets and SHE said- right after we left, who should show up but WANDA!! She also said that as soon as she showed up he wouldn’t let anybody else touch him. I WAS THE LAST ONE!!!

    Anyway, here are my totally objective of course(haha!)observations of miss thing-Put yourselves in those shoes for 1 second ladies. If that were me, and Randy had a dozen crazy women trying to kiss him on the cheek… what the **** do I care, I’m the one goin home with him right? What’s her problem? Second, I looked at my pictures again, and he was wearing a watch. He knew good and well what time she was showin up! She didn’t just walk in off the street! I don’t know, maybe it’s wishful thinking, although I certainly don’t wish anything bad on him, but something there just ain’t right! In a final “meow moment”, just to say, Wanda is a little pudgy!

    Ok, I’m done. I’M JUST SAYIN! OK. We went when the mall opened to get our line tickets. When the thing started, there were maybe 50 people in line. I think because of the prices. Worth every penny! I’d do it all over again!! He was wearing jeans, and a black t-shirt whith a black and grey pullover fleece-type thing over it, and he was wearing one of those do-rags that black guys wear! You know the things that tie around your head! I was so disappointed! I LOVE all that curly hair!! I don’t think he was wearing any cologne. He just naturally smells good!! While we were there it seemed the crowd was pretty tame.

    Maybe when school is out for xmas, maybe Karen can get a website up and running for us. Karen? Are you up off the floor yet?

    Margaret e-mailed some of the pictures she took from her camera of me kissing Yadi! Oh my God! I still can’t believe it! If I didn’t know better, in one of them he is starin me right in the chest! What a guy!

    I just remembered what else I was gonna say about Wanda. Let’s be practical ladies. Yadi is not exactly a checker at the local grocery store. Although I’m sure they do quite well, it ain’t MLB doe! Let’s just say that Wanda has probably developed a standard of living to which she has become accustomed to…

    Well, I will definitely try to see about getting some of our pix up here!

    Talk to you guys soon!!


  205. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck I am so excited for you and Margaret. I don’t know how you managed to contain your excitement. Your details were great I can just picture it in my mind. Of course he is going to look at your chest. I don’t know what you look like but he is still a guy. I’m sure you didn’t mind. Plus the few pictures I have seen of Wanda she isn’t very busty. Did he have all his facial hair shaved off? If you can’t get the pics uploaded soon maybe you could send out a few emails to some of the faithful. Did you get a picture signed (which one) or a baseball? Big Black Hummer huh? I could go there but I guess I won’t.
    I’m actually glad to hear he is still married. Not that I or anyone of us wouldn’t jump at the chance to help him with any loneliness but it is nice to have someone to come home to. She should take into consideration that her husband is a hottie and in the public eye. Ok enough Wanda.

    Tracie did you get a deer? The weather wasn’t so bad. Although I really don’t know how if feels out when the sun first comes up. I’m still in bed.

    Karen how much longer do we have to wait? I’m ready for baseball to start NOW. I have been trying to keep up with all the rumors on “The Rumor Mill” to find out what our team is going to look like next season. Not too much in stone yet. On the Cardinals site the winter warm up link has a picture of Yadi at the winter warm up I guess from last year. Hopefully he continues the tradition.

    Later Yadi Girls


  206. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    OMG! Some of our little group actually got to meet our baby YADI! I was so excited reading it this morning, I couldn’t concentrate for awhile. I am so happy for Becky and Margaret! You’ll be smiling for weeks, replaying it in your mind over and over! One kiss and hug would probably hold me for the next 134 days until Opening Day!

    Please don’t get me started on Wanda! Beck you’re right! Wanda should realize YADIER is in the public eye and her not letting him be accessible to his fans is very selfish and childish (makes me wonder if he ever gave her a reason to be jealous) She knows he comes home to her every night! In my Applied Math class today, we had a problem that made me laugh! It said, you have ? number of items, you give Wanda half and she gives Joe one third and one half to Jose! I had to giggle and everyone thought I was crazy!

    The best way to put the pictures on the internet is to have a disc made or put them on a flash drive, then you can add them to the E/Ms. I’m still learning things myself, but give me time!

    I didn’t get to do any research this weekend, I was sooo sore all weekend. Friday, since we didn’t have classes, I volunteered at an organization called Suited for Success. I worked my hind end off and had very sore muscles the next day! I sorted, hung, and marked clothing, moved heavy racks of clothing from here to there. My next days off I may just stay home and sleep!

    YADI GIRLS, during all the kissing and hugging did you mention to YADI about the YADI GIRLS or Rachels blog? I hope you did, so he’ll be able to read about the rest of his fans! If you didn’t I guess I could forgive you, I’d probably not think of anything else but him too!

    Talk to you girls more later, lots of math homework tonight!




  207. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Ladies!
    Wow, I’m still up there! Think I’ll stay up here a while! Margaret told me that while we were waiting in line on Sat. she heard Yadi say to the guy sitting next to him, something, something,”my wife”, then they both started cracking up. Hmmmm… I asked her if I should have wispered something nasty in his ear haha! I can think of a few things!

    Karen, I wish I would have thought to tell him about us and the blog, I didn’t even tell him my name! How big a dork am I! Oh well, NEXT TIME!! And there will definitely be a next time, I can FEEL it!! I think we would make him turn 8 shades of red! And he thinks a lockeroom full of GUYS are raunchy! Ha! Have we got news for him!

    My isn’t Wanda POP-ULAR with the YadiGirls! Makes ME wonder if he wouldn’t laugh at some of it! I’m tellin you guys…..somethin ain’t right….

    Yeah, I’m pretty ******* tired of Wanda too.

    Yeah Tracie, did you shoot anything? Pretty ironic that we should mention hunting after Wanda…it was too easy…meow. I will tell Margaret to check out RRR so she can maybe figure out how to put some pix up!

    Yes, he did have his chin shaved. Kind of liked it, something different I guess. But then anything(or nothing) looks good on(or off) of our sweetie! I’m tired of waiting for baseball too! Margaret and I are going to stalk the bullpen this summer! We desperately need to have YadiGirls day at the ballgame! He would love that! So Karen, is math your favorite subject these days?!

    Well, I think I will get my daily dose of me kissing Yadi before I go to bed! Best time to do it!

    See you guys tomorrow!


  208. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Yadi’s Ladies!
    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did, but I am glad it is over too. No more cooking! At least for a while! Just was wondering where everybody was. I just wanted to tell everybody, in case you had never seen it, go to GettyImages.com, type in Yadi’s name and when all the pix come up go to page 8. Studio pictures from picture day in Jupiter last Feb! They are yummy!! I dare somebody to tell me they are NOT looking forward to “pic-ture day” I know I am!!

    Talk to you guys soon!


  209. tkane@mchsi.com

    OK, so first things first….THIS WANDA… I mean come on how hot can a girl named WANDA really be? Where do I look to see a pic of this girl so I know what to look for at winter warm-up. I’m gonna be all Yadi, all weekend as will be MANYYY other Yadi fans… So I guess she should just get over it. Wanda is new news to me so now that my hissy fit is over. Catch you ladies later!

  210. tkane@mchsi.com

    OK OK Ok… She’s not that cute… She..well.. looks like a Wanda hahahaha.. Heard Yadi’s eyes aren’t the only thing(s) wandering around. You ladies better be getting your tickets for January. Surely 10 Yadi Girls are better than 1 Wanda….hehehe

  211. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hello Yadi girls!! Sorry, it’s been a while, I’ve been very busy! Okay, Margaret & Becky, I am sooooo jealous of you two!!! You KISSED HIM?!!!! I would have passed out right there….I have to see pics, girls, I must! How lucky are you guys! I had a vision of him in that Big Black Hummer…it’s all about the Truck ladies……a guy could be a big nerd but drive a nice truck and he’d be okay in my book! Ha!! I’m not saying Yadi is a nerd, okay….He’d look good driving an old Mavrick…ha! YES, I shot a doe Sunday morning. Out-did the men once again. I was out for maybe 10 min. came back in and got my hubby up from bed (partied too much Saturday night!) and we went and got her. Now we have deer meat for our sausage we make! It’s deer season again this weekend, so wish me luck! I’m looking for a big buck! Okay, now back to Yadi….and Waddling WAnda…oh that’s mean, isnt’ it? So sorry… I wish I could have been there. I would really like to go to Winter Warm up but I want to find someone to go with, so I’m working on that. Sounds stupid, but I get nervous driving in downtown St. Louis! Well, ladies, I need to go get my son from school! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving – I’ve been thinking about all of you guys!

  212. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Tracie you are crackin me up girl! You are right, he would look good enough to eat drivin that old Maverick! I am gonna e-mail Margaret in a minute to tell her to post some pix if she can on here for all to see! We both about passed out! Like I said, if someone had told me that morning that I would be plantin one on Yadi that afternoon I would have told them they were nuts! I have not been the same since! I need to get on my Hubby about Winter Warmup tix! I HAVE TO see Yadi again! I’m ADDICTED!!

    Wow! You guys are brutal! Glad I’m not Wanda! No wait a minute, that would be a good thing in many oh so important ways! B****!

    So tk, where did you hear about wandering Yadi? We need details! Just an out loud wondering, but do you guys think that it might cost him (BIG!) for Wanda to…well…move on? Hmmmmm. The Hummer was very sexy! Nnnnooo! I’ll just giggle to myself….

    Tracie, where are you coming from? We are in north county. I really want to go so maybe that would put a bug on Randy so I could order the passes if I said you wanted to come with us. Speaking of group field trips ladies, how does everyone like the idea of YadiGirls Day at the Ballpark? Something to think about. We could make a sign and sit in the bleachers and generally be obnoxious, and I think Yadi would LOVE it, better yet, maybe Wanda would HATE it!!

    Ok, must get bedtime pic-fix of me KISSING YADI!!!!!

    Talk to you guys soon!


  213. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Hey! I’m back! (did anybody know i was gone?) I broke my upper right arm really bad sept 20 and was confined to my house for 2 months and my computer is at work. glad to see every body is still here. anybody know anything about Yadi’s surgery? hope he’s ok. knees are very important to a catcher. sure do miss the Cardinals and most of all Yadi. Is it spring training yet? I am one TOTALLY DEVOTED YADI GIRL!

  214. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey “chains”!!
    How are you? Better I hope. What happened? How did you break your arm? Hope it is getting better. You know we wouldn’t go anywhere! We are all here, patiently waiting for spring training. Ok maybe not patiently, but waiting nonetheless.

    You will have to read all of our posts to catch up on the latest escapades of the YadiGirls! We should have a comic book or something. We could wear capes and be superheros! haha!

    Yadi’s knee is good. I know this because I ASKED HIM!!!!!

    Read above for all the juicy details! Girl you got some catchin up to do! But we will get you up to speed! Everybody is talking about going to Winter Warmup. A whole bunch of us would be a BLAST!

    Talk to ya later!


  215. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey TKane!
    I forgot to ask you last night. What else besides Yadi’s eyes are wandering, and does it have a name?! haha!

    I’m sure any and/or all of us could give it and/or them a name!


  216. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I had a busy Thanksgiving weekend of eating, baking cookies and shopping. I am pooped and I’m not done shopping. I do kind of enjoy it though. “chains” sorry to hear about your arm and missing out on the Yadi Girls fun. I would have to say that Beck and Margaret had the best time of all of us.
    I plan on going to a few games next season. I know bleacher seat were mentioned but I really like the seats behind home plate or a little off to the side. No matter how high you go (and I have sat at the top) you still have a great view of Yadi. They are better Yadi viewing than the bleachers. Has anyone heard if the ticket prices are going to go up?

    Tracie I am with you about driving downtown. When I get tickets to games I give the extra ticket to someone willing to drive down to the ballpark.

    Later Yadi Girls

  217. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    It’s so good to hear everyone had a good Thanksgiving! And good to hear from BrokenChains. I was wondering where you were, glad to have you back and was so sorry to hear about your arm. I hope it’s doing better. It’s so hard to do anything with only one arm. You’ve also got some catching up to do. I’m sure you’ve probably read up on all our happenings and gossip and let us not forget the Wanda bashing! I get a kick out of reading the latest before I start my day. It usually puts a big smile on my face. It makes my friends wonder what I’ve been up to!

    I, for one am very thankful for the YADI GIRLS! I just went through one of the worse experiences this past summer but finding the YADI GIRLS, due to our baby YADI, and the STL CARDINALS helped me through it. YADI GIRLS, you all have become welcomed friends, you’ve been my rock! I certainly hope these friendships continue!

    The other YADI GIRLS we haven’t heard from lately is stlbballgirl and gymnastics girl, they are probably both busy with school and having a life!!

    Back to Wanda, are we sure it is Wanda, and not another girl Yadi is with now. There is a picture of Yadi and his “wife” on the net with his brother Bengi. The girl is not the one in the picture of him taken at Alberts’ restaurant opening, it is a different girl. So we may be dissing the wrong Wanda! We’ll make her Wanda #2! Whoever she is, she should be happy YADI has so many fans. As he continues to become a better catcher and player each year, he’ll have many more fans. She needs to get used to the YADI GIRLS because we are not going anywhere! The YADI GIRLS love their man and are here to stay! Am I right ladies?

    125 days to go YADI GIRLS!


  218. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Maybe Wanda isn’t his wife. Maybe Wanda is a cousin. She looks a lot like Yadi’s mom. Karen e-mail me the picture you found please. I would like to see it also. Maybe we can call her “The Wife”. Beck didn’t you mention that at the signing one of the employees said that Wanda was on her way or was it just that his wife was on her way?
    125 days!!! We have a count down at my work. We are all waiting impatiently.

    Later again Yadi Girls

  219. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hey again!

    Cindy, go to flickr.com and you can see 3 photos of YADI and “her”, she is not the same as the restaurant photo.

    Blueridge, how’s the hunting? Did you bag another deer? I bet it’s exciting when you get one, especially when you out do the men! I love eating deer meat, it reminds me of my grandmother. She would have deer meat right around deer hunting time and make the best meals. I’ve only been hunting 3 or 4 times but didn’t get anything, I only watched and enjoyed the beauty of the early morning!

    Where in Arkansas do you live? How far from Oklahoma City? Someone had asked before, I live in northwest OKC.

    Well, enough YADI GIRLS for today, back to my studies.


  220. tkane@mchsi.com

    Becky, I’m not for sure exactly its just a few words i had heard through the grapevine…. But yes I’m sure we could… hahaha

  221. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Cindy!
    Glad you had a good Holiday! We could sit up in the nosebleed. Doesn’t matter, and if it get s us better Yadi-viewing I’m there!

    If we yell loud enough we can get his attention! I was thinking bleachers cuz we could get close enough to talk to him when he goes out to the bullpen before the game to warm up the pitchers. There is also stretching involved! But hey whatever works!

    I have a better countdown. Pitchers and CATCHERS I believe I heard report to Jupiter on my b-day, Feb.27. So that means, ladies, 87 DAYS!!

    Sweet Yadi Dreams Girls!


  222. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    someone asked how I broke my arm? I was at one of my client’s house sitting at her table doing some paper work I’m a nurse-consultant for an organization that works with developmentally disabled adults) when the leg of the chair came off and down I went. Hey- is there another one of us from Arkansas? I’m from Fayetteville. THE ONE! THE ONLY! Y-A-D-I!!!!

  223. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hola Ladies!!! Brrrrr….it’s cold outside…I need warming up!! Maybe I could get Yadi up here! Wink Wink… Okay, I have not gotten a deer yet this season. I’ve went twice and didn’t see a deer. However, I was looking outside my kitchen window this morning and one went running across our field. Figures…I’ll try again tonight. Karen, what did your Grandmother do with the deer meat she had? How did she prepare it, rather? We make awesome hot sticks. Everyone seems to like them. We make our own deer sausage in February, it’s pretty much us getting together to have a few beers! I don’t know if you were asking me where I live, but I live in Illinois, central Illinois. I am about 50 miles north of St. Louis. Broken Chains, you take care of yourself, girl! Ouch! I hope you heal up fast! I’ve got to go and check the pics out you all are talking about. I apologize for the rude comments about Wanda or whoever she is… that was mean. I’m sure she is very nice. (I still hate her though….he he.) I’m up for a girls day at the ballpark. That would be a blast!!!! YOu all take care….I’m goin’ deer huntin’!

  224. blueridge@irtc.net

    One more thing….ladies….I just picked up my mail and there is a postcard from the Cardinals . It has the schedule in it and new seating areas and prices & on the front is two awesome pictures of our Man!!!! They are both good even though, one his face is partially cut off. But the BIGGEST one is of him!! Put a smile right on my face girls!!! Enjoy!!

  225. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Girlies!!
    I’m with Tracie! Too cold outside! We all need Yadi to warm us up! Tracie, it was me asking where you were coming from for Winter Warmup. If you weren’t comfortable driving downtown maybe you could come with Randy and me,or meet us somwhere or something.

    Girls, I had the most awsome brainstorm yeaterday! Usually my best ideas come in the shower, but I wasn’t even in there, I was brushing my teeth! Ok, I thought what we might do for Yadi, close to the start of the season, but we would have to start working on it early cuz it would take a little time, Margaret told me that the players do get mail to them at the clubhouse during the season, and that they do open it themselves. So, Margaret and I could do the legwork for this since we are here in town, we would get a baseball, just a regular old baseball like you would get at WalMart or something, we will mail it around to all of you. When you get it, sign it, put “good luck in ’08 we love you” or whatever, put where you are from and mail it back to either myself or Margaret. When everybody has signed it, we will get a shoebox size box, and maybe put a stuffed animal in it maybe some kind of candy, or anything else we can come up with, the signed baseball from all of us, we will send a note with it explaining to him that it is his good luck charm for the season from the YadiGirls, and mail it off to the clubhouse! Let me know what you think! I LOVE IT!!

    Get back to me Ladies!


  226. fltn83@hotmail.com

    Yadier was married, and his wife was Wanda(Torres) they met in high school. They were only married for about two years until they got a divorce. The new girl you may see him with now is his new girlfriend. Hope this clears up any confussion for you guys.

  227. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Ok now the only thing I have to say about Wanda is….. poor Wanda. I feel bad now.
    I received my card in the mail on the packages and schedule. Nice picture on the front. I think I will be waiting for single tickets to go on sale.

    Beck maybe a card would be cheaper to send around to everyone. Then maybe a key chain or something that we could engrave our names on. Anything we send would make a great good luck charm. Maybe not a squirrel that didn’t do so well last season or the miniature pony. What were they thinking???

    It’s going to be a new year, a new season and a fresh start. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! GO CARDS!!!

    Sorry, getting a bit impatient.

    Later Yadi Girls

  228. jcphotos@adams.net

    Thanks fltn83 for the info. How did you know that? Do you know Yadi? I think it would be hard to be the wife or girlfriend of someone like Yadi. Becky I think sending Yadi something from us would be great,just let me know what you’ er sending and I’ll do my part. I was in St. Louis shopping this past weekend. Got most of my shopping done, I need to sort through it all and see what I need to get. Thought Yadi might be out Christmas shopping but never saw him,Ha! Really looking foward to the warmup, have’nt heard who’s going to be there yet. Thought I might print some 8x10s of some of the Cardinals and have them autograph them for me. Speaking of pictures, Becky when are you going to email me your pictures of Yadi? I think it would be fun to have a Yadi day at the ball park. It might be hard to find a time where most of could go. Has anyone looked into the Yadi girls fan club? Better go in and fix supper. Talk later, JC

  229. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!
    What’s goin on with everyone? Not too much here.

    JC, if it’s ok, I don’t want to get you in trouble with your hubby or anything, I can forward the pix that Margaret sent me and e-mail them to you. Karen loved them!!

    You reminded me, Ladies! Can we get a head count of who is considering going to Winter Warmup? Just for info purposes. I haven’t had the chance to look into the fan club what with my mother-in-law’s death and Christmas. I am gonna try to get to it.

    I got one of those postcards too, VERY SEXY photo on the front! I just LOVED that beard! He was just the least bit stubbly when I KISSED him!!! Also very sexy! It took all my willpower not to just tackle him and hug the stuffing out of him!

    Ok I have to calm down so I can go to sleep haha!

    Sweet dreams ladies!


  230. fltn83@hotmail.com

    I know that information from a while back. How I know what I do is a loooong story. You guys have a neat little blog going on here, Im sure Yadier would be flattered that you guys say these nice things about him!

  231. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    It’s always such a great way to start my day, reading everyone’s post!

    Sounds like everyone is doing good, BC hope your arm is doing better. My knee is doing alot better but now that it is cold, it does ache some.

    After reading the news from fitn83 about YADIER and Wanda, I could just see the YADI GIRLS all smiling ear to ear as they were reading it! Thank you to fitn83 for informing us. I know I was smiling and giggling, but I told you all a couple of months ago, he wasn’t married any longer.

    I found something about setting up an MLB blog about our baby, YADI! I will let everyone know in a few days more about it. I know it does cost $35. a year. You can put any info and pics you want on it. I also found where we can get a domain, it costs $50 a year, but with this one you get the site, domain name and an e mail address. I think the MLB would be better, mainly because it is with the MLB.

    Later girls.


    Ladies only 118 more days! Counting the days, I can’t wait either! I have only 87 more days until I can listen to their first game on the radio from Spring Training1

    I loved the pictures Becky sent me of YADI, I am so envious of the one where she got to kiss him!

  232. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hey Yadi Girls,
    Becky by all means email me your Yadi pictures. I am divorced so nothing to worry about. fltn83 I like long stories so please fill us in. I think our own wed site is a good idea and not that expensive if we all chip in. I think I am going to buy me some of those red false eyelashes to wear at the warmup. Does anyone care to tell how old they are? I will if you will. I have a feeling I am the oldest. I think some of you may be in the same decade but younger than myself. Later girls, JC

  233. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hello Yadi Girls! I have been enjoying reading about everybody’s love of Yadi for awhile and thought I might as well introduce myself since I seem to be just as into Yadi as everyone else! Anyway, my name is Michelle and I would definitely be up for some of the ideas you guys have had such as yadi girl day at the ball park. I live in Illinois, so I’m not too far away. Hopefully everyone’s thoughts of Yadi are keeping them warm with this cold weather!

  234. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Wow, I think I’ve had better evenings. I think I have a cold. I’m pretty stuffed up and I can’t breathe! Can someone send Yadi over with some chicken soup and a box of Kleenex? I would experience a MIRACULOUS recovery! I think I might call in tomorrow and stay home and get some good drugs.

    JC, I will get those pix to you maybe tomorrow while I am still moving, barely. By the way, I am 42(old enough to know better!) I think Yadi should be introduced to the “virtues” of older women!

    I am up for chipping in for the website! That would be very cool! Count me in! Fltn83, I’m laid up so I would lllooovvveee to hear a story too, maybe I’ll get some tea! We are all about the details here! Especially now while we are baseball-deprived! I’m sure I speak for everyone here that we sincerely hope Yadi would be flattered and get a few good bellylaughs from our crazy selves. I know myself, I would love to know all the things that make him the person we love so much, not just the baseball stuff, not that that isn’t great, but what makes him tick?! Michelle, welcome!! We are so glad you found us! We are all kind of silly, giggly, and pretty Yadi crazy around here so you fit right in! I probably shouln’t breathe on Yadi right now, so you guys will have to keep him company haha!!

    Ok, I should probably get my germy self to bed. I’m with Michelle, everybody have lots of naughty Yadi dreams! They are the most fun and will warm your tootsies!!



  235. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    Welcome to Michelle, sounds like you’re our kind of person, someone who loves YADI!

    It is too cold, the temp right now is 32! Just too cold for anything but snuggling up with someone to keep you warm. It’s times like this that make me wish I weren’t single! I wonder how YADI likes the cold, being from the tropical climate of Puerto Rico, he probably had to get used to the cold. The line starts behind me to keep him warm. (smile)

    If you girls will look back to July 19th, I told my age. I am a 50 year old grandmother of two, I have four kids, (2 girls 28 & 17 next week and 2 boys 20 & 18). My grandkids are 5 yr old boy and 8 yr old girl. Like I said I am single and will probably stay that way for awhile.

    Keep warm girls and Happy YADI thoughts and dreams!


    117 DAYS TO GO!

  236. jcphotos@adams.net

    It felt good to know that Becky was in the same decade as myself, but Karen you made my day, I am 48 and so glad to know that I am not the only mature woman that thinks our Yadi is hot. So how about it girls tell us your ages. I’m sure some of you are a lot younger. I guess Yadi Girls come in all ages! How is the weather where you are it is snowing here, up to 4 inches. This is the first time in over 17 years I have had to worry about driving to work in the snow. Don’t like it! Need to go in and fix supper. Later, JC

  237. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Uuuuggghh! I feel rotten! Like a noodle, and like I could sleep for a week! But being the dedicated YadiGirl that I am, I thought I would check in with you guys. Maybe I’ll just be dead soon…tell Yadi I died with a smile on my face thinking of him,haha!

    Karen had a great idea, can you guys send Yadi my way to feed me chicken soup and wipe my nose? I think I’d feel a relapse comin on!!

    I wonder too, how do you get used to Missouri weather being from such a warm weather climate. I guess your body temps regulate. There is a saying in St. Louis, if you don’t like the weather-wait a minute! I would be more than happy, in my weakened condition to help him regulate his body!! If you see pix of Yadi sneezing with a red nose like mine, you know I’ve been a bad girl haha!! Anyway, kind of a rain/sleet mixture here in St. Louis, but I just took Jezzie out and it was snowing, but they are saying rain by tomorrow night so who knows. I would enjoy my hibernation much more if I didn’t feel so crappy!

    JC, like I said, we need to introduce Yadi the “benefits and experience” of older women! What does he need with those silly 25 year olds when he can have us? Knowledge and wisdom and life experience are sexy too! Just look at me and you and Karen! Although I’m not feeling very sexy at the moment. I guess I will have to keep my hubby Randy around, he said he still loves me even though I’m snotty and gross!haha! Love you too Dear!! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about driving to work in the morning, one good thing about being laid up.

    Well, I guess I will look at my Yadi pix. That will make me feel LOTS better!!

    Talk to you guys tomorrow!


  238. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck I would love to see those Yadi pics also. I too am home from work sick. This is the first time I have really felt up to getting online. Those pictures could help speed my recovery. :o)
    Michelle welcome to the Yadi Girls. I hope you continue. I always like to hear about others thought on our loveable hottie Yadi.

    I am 30 years old. While I don’t think that is very old (older than Yadi) I still think I can being some years of experience to the mix.

    It is cold and nasty outside. I have live in Missouri most of my life and I still don’t think I’m use to the cold weather or the crazy ups and downs all in one day. My husband works outside often and he doesn’t seen to think he has gotten use to it. He has just learned how to dress for it and tolerate it. I’m sure that anyone of us or all of us would have no problem keeping him warm or even a bit hot.

    Ok I’m starting to get a bit warm. I don’t know if it is the fever or the Yadier talk.

    Later Yadi Girls.


  239. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello YadiGirls!
    How is everyone? I think I may be getting a little better. I feel like the fog in my head is lifting a little. Cindy, do we just have Yadi-fever?haha! I think it’s about time he made the rounds with some chicken soup and a big box of Kleenex to take care of his girls!! At least we didn’t have to drive to work in this this morning!

    If your hubby won’t get mad at you I will forward you the pix. I haven’t heard from Margaret all week. I need to check in on her! They will definitely give you a lift!

    Keep on Ladies! By Karen’s count we have 116 days and counting!


  240. jcphotos@adams.net

    Yadi Girls,
    Thank you so much Becky of emailing me those pictures of Yadi. I loved the one where you are kissing him. Lucky You. I don’t know if I would of had the nerve to. Did you see anyone else kiss him before or after you? I would rather seen his curly hair than that dew rag. He is adorable no matter what is wearing of not! We have been getting freezing rain today and forcast is more tonight and into tomorrow. I had one picture postpone their appointment today I wander how many will call tomorrow. Our Church service has been called off for tomorrow. Hope the electric don’t go off! Later JC

  241. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck it must be Yadi fever. Careful girls it’s spreading. I could have definitely used a special chicken soup delivery and maybe he could help to keep me warm and cozy. At least until I felt better and maybe a little after. I am back to work and ready for an afternoon nap. It is amazing how quickly your body gets use to napping. I don’t miss the daytime TV though. I would occasionally watch my Yadi reruns on my TiVo. My husband knows of my crush and he accepts it. I would love to see the pictures. Looking forward to the email.
    I did not want to venture out into the cold and ice roads. Did any of you loose power? Mine flickered but never lost power. I did last year so I was worried. I’m glad I have a garage and didn’t have to scrap my car this morning.

    Stay warm with warm Yadi thoughts :o)

    Later Yadi Girls


  242. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    ok,I must have missed something! How do I find these pictures you all are talking about? Gotta see ’em!! It’s just cold and rainey here in Arkansas so far–no ice. A trip to Puerto Rico to be with our guy,a cup of hot chocolate, or even a glass of rum sounds mighty good right now!

  243. fltn83@hotmail.com

    haha. It would take up alot of room on here and a long time to type. I met him back in 2003 and we dated for about 6 months. People freak out when i tell them that but i swear its not that big of a deal. He’s a normal guy, just doesnt seem that way because he plays baseball. He’s very private, very focused on what he does, he’s a picky eater, and when he trusts you and will open up he can actually be quite funny! We had a great time together but proved to be better at just being friends and stayed that way for a very long time even after he left my hometown. He has changed however, and it was definitly the major leagues that changed him. Well, thats my story in a nutshell! Hope its a little intersting for ya:)

  244. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening YadiGirls!
    Hope everyone doen’t have to dig their way out of ice!

    It’s been raining here, kind of misting all day but no more ice so far. I went back to work today too and man was it busy! Like they were waiting for me! We did not loose power either.There was a tree-trimming truck in front of my house on Sat. morn, so maybe we will be spared too. I have a puppy that is teething, so any helpful hints anyone has I could sure use! Poor baby!

    Cindy, I know, I was ready for my nap too! Yeah daytime TV is not that great. Thurs. afternoon I was surfing and found “Pimp My Ride” and they were going to work on this girls Cavalier. I drive a Cavalier too so I thought”cool”. Well, hers was a 4-door, mine is 2-door, and I don’t think I’ll be putting a gumball machine, yeah that’s right a gumball machine, in my car anytime soon. Oh well. I’m old enough to remember when MTV actually played videos! Ok Cindy, I’ll send you some pix to perk you up!! Chains? Got any jealous boyfriends or husbands? I can send them to you too! I would still be open to a chicken soup delivery! Just picture it Girls! The doorbell rings and standing there is Yadi wearing a Santa hat haha!! LOVE IT!! I feel better already! So it seems like it is definitely time for “Christmas In Puerto Rico!”

    Stay warm Ladies! I’ll do my part to help!


    PS- Who all is thinking about Winter Warmup? Just trying to get a headcount.

  245. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hey Everyone! Hope everybody is staying warm and out of the nasty weather. Here we are supposed to be getting about a 1/4in of ice overnight. I haven’t been sick yet this winter (knock on wood), but I would still welcome a chicken soup delivery from Yadi! I would love to see any pictures that anyone has of our man. I’m willing to share mine too…I have some of Yadi with me and my husband when we went to the thing in Chesterfield. I can’t wait for Spring Training, it seems like the season ended soooo long ago! Well I better get off of here, take care Yadi Girls!


  246. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hello Yadi Girls,
    It is cold here ice everywhere the kids haven’t had school for 3 days. My daughter loves it. I don’t like it. Ok now fltn83 I have some more questions for you. When Yadi lived in the same town as you where is that, Puerto Rico? How has he changed? It sounds like not for the better. Do you still have contact with him? Or is that one of the ways the major leagues have changed him? I find your story very interesting! Tell us more! I understand if you don’t feel like you can tell us MAJOR details, just tell us what you are comfortable with. I can’t wait for the winter warm up. Hope to see some of you there. Later JC

  247. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hi Ladies!! I’m here….really…just been sick! We had the stomach flu last week and it was my son’s 9th birthday! I thought for sure he’d be sick for his big day. But, he was better and had some buddies over for a sleepover. It took me about 4 days to get over it fully. Okay, I am 34, but will turn 35 in January. I live in Illinois too, Michelle (welcome by the way!), where do you live? Beck….I would love to see your photos of you and Yadi also…send them my way…PLEASE!!!!! I can’t wait for baseball, I am eagerly waiting… Why are the Cardinals getting rid of some good guys….that’s disappointing. Taguchi & maybe Eckstein? I just like saying Sooooooo Taguchiiii!!!!! Well, this is short but I just wanted to check in and let you know I am still alive! Talk to you all soon!! Yadi, Yadi, Yadi…..

  248. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening YadiGirls!
    Wow, everyone is sick or buried in ice! Tracie, hope you are getting better. Cindy and I have both missed a couple days of work. I’m back but I had to call the Dr. again today cuz I STILL can’t breathe! Drugs please! Michelle, I’m sorry our first impression is a sneezing coughing snotty one!! We get more enjoyable I promise!!

    I wanted to tell you guys I talked to Karen last night(okckaren4949@yahoo.com). She is in OK City. She said their gas is still on so they can cook and they are warm, just sitting in the dark! She said they are saying 7 to 10 days before the lights come back on! Yikes!! But she and her son and daughter are ok.

    Oh MAN!! I am ready for some baseball too! I heard last night on the news that pitchers and CATCHERS report to Jupiter on Feb. 14!!!! Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!! Hope that will warm everybody up!! We have some birthdays coming up too! Tracie, I’ll e-mail you those pix! That will perk you right up!! Good to know you are feeling better!


    PS-My hubby is off tomorrow night so see you guys on Fri.!

  249. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    BBBRRRR!! Is it cold enough for everyone? I think I should get our baby YADI first! We have been without electricity since monday and they say it will be at least 10 days before we have any, barring the next storm coming in this weekend does no additional damage. They are predicting 5-7″ more snow and ice. We do have gas so it is warm, I mean, I need YADI to come and warm me up!(smile) YADI could come on over with a big bowl of Menudo and Empanadas (hispanic dishes) and feed me. I’d be in YADI GIRL Heaven! He’d need to bring a big box of Kleenex’s for my Chica, she is sick. One minute she’s sneezing up a storm and the next she can’t breathe! She is so miserable!

    OK, fitn83, we need details! Since no one asked, is YADI a good kisser? Ladies, you know thats the first thing that popped into your heads!

    I’m betting that he is high maintenance and spoiled. I’ve had alot of practice, my two are both spoiled rotten and very high maintenance! Chica says, she’s not spoiled, she’s just very well taken care of!

    Well, ladies we have 110 more days!

    Watching all the trades and acquisitions by all the other baseball teams, I think the Cardinals are going to have a long season this year. We need some pitchers!! They need to focus on some pitching prospects. They’re getting rid of all our good consistent players, Taguchi, Cairo, Eckstein, they need to get rid of Rolen! He needs to grow up and let the sour grapes go. So, he didn’t get to play one game, he was not playing up to par and had to sit out one game. He needs to realize it was for the good of the team!! The Cardinals are not a one man show! I’m with Tony LaRussa, if he don’t like it, he can quit!!

    Till later ladies, keep warm and keep thinking those YADI thoughts!! Dream about sitting with him on the beach in Puerto Rico with a margarita in one hand and his big hands with long fingers massaging your back!!


    If I get snowed or iced in again this weekend, I hope all of the YADI GIRLS have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS ALSO JOY AND PEACE TO ONE AND ALL!!




  250. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hey Yadi Girls,
    I can’t believe what the Cardinals are doing! First not signing Eckstein then Taguchi and not Miles. I don’t undertand. What next year Yadi? I just don’t get it! I don’t like it!

  251. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hey Yadi Girls,
    I can’t believe what the Cardinals are doing! First not signing Eckstein then Taguchi and not Miles. I don’t undertand. What next year Yadi? I just don’t get it! I don’t like it!

  252. fltn83@hotmail.com

    Lol, to answer your question about the kisses…they were good! 🙂 Also to answer the other questions, I live in Tennessee, Yadier played Double A ball here about 5 minutes from my house which is how I met him. Great guy at first, we were crazy about each other, he even bought me a brand new watch, a really nice one, about 2 weeks after we first met because I had lost mine. He left that September and we talked almost every night, I flew to Washington to meet him for some Prospects conference in January and even drove to spend time with him at Spring training that March. Thats around the time Wanda came back into the picture(the girl has even called my phone before…yeah I know…kinda crazy!) Anyways, our relationship changed to strictly friendship, which I found it way easier to be just friends with him and give him advice on girls and listen to his crazy stories, I liked it better that way. As for how he’s changed, just the lifestyle, he knows he’s a major leaguer, and he acts like it too, trust me he was not like that before, we used to eat at Wendys all the time to save money and his favorite store was Gap…a far cry from today 🙂 But all in all you guys like a descent guy… just living a different lifestyle then alot of the rest of us! Hope this answers the questions. Any more just ask. I have pictures of us I can let you guys see but ill have to dig them out from a bin somewhere. Ill do it soon. Hope yall have a great night!

  253. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    fltn thanks for the details. We are always looking for photo from anyone who willing to share. Same for you Michelle if you have photos to share. Karen I hope you don’t have to dig out too much after this next round and that you get your electricity back soon. Beck are you back to breathing yet? Those colds can be very nasty. I just have a cough that doesn’t seen to want to go away. I am feeling much better though. Slowly getting my energy back but I would still like a nap every afternoon. I’m not so sure that is from the cold anymore. I think it is the cold weather that makes me want to stay in bed under the warm covers. Which would be even nicer with a certain someone under there with me (after my husband leaves for work). Ok I know I’m terrible. Guess I won’t be making the nice list this year.
    Latter Yadi Girls


  254. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Yadi’s Ladies!
    Hey Cindy, well, I’m kind of breathing, as long as I have nasal spray in my pocket! How pathetic is that? I got a decongestant from the Dr., but it’s got Pseudoefed in it and I can’t take it at night or I’ll be bouncing off the walls! Kind of like you, it just doesn’t seem to want to go away!

    I talked to Karen earlier tonight and she saw an electric truck behind her house, so she was hoping to be next on the list. But they are supposed to get more snow over the weekend. We are too, sure would be nice to spend CHRISTMAS IN PUERTO RICO!!! Warm tropical breezes, plenty of rum, and even more of Yadi!

    All right Fltn83. It looks like it’s gonna have to be me that gonna have to ask the crudities, did you get his clothes off-does he have a great bod?!! Feel free to tell me how horribly inappropiate I am, but ******! I KNOW I am not the only one thinking it!!! That’s how we are here, nasty old women, but in a fun way!!

    Well, if I’m snowed in I know I you guys to keep me company cuz my husband is working all weekend!


  255. jcphotos@adams.net

    Yadi Girls,
    Thanks fltn for the info, I would love to see your Yadi pictures. Please email them. I got on the st louis post dispatch this morning and saw where the Cardinals traded Jim Edmonds. I am thinking that Mo has to Go! He is going to have a whole new team by the winter warm up. I am devestated. All this and still no pitching. Yadi and Albert are the veterans now. Who knows what will happen to Rolan. They better KEEP YADI or Mo will have to answer to the Yadi girls!!!!! Puerto Rico does sound nice about now. We are getting snow on top of the ice we got last week. I wander how much time Yadi spends in Puerto Rico now that he is not married? Becky’s right she is not the only one thinking it! We need to get our own web site soon we have’nt heard anything out of Rachel for so long she might not keep her web site. Later, JC

  256. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    WHO IS NEXT ON THE CHOPING BLOCK?!?!?!? What is with the new GM is he scrapping the whole team or as much of them as he can and starting over and thinking that younger and cheaper means better??? This is getting ridicules. Who is left for him to cut out?
    It is snowing where I am also. I don’t have 4 wheel drive and have troubles getting out of my subdivision. The road is crappy and has a slight hill. I am not looking forward to getting out on Monday to go to work. I have enough here at home to keep me busy for the weekend.

    Beck you can join me on the naughty list for this year. Think happy thought. Including the one that yes Beck we were all thinking.

    Later Yadi Girls


  257. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    ok, moble–asking the questions the rest of us are too shy to admit we’re wondering about? haha! Jim Edmonds got traded? no-o-o!!!! Who to? He’s one of my favs! it’s not gonna seem right seeing him as anything but a Cardinal!

  258. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello YadiGirls!
    Well, here we all are, it’s snowing like crazy here. My work Christmas party was tonight, but it was at the Lemp Mansion which is way down in south St. Louis, and I’m a north county girl, so I decided not to risk it. Randy couldn’t go with me either, couldn’t get off work, so I’m here bein a geek! I did get some Christmas shopping done today before it got worse.

    Oh my God! I can’t believe they traded Jim Edmonds!! I know he’s no chicken anymore but, Man! I think he would have wanted to retire a Cardinal but maybe if the price is right… Besides, he is from California so he will be closer to home, I guess that’s nice for him. But, wow, is he gonna be missed! The first time the Padres come to town this summer that game will be sold out! I just don’t want to think about any more trading! I like to think Yadi is safe. He is young, still relatively cheap, and who in God’s name would replace him? There is no one! He has the best throwing arm in MLB! It would be suicide! Catchers are not like outfielders in that you have a whole bunch of them sitting on the bench.

    O.K.! So it’s me is it? How do I get myself in these predicaments? I don’t know…

    So, Fltn83, it seems I have been nominated to ask some rather personal questions! First of all, anything we ask you please know that A., we all consider ourselves friends here and we would not under any circumstances want you to answer anything that makes you uncomfortable, and B., anything we ask we are asking all in fun, so please don’t let us offend you. If we are out of line tell us. But all of these women with their minds in the gutter, including myself, if I understand correctly, would like to know basically 2 things. I’ll try to be as delicate as possible,(Lord!), so here goes, I believe we are all curious to know if Yadier’s, shall we say, bedroom skills, are everything our perverted little minds imagine, and the other question would pertain to “size”. Yeah! I believe THAT should cover it! If it doesn’t, you guys are ON YOUR OWN! Man! I need to take my dog out in the snow, I think I need a breath of fresh air!

    Well, since I really can’t top that, I will, in fact, go let my dog out! Keep warm ladies, I think I know how we can do that! I just saw a commercial for Puerto Rican rum! What more could you ask for? Yadi and rum? Sounds warm to me!!

    later nasty girls!


  259. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    I hope everyone has been keeping warm! We finally got our electricity back on saturday night, six days without power! We had workers from 14 states helping to get power restored to everyone. I, for one really appreciated their hard work and having to be away from their families. I hope they all make it home before Christmas.

    Well, Well! Miss fitn, those are some pretting interesting pictures of YADIER, how old are they. From comparing them to some of the older pictures of them, I’d say he is about 18-19 years old. He was pretty young then. The pictures look odd.

    I hope you don’t mind another question, but how old are you? As you’ve read before, we have all told our ages. What city did you say you lived in? Do you still speak with him? I know, we are nosey! But we are all very interested in anything YADIER does!

    School is going great, only missed two days.

    Talk to the YADI GIRLS later.


    P.S. No more Jim Edmonds and Aaron Miles! Most of the veterans are gone. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long summer!

  260. fltn83@hotmail.com

    The pics do look odd, I dont have them on my computer so i had to take a picture of the pictures…so theyre kinda blurry. He wasn’t 18 or 19 however… these pictures were taken the Summer of 2003, he turned 21 that Summer and I was 18. As for speaking with him, yeah we remained friends for a long time, but I havent spoken to him since August. Im in a serious relationship with someone, so its better that we dont speak much. I understand being interested, trust me, and i dont mind if your nosey 🙂 Oh, the town Yadier played in that season was Kodak Tennessee…thats where i lived then, but ive moved since then.

  261. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hey Yadi Girls!
    Well, I think I finally caught the Yadi fever that’s been going around! I’ve been sick the past couple of days, feeling better now though. So since everyone else has given their age I guess I’ll give mine, I’m 22 soon to be 23, I know..I’m a young Yadi girl, but no less dedicated to our man!

    Blueridge, I’m from Springfield. Do you live in Illinois too?

    Does anybody know how to find out more about the Winter Warm-up? I wouldn’t mind going but I probably wouldn’t be able to go all three days, (I have some health issues and its a hassle to travel with my medical supplies)so I would probably just drive down for one of the days, but I want to find out what’s going on when. I’m also debating whether its worth it since the Cardinals have gotten rid of alot of players, but seeing Yadi up close again would probably be worth it! If anyone has any pictures they want to share feel free to send them to the address on my posts (I have a husband, but thankfully he understands my Yadi obsession!)Later Girls!


  262. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Hope everybody is digging out of the snow, or getting over their sniffles. I’m STILL stuffy!! It just doesn’t seem to want to go away! Maybe by April or May or something! We sure do have to appreciate the men who share us with Yadi!! I’m getting a Yadi jersey for Christmas!!Michelle, sounds great! I think it will be good if we can get as many of us together for just one day, just to meet up! How fun! I think I can make it through loosing just about anybody but our man! I would be curled up in the fetal postion if they traded him!

    Well, this is cool, we will get a head-count after Christmas or something.

    Have sweet dreams ladies!!


  263. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I hope everyone gets over their coughs and sniffles soon.




  264. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Hope everyone is well. My sniffles have settled in my right ear, so you have to stand to my left if you want me to hear you! Uuugghh! I’m soooo tired of this cold and cough stuff! Bring on spring and BASEBALL!!

    Hope everyone is getting their shopping done. I just have little things to get like gift cards, but I am basically done! I just need Yadi in a big Cardinal red bow under my tree! Haven’t we all been good enough for that? Then again, haven’t we all been NAUGHTY enough to deserve that?! I’ll let you all fill in the blank and/or use your imagination as to whether or not you want him in JUST a big red bow! You know, one that covers all the strategic areas haha!!

    They are talking snow here in St. Louis tomorrow night, so we may be digging out again! Yikes!

    Sweet dreams Ladies! I have a dream subject suggestion for you!….


  265. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Feliz Navidad Ladies!
    I know everyone is busy with Christmas, but I just wanted to say to you guys, have a very Merry Christmas! I know we won’t be getting EVERYTHING we want haha! I also wanted to say what an amazing place this blog is! It is so cool to have such great friends from all over! You guys are such good friends to me and we have so much fun! Just wait til the season starts! Spring Training is weeks away ladies! Mere weeks! I hope alot of us can make it to Winter Warmup so we can meet in person!

    As I have said before, I think Yadi would be very touched to learn that because of him, he helped to create such good friendships!

    Everyone have fun tomorrow, or tonight whichever you do!

    Talk to you soon!


  266. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello YadiGirls!
    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Santa Claus found me and left a Yadi jersey!! I also got Winter Warmup passes last night, so I’m in! Anyone else yet?

    Wonder what Yadi got for Christmas? I know of about a dozen of us that would have gladly been under his tree!!

    Well, Spring Training is about 60 days away ladies! Can we hold on that long? We have bucked each other up this long, what’s another 60 days or so!

    Well, I guess everyone is busy cleaning up from Christmas. Guess I’ll catch up with you guys later!


  267. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!
    Wow, where is everybody? You guys must still be tired from Christmas! Well, I need some input on something. Margaret and I are going to Winter Warmup, and she suggested that we should get something to take to Yadi from all of us. Any suggestions?

    Also, if I don’t get to talk to you guys til after New Year’s, everybody have a safe one and a great one! I hope 2008 is good to all of us! Let’s hope for a great 2008 baseball season, and that our sweetie stays healthy, no more broken wrists or concussions!!

    See everyone in ’08!!


  268. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    It has been a busy week. I’m ready for things to slow down a bit. I have had to work but my husband has been off work all week. He seems to think that “WE” need to clean up the basement and closets and what ever nook and cranny. He has failed to remember that I still have to go to work. Oh well at least it is getting done. I will not be at the Winter Warmup. Those of you going don’t forget your camera’s and tell us all who can’t go details. Beck we know you are good with the details. ;O) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!!! See you next year.

  269. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Oh don’t worry…we’re all over the pictures. We just need somewhere to post them. Anyone? Oh and Becky, you are good with the details. But keep it up, we enjoy it. Keeps things interesting : ) ~marg

  270. spidermom218@hotmail.com

    Hey Yadi Girls! I have been reading this blog for a long time, but my computer has been all messed up with some weird virus I could never post on here. Got a new comp for Christmas so I am in business!!! You guys are so entertaining! I have been giggling while reading this for quite a while! Anyway, I would LOVE to see all your pics of Yadi, and I have some quite impressive ones myself!!! I am starting a Myspace page for us YadiGirls if anyone is interested in posting pics on it. Just send me your pics and I will post them on there. Myspace is a great way to communicate with each other and find fellow YadiGirls! All you have to do is sign up for your own account and be added to the YadiGirls page and we are in business! I just got it going today, so It will be a bit before I get it all decked out. Maybe a few days! If it stays as animated as this blog, it should be FUN FUN FUN! I will keep you posted on that and let you know the exact address to the page when I get it all ready! I plan on posting all sorts of YUMMY pics of our man, keeping up on any gossip, news, and whatever else we can think of. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to throw them out there! Anyway, I am gonna get to work on it, and will let you know when it is ready to be seen!!!! See ya girls! Oh, all of you know that if Yadi is at Winter Warm Up that you will have to pay to get close to him. The big name guys will require some $$$ for an autograph! Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that so there are no broken hearts! : )

  271. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Ladies…I read this blog almost everyday and it always brings a smile to my face. I thought I might as well post something since I seem to love Yadi as much as you all do. Unfortunately, I have never met him even though I have been a fan for years but I got Winter Warm-up passes and I am determined this year. I am so excited I can barely stand it. I just hope that I can speak to him when I finally get up there. I just wish that I could stand next to him for a photo. In all the pictures I always see the players sitting behind those tables. I just want to touch him. He is so cute. Please, please, please if you have any photos to share, send them to me. It will brighten my day more than you know. Ok, you know…but still.


  272. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola! Nuevo Ano Ladies!
    Well, here we are! Christmas is over so I think it’s HIGH time for spring training! I know it’s 16 ******* degrees, minor detail! We can keep Yadi warmed up!!

    Big welcome to all our new YadiGirls! We are very glad you have found us! The more the merrier!!

    Spidermom, boy are we glad you showed up when you did! We are trying to start our own site! Let us know what we need to do and how we can help!

    Well, I’m at work and I gotta go! More later Girls!


  273. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    OK, I can talk now. It’s hard to talk at work, I guess that’s why they call it work!Duh!!!

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Big YadiGirl Welcome to Spidermom and and Lisa! We are glad you guys are here! The more the merrier!

    Spidermom, just got an idea, tell me if it is do-able. Is there a way that we can have part of the My-Space site where we can all post a pic of ourselves and we each tell a little bit about ourselves? I think that would attract more “club members”! What do you think?

    That wild woman a few posts back is my good buddy Margaret! She and I are gonna ditch husbands for a day and go be shameless floosies and throw ourselves at Yadi at Winter Warmup haha! We keep saying that we need to educate him on how much fun older women are! It’s a dirty job! Somebody’s gotta do it!!

    Well, hope everyone is keeping warm, although it may not be our “preferred method”!

    Cindy, send your husband over to my house to motivate MY husband! He is the King of clutter! You know Margaret and I are gonna have all the juicy tidbits girl!

    Sweet Dreams Girls!!


  274. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    One more thing to make you all a tad more warm. On the Cardinal’s website, it says that pitchers and CATCHERS report to Jupiter on Feb. 14. That is 42 days from today! Happy Valentine’s Day Ladies!

  275. spidermom218@hotmail.com

    Hey ladies! Ok, go to http://www.myspace.com. Sign up for your free individual profiles. Once you do that, and verify your e-mail (you will be walked through all the steps) go to http://www.myspace.com/yadigirls. There, underneath a cute pic of Yadi(that I took myself by the way) is a contact box with the words Message, Add Me, IM, Add to Group etc etc…..click on “Add Me” and you will be added to the friends list. Then you can post messages just like you do here. Yes, you guys should be the ones doing the site, but it can get sort of confusing if you’ve never done it before. There can certainly be sections where you all can post about yourselves and pics. I can do that if you like. I am not a computer genious or anything, but I know my way around myspace very well. Once you get on there and start fiddling around, you get the hang of it. Just go there make your own profiles, link up with the YadiGirls page, and we can go from there….Any suggestions or ideas are welcome! This should be really fun. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or post on RRR. Once everyone has their profiles made, I can pass the reins to you guys if you feel confidant in updating it every once in a while and all that. If not, I can hang in there and do it, I sort of enjoy it! So, get on there and let me know what you think so far! I am trying to get spring training and regular season schedules so I can post those somewhere on it. Send me your ideas!

  276. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Spidermom!
    The Myspace site is AWSOME!!!! I LOVE it! I just wanted to tell you, there is an info spot on there where it says his zodiac sign is Virgo. That is wrong. His b-day is July 13 making him a Cancer!! I am the stargazer of our group, and I am just starting to read a book on astrology, and I am DEFINITELY going to do his chart eventually and I’ll e-mail it to you so you can put it up!

    Thank you sooo much for this site on behalf of ALL of us!! I know we are gonna have a BLAST with it!

    Talk to ya later! I’m not done lookin at all the stuff on it! Thank God for slow days at work haha!!


  277. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Welcome Lisa and spidermon to the Yadi Girls. spidermom I love the myspace page. I guess I’m going to have to start my own page. Maybe that will be my weekend project. I might need some help. I’m ok with computer (usually office related) and use to be pretty good at repairing them but I will have to say I have really gotten out of the loop in the past several years. It might take me a bit to figure out all of this myspace stuff. Beck I’m with you I’m hoping for some slow time at work to maybe do a few things. On my lunch hour of course. ha ha. I also notice Beck that you have started a page. I haven’t looked at your much yet. Was it hard to set up?
    Beck my husband didn’t throw out as much as I would have liked him too. At least now it is organized clutter.

    Gotta go. Later Yadi Girls


  278. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    As if my day couldn’t go any slower, I am stuck at work reading all about the awesome MySpace pages and my employer has MySpace WEBSENSED so I can’t look at any of them. It’s like they don’t trust us to use the internet for work only:) Luckily, I have a computer at home but the day is creeping by so slow, it feels like I am never going to be able to leave. I already have a MySpace page and it was really easy to set up. I am not really good with web design but OK with a computer and I managed to figure it out. Does anyone know when they are releasing the autograph schedule and price list for Winter Warm-up? I looked online but all that was listed was the auction items and schedules. I was very excited to see lots of Yadi stuff up for grabs but I highly doubt I will be able to afford any of it. (Making sad face)


  279. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey YadiGirls!!
    Has everybody seen the amazing Myspace page spidermom has set up for us?? Totally cool!!!

    Cindy, I am the computer geek at my house and I know just enought to be dangerous!

    I can’t figure out how to link my page to the YadiGirls site, can anybody help??

    Yeah, some of that stuff at Winter Warmup you have to pay some jack for. And if I spend any more cash like I did at the autograph signing in Nov. Yadi will have to adopt me cuz I’ll be divorced and homeless! Divorced-bad, adopted-hmmmm….

    It wasn’t hard to set up, and it was kind of fun answering all those questions, like who is your hero, I’d never thought about it before!

    Well, I’m gonna go see if anybody else has found us!

    Sweet dreams Ladies!

    41 days til Valentine’s Day!! We’ve made it this far!! We can make it til then!!

    Talk to you guys later!


  280. spidermom218@hotmail.com

    Hey y’all! No need to thank for the site! It only took me a day! It is actually pretty easy once you do it a couple of times. You guys can start getting your pages looking snazzy too! For backgrounds, search “myspace backgrounds” or “myspace layouts”. It should walk you through how to do it. If you have any questions, just ask! Ok, Beck, you asked a Q about linking pages. Here is the deal with that…On myspace, “friends” are a big deal. Kids try to get as many friends they can just to say “I have hundreds of friends” Not only the number of friends on your page, but what order they are in is a big deal. So, your not necessarily “linked” to the page, but you original members will be at the TOP of the friends list. Which means that when someone visits the page, they see your pics (when you get some on your page)at the top of the list. Plus I have your names listed in the About Me section as being the originals! : ) It is not hard at all to set your pages up. The hard part is the FUN part. Adding your photos, adding cool backgrounds and graphics! I will add myself to the YadiGirls page so you can see my personal page! It is pretty fun! It takes time especially if your new at it, but still fun! Also, you dont HAVE to set up snazzy pages. You can absolutely keep it plain and just upload your pics! Once you get all your Yadi pics up, I will copy them and put them on the YadiGirls page too! SO, we can get rollin as soon as everyone has their pages done, pics posted, and some ideas sent to me!!! LOL

  281. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Girls! Make sure you check out the Cardinals website. There is an article about Yadi on the main page. It’s not really any new info, just about him anchoring the catching staff this year, but it’s something to google at. Also I checked out the Myspace site and it is awesome. I looked at the pics and saw a few that I have not ever seen before. I can’t wait to get on the friends list. Maybe this weekend I will have time…

  282. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Girls!
    Just a quick note to say to definitely go to the Cards website and read the article on Yadi! Great pic and great article! It says they would like to sign him to a long term deal. Uhhh, WE would like to sign him to a long term deal!! Maybe the Card’s GM should put the YadiGirls on the case! I KNOW we could convince him!!


  283. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    I hope everyone had a great holiday season, now it’s time to get back to the real world.

    Where is everyone, JC, Blueridge, Brokenchains, haven’t heard from you all, I hope you all are OK! And fitn83, how are you doing?

    Girls, 88 days to go til Opening Day! I was telling Becky earlier, it has flown by for me so far. With my working and going to school, and the best part is the friendships I have made her with you girls, it has helped me more than any of you can imagine. I will always cherish your friendships!

    I wonder if YADI went home to PUERTO RICO for the holidays. Wouldn’t be nice to be somewhere that is warm and sunshiny! But then again it may not seem like Christmas without the cold and snow! I hope Yadi had a good holiday and I certainly hope he has a very happy new year and a great 08 Baseball season. Maybe, just Maybe he will win the GG in 08! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    Welcome to our new friends, spidermom and izacharski, how about some info on you two, ages, families, married, jobs, where do you live and of course we all know you love our baby YADI! As you can read we are all nosey and like details and gossip!

    Welcome, it sound like you’ll fit right in with us!

    Gotta go hope to hear from more of our girls soon!


  284. jcphotos@adams.net

    Hi Yadi Girls,
    I am here Karen, I have been keeping up with the web site just have not found the time to write. Had a good Christmas and New Year hope everyone did. Glad it’s over I am ready for the winter warm up and then ball games! I answered all the my space questions and when I typed in http://www.myspace.com/yadigirls it told my there was a problem with the page. Maybe I didn’t do something right. I’m am no internet wiz, HELP! Becky and anyone else going to the warm up lets meet somewhere at the hotel! I am still going to get those red false eyelashes. Did you hear that the Cardinals signed Miles again. Wecome to the new Yadi Girls! Later JC

  285. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    Glad everyone is finally resurfacing after the holidays! Hope everyone had good ones! Now! It’s 2008 for crying out loud, let’s PLAY BALL!!

    JC, We all must definitely meet up somewhere! Randy is coming with me on Saturday, and Margaret is coming with me on Sunday! I can’t wait! It’s gonna be a blast!! I’m gonna go to the Winter Warmup info page and see about directions and where to park and stuff and see if we can’t figure out some good place to meet.


  286. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Ok I’m on. myspace that is. It took me almost 3 hours and I’m still not sure I’ve got it figured out. I tried using the myspace editor to change my background and other things and my internet locked up on me. I’m leaving things as is for now. Maybe I will try again on Monday. By the way I am http://www.myspace.com/c4lulu
    Later Yadi Girls

  287. jcphotos@adams.net

    i hate being computer stupid! I finally got to the yadi girls space but what do i do? i loged on to cindy’s but need to be added to the friends list to be able to get into the space. what is nest? HELP! jc

  288. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Ok, I’m slowly getting some things changed on my myspace page. I changed my background and headings (nothing special) and added some pics. Spidermom I went onto the Yadi Girls page and there are some things missing, like the friends section. I was going to try and add more of you to my page but don’t know your myspace pages. JC I’ve got you added to my friend list and made a request to becky and michelle. Who else has gotten on yet?
    I’m starting to have dreams about baseball (the Yadi dreams are year round). I’m ready for it to be a reality (the baseball part or whatever). I want my baseball back. We have come so far but I’m not sure how much more I can take. I could at least use more Cardinal news. There hasn’t been much going on lately to make up our team. I heard about Miles and the rehabbed pitcher. When are we going to get more pitching that is not on or just getting off of rehab? Maybe the info you guys bring back from the winter warm up will help tide me over. The warm weather we have had is really giving me the fever. I’m missing Yadi.

    Later Yadi Girls.


  289. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hey Girls!
    I thought I would leave a message on here still since not everybody has made it to myspace yet. I love the Yadi Girls myspace page…it looks awesome! If anyone needs help with the myspace stuff I know a little bit…so don’t be afraid to ask. I’m not going to be able to come to the Winter Warm-up…so you girls that are going make sure you bring the rest of us some details and some pictures to tide us over until Spring training. I agree with Cindy..we definitely need to find some healthy pitchers! Well…I hope everyone has fun at the warm-up and I look forward to hearing about it. Later.


  290. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    How is everyone? Good I hope. Just another quiet evening at the Noble household. You know, the usual, trying to keep Jezzie from eating everything in the bathroom wastecan! Uuugghh! That dog is gonna kill me! I gave up and put her outside before it rains. Our neighbor 1 yard away has a Golden Retreiver named Bridger, and Bridger is Jezzie’s buddy! They run the fence together! Maybe that’ll keep her mind off eating stuff in the trashcan!

    This warm weather is wwaaayy too much of a tease!!! It sure does stir up the “Yadi’s” in a girl!! Cindy I’m with you! I am totally missing Yadi! But just think girls, we have made it through this far! Now we have to keep each other going for just a few more weeks!! We can do it!! We are YADIGIRLS!!

    Margaret and I need some suggestions on what to take to Yadi from all of us to Winter Warmup, so everybody put your thinking caps on!

    Think I’ll go to the site and see what’s cookin!



  291. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Hi Everyone! I have been slacking lately. I have not posted on here or gotten my Myspace linked to the Yadi Girls page. Anyway, I just wanted to take a sec to tell you a little bit about myself. I am 27 and live in Illinois about 25 minuites away from downtown StL and have lived in the area all my life. I have been a Cardinals fan since I was a little girl and a Yadi fanatic since he started for the Cardinals. Thankfully my boyfriend understands (sort of) about Yadi and is a big baseball fan also, so he watches all the games with me. Right now, I work at a hospital the the community relations department, which basically means we do all the marketing and press. Luckily, my boss is a huge Cardinals fan so we get to listen to the games while we work. She is likely going to Spring Training so I am trying to live vicariously through her. We priced some packages last night and I don’t think we can afford to go this year…sigh… Anyway, I am glad to be a part of the Yadi Girls and that there are others out there that are just as crazy about him as I am.

  292. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola Ladies!
    We are exactly 33 days til pitchers and CATCHERS report to Jupiter!! We’ve made it this far, we can go the distance!!

    With that thought in mind, I need everyone’s attention.


    I had the idea a while back to maybe send Yadi a goodie box when the season starts. Players get mail at the clubhouse during the season and they do open their own mail. What I would like to do, and I am certainly open to any and all ideas, was I am gonna go to WalMart this weekend and buy a baseball, I will sign it, something like “good luck in ’08 we luv you!” or something like that. Margaret will sign it when I see her next weekend, I will bring it to the Warmup for anyone who is going to sign, then it will go on the road, down to OK so Karen and Andrea can sign it, they will mail it back to me and I will send it to whomever wants in on this, sign it and mail it back to me. So what I need to know is who would like to sign Yadi’s Good Luck In ’08 lucky baseball? I thought I would include in the box besides the ball would be a good luck card explaining that the baseball we all signed is his good luck charm for ’08 (ball players are very superstistious!), maybe a small stuffed animal of some kind, a bag of bubblegum for all those hot dry afternoons behind the plate, and I was also thinking, there is a Latino grocery store on my way home from work, I’m going to stop in and see if they carry any kind of candy or snacks that are native to Puerto Rico and include that.

    So, what do you guys think?

    I know Margaret and Karen are in, so who else? Let me know. I figure we need to get started cuz it will take a while to get the ball around to everybody and back here again.

    Let’s make sure that Yadi knows who his “Girls” are!


  293. lrizzie@charter.net

    I get a kick out of you ladies. I,m a big Cardinal baseball and have been since I was a little girl. I used to listen to the games on the radio with my Mom. I once saw a pictue of Yadi in the gameday magizine while he was in the minors and somehow knew he was going to be a subperb catcher. The games are just not as exciting when he is not in the games. I think I am Yadi’s first Number one fan. I have a picture of myself looking from the old stadium to the new stadium being built and, I have on a shirt I made that says you gotta love Yaddi.It has his old Number on it, #41. I am a great grandmother and I love that cute smile , Yadi has when he throws someone out. It’s like the cat the canary, or try to run onme will you. Good luck to all the Cardinals this year and especially, Yadi.

  294. lrizzie@charter.net

    Ladies I went back this morning and read my e-mail and thought I must have been half asleep when I wrote it. I meant to say I was a Big Cardinal baseball fan and that when I read the Gameday magazine and saw Yadi’s picture I knew he was going to be a superb catcher, and when he throws someone out and has that cute smile he looks like the cat that ate the canary. After all we have to get things correct when we refer to Yadi because he is a SUPERB catcher and should have gotten the Gold Glove last year and also should have been named the MVP of the 2006 world series. My kids bought me an Albert Pujols game packet for the games this year so I’m going to get to go to 7 games. Aren’t I the lucky one? Again good luck to our Cardinals and especially Yadi. I hope he can hit more home runs this year. On the field I mean because I know with you gals he has hit many many home runs by just being Yadi.

  295. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey Yadi Girls
    We need to get everyone switched over to the new myspace site. Who are we missing? Becky I posted a comment onto the site about the baseball idea. I’m in.



  296. blueridge@irtc.net

    I’m here!! I’m here!!!! Hello Ladies!! I’m sorry I have not been on here in a while. I’ve been extremely busy with the Holidays and I uncle passed away on Christmas night. It’s been crazy. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I just finished going to My Space and Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Yadi Girls page!!!!!!! It’s amazing and I could stare at it all day….Fine Job Ladies!! But, I was having trouble adding myself as a Friend so I could post a comment. I tried following the directions above from Spidermom, but I never saw “Add me” Can someone help, please? Thanks in advance. I ‘d love to sign the baseball, Becky, so don’t forget me! I am so freaking ready for baseball guys! I am having real issues with it. I miss YADI!!!! My birthday was Wednesday and I was hoping Yadi would call or stop by to wish my happy b-day, but he must have been busy..ha ha!! Welcome to the new girls too. There is getting to be more and more of us!! Guess we all have great taste! Lzacharski, where in Illinois do you live? I also live in Ill. I live up north about an hour away from Alton. In God’s country….they call it. Well, I have a screaming 2 year old, got to go! See ya Yadi girls!

  297. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Ladies!!
    Well, I always said that if I was home on a Saturday night on the computer, I would know I was a total geek!! Here I am!!!

    Glad everybody likes the goodie box idea!! I think it will be loads of fun! I kind of got my timing a little messed up. I’m not gonna start sending the ball out til maybe the last week of Jan or the first week of Feb cuz we can’t send it til after the season starts which is March 31, so we have some time.

    I posted wrong on the myspace site too. I have to put the goodiebox idea on a bulletinso here goes nothin!

    Hope I do it right!

    Karen, I started watching “Urban Cowboy” tonighttoo, and I can’t believe I forgot to tell you the night you were watchin it and we were on the phone, but the song by Anne Murray,”Can I Have This Dance” that they play after Bud and Sissy get married is MY wedding song!! I watch that movie just to hear it, gets me all teary eyed every time! Guess I’m not so much of an old married lady after all!

    OK girls of the Yadi persuasion, gotta go get my postings right on myspace!

    MAN!! I am so ready for baseball too!!!


    PS-Happy Birthday Tracie!!

    Now, I TOLD Yadi to come over in his tux with a dozen roses and give you a big hug and a kiss, and to make sure your husband wasn’t around to see him do it haha!! He must have gotten lost! Hope Yadi in a tux with roses is a GREAT birthday mental pic for ya!! It would get my attention! Can you just picture him??!!! OH MY GOD!

  298. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Happy Sunday Evening ladies!
    Hope everyone is getting psyched up for Monday,uuuggghh! I just had a little sunday night brain musing…is everybody hoping and praying that SOMEBODY might get us a, dare I dream, a shirtless pic of our man this season??!!!! Man, I’d pay gooood money for that!!

    Who can we hire haha!!

    Talk to everybody later this week! On that note, very sweet dreams ladies!!


  299. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Tracie I hope you had a wonderful birthday despite Yadi getting lost on his way over. Also you should be able to log onto your myspace and then go to the person page that you want to add to your friends and click on Add to Friends in the Contacting section of their page. If it is a private page you may have to wait until you’re accepted. If you let me know where to find your page I can add you to mine.
    On the “Yadi Girl’s” page in the comment section it looks like Cindy, Cindy, Cindy. I’m feeling like Marsha, Marsha, Marsha and not in a good way. Is anyone else logging on? I know I’m probably the only one without much of a life and have time for this. Or maybe it is because I’m at work and don’t feel like working but don’t tell :o)

    Beck I am sooooo with you on the picture of Yadi. I think we would all put money into that fund. I would also like to see him in shorts. Has anyone seen him in anything but long pants?

    Later Yadi Girls


  300. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Morning Girls!
    Cindy, I am definitely with you on shorts! How about 1 pic just covering all of our “needs”! Shorts and no shirt! C’mon photographers! We ask so little!! There’s a little daydreaming material for you ladies!!



  301. stlbballbabe94@yahoo.com

    hey. wow i have not been on here in a while.
    so how are you guys doingg?

    so theres a myspace page now? will someone send me the link please lol

  302. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey JC!
    I couldn’t answer you on Myspace cuz I have to be on your friends list!

    I am getting psyched but I would be way more psyched if I knew when and what time for our man! I’m starting to get concerned, is he sick or is something wrong with Mom or Dad? Also, NO DO-RAGS! How much extra to run my fingers through his hair haha?!!

    I don’t know my way around that hotel so just let us know where a good spot to meet is. My husband will be with me on Sat. and Margaret will be with me on Sun, so we should all try to meet up on Sun.

    What’s the deal with parking there? Do they have a garage?

    Hollar Back!


  303. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Hello ladies,
    I haven’t got the chance to go over to my space yet, I’ve been very occupied lately with various things. But I wanted to tell you girls about this site of Rose’s (ask Becky about her.) Anyway, I have some pictures up there from the first time I met Yadier. Go over to http://randomstuff12.wetpaint.com . Under top contributors, click on the picture of Yadi, then click on ygirl and you will see why this was the greatest day of my life! sweet dreams : ) ~ygirl (margaret)

  304. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Bad, bad news ladies. I just called Cardinal Care and it doesn’t look like Yadi is going to be there for Winter Warm-up. I am hoping that the lady had no idea what she was talking about but I have a feeling she is right. If you look at the autograph price list on the Cardinals website, Yadi is not even listed as TBD anymore. He is no where to be found. I am so bummed. I even had my autograph ticket already. 😦

  305. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Lisa!
    I really hope she doesn’t know what she is talking about! Which list are you,looking at? I keep looking at the one on the clubhouse page and it still says to be determined, but they have not updated it since last weekend. Even the new guy is gonna be there! Hang on to that ticket! We will all think positive thoughts!


  306. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    I am looking at the lists on the Cardinals official website. It has been updated recently as the other players who were TBD are on there now. They have the price list posted and each day’s schedule posted and he is not on either list. I called Cardinals Care at 314-345-9600. Maybe someone else will call and get a different story. Lets all cross our fingers.

  307. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Lisa,
    Ooooooooo MAN!! I see what you are talking about!! This is bbbbbaaaaaadddd karma!!!

    Let’s hope that this is very incomplete!! We need Yadi prayers and lots of ’em!!


  308. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    OK Ladies!!
    If by some horrible coincidence our beloved is a no-show, let’s make lemonade and try to find a good place to all meet up so we could at least, you know, meet! We need to know who all is going to chime in here and make a plan!!


  309. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Oh! I almost forgot! JC, I will make it a point to look for your red eyelashes, and we will manage to hunt down everyone else!

  310. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Huge sigh of relief here girls. I just checked the Cardinals site again and Yadi is on there!! It says he will be there Monday from 12 to 2. My heart was racing when I looked. I was so happy. So much for the lady at Cardinals Care. She had no idea what she was talking about. I was originally supposed to work Monday, but now I guess I am getting an extra day off. I wouldn’t miss Yadi for the world!

  311. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Lisa, how early are you getting down there? I was not gonna take Mon off too but now I think I will! I will be with Margaret! I can’t even type!! We need to figure out a way to spot each other. The more YadiGirls the merrier!!


  312. blueridge@irtc.net

    Margaret, I love the pics!! I went to the website you gave us and loved it. You are such a beautiful lady, Yadi probably loved it as much as you did! Those were good and I’m jealous, girl! 😉 Hope all is well and hope everyone has fun at the Warm Up. I wish I could have went. I have a house-ful of men again, deer hunting. This is the last season and they are trying to get some more deer meat. We’ve also had more than enough cocktails too! I want to hear and see some pictures from the warm up ladies….I’ll be waiting patiently…. See ya fellow Yadi girls!!

  313. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hello Yadi-Sisterhood!
    Well, Margaret and I are getting psyched up for tomorrow!! I just hope we get down to the hotel in time to get autograph tix! The Warmup is alot of fun, I think if you are a collector. Lots of sports memorabelia, we saw Brad Thompson signing autographs, still looks like he is 12 but much better looking in person. For those still in mourning for Scott Rolen, the new guy, Troy Glaus was there. He looked like he was pretty overwhelmed to see a sea of red in the middle of Jan when it is 10 ******* degrees outside!! Very cute, but married ladies!

    You could definitely spend alot of $$ if you want to. I don’t think I would go again if Yadi was not gonna be there, but that is worth every penny!!!

    Wish us luck tomorrow morning girls!! We hope to have many new Yadi pix for everybody! Maybe we will even sneak another smooch!!

    Will tell all tomorrow!


  314. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    OMG!!! Check out the Cardinals website. The Cardinals have locked Yadier in for 4 more year.
    In Yadi’s comment it mentioned that he thought about his family first when making his decision. What family does he mean? Any way YA!!!! Four more years at least!!!!



  315. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening YadiGirl Sisterhood!!
    And what a GLORIOUS evening it is!!

    First of all, as you all probably know by now, we are in for 4 count ’em 4 possibly 5 years of more Yadi all the time!! Could we ask for anything better ladies??!!!

    Second of all, it is ALWAYS a good evening when you have spent part of your day drowning in those bee-utiful brown eyes of our Yadi!!!

    What a day! Margaret and I had a BLAST!! It seemed like we spent the whole day waiting in line, but it was totally worth it!!

    We got some new info for the goodie-box, he likes Hershey’s dark chocolate with nuts!! He was wearing the blue shirt at the WW that he was wearing in the pic with the GM, looks like he ditched the tie in a hurry!! Poor baby! He could not have been sweeter! Got him to sign the jersey off my back! We got loads of great pix, and we will put them on Rose’s website(see Above)

    We are trying to put together a YadiGirls Day at the ballpark, and we are looking at possibly June 16-20, I am on vacation that week, so anybody that wants to try to come. If we get enough, maybe we can look into some kind of group deal. Of course we are gonna bring a sign the size of a ******* BEDSHEET, so it will be noticed!!

    As for family, let’s hope like all good sons, he just wants to take care of Mom and Dad! Not crazy-*** Wanda! Who?

    I don;t think I will come down for a few days! I’m not sure just how long my latest Yadi fix will last, I’m gonna need another one!!!


  316. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey fellow Yadi Sisters!
    Here’s a warm thought for all of us trudging through the single digit temps, pitchers and CATCHERS report to Jupiter 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY!! Hang in there ladies! We are almost there!!


  317. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    How is everyone, hope everyone is keeping warm with all the YADI news this past week!

    It’s 68-28-22!!! 68 days to Opening Day–28 days until I can listen to the first spring training game on our local radio station–and 22 days until YADI reports for spring training.

    I’m still around, just very busy. I am now also working part-time in a clinic and still going to school. This is what has helped me make it through the long winter. It is flying by for me! But I do miss our YADI very much.

    Was very excited when we heard about the 4-year deal! He deserved it! Wasn’t he gorgeous during the press conference? Yum-yum!

    I’ll talk more later, lots of work to do.

    Keep up the YADI watching and sweet YADI dreams to all!




    We are going to win the World Series this year ’08!!

    Think positive girls!!

  318. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Hey Girls,
    I’m still flyin, thought i’d log in and share it with everyone. Can i just say on behalf of all of us… THANK YOU GOD! i can sleep soundly now for the next four (possibly five) years! and the smile on my face, it’s permanent. i can’t seem to erase it. holy smokin catcher, he gets hotter every time i see him! Becky, i wish i were reporting to Jupiter in three weeks. what a sweet little photo op that would be. Karen, I took some great pics of Albert Monday. I’ll try to email them to you tomorrow.

    going to bed, sweet dreams sisters : )


  319. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey fellow Yadi Sisters!
    Go on the Cards website and watch Yadi’s press conference! He is just about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! What a totally hot, sexy accent!! Imagine your phone ringing and you pick it up and hear that! Whew!! You would have to pick me up off the floor!! If you want a totally yummy Yadi fix this is it!!


  320. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Girls!
    Just thought I would let everybody know that Margaret is a GRANDMA!! Kolby Vincent made his debut this morning at 11:19, and he weighs 6 pounds 6onces! Yeeaaahhh!!!

    I think Yadi is gonna like young cool Grandmas!!


  321. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    I hope this finds everyone in good health and keeping warm. Doing fine here, especially knowing that we all can be happy for the next 4-5 years knowing we have our baby YADI, playing for the best team in the MLB!!

    Congratulation! Margaret, I mean grandma! Like I have said before, you are nothing until you become a grandma. That grandson is going to be your world now, everyone else will become secondary. I have one grandson and a granddaughter. Have fun and enjoy being a grandma!

    I seen the pictures of Winter Warm Up, of YADI, Becky, and Margaret! And of course, YADI IS SO GORGEOUS, LOVE THAT SMILE! I told Beck, they look like old friends sitting there chatting! I am so jealous!

    60 days til our first game! And two weeks ladies, till S.T!!!

    Talk to you later!


    P.S. I met this (%$@#@*&^) jerk who asked if I like the Cardinals, because I have a Cardinals key chain hanging on my purse. I said, Yes! I do. He said, you probably just like to look at the players like most women!! I said, No, I am a true fan, then he asked who the “coach” was and I said, the “manager” is Tony LaRussa, the pres, is John Mozeliak, and named the starting players and positions! I told him I can also tell you their salaries and how long they have been playing for the Cardinals and in the MLB! You want to hear that? He said No, I believe you! I also said, and yes I do like to look at the players, especially the catcher! He is too cute! The jerk didn’t know what to say then, he finally said he was sorry! He said he’d never met a woman who enjoyed Baseball that much! I told him “Don’t mess with a Cardinal fan! Especially a YADI GIRL!” Now when I see him on campus, he says, don’t mess with her she’s a Cardinal fan! He’s such a %$*&$#@

  322. fltn83@hotmail.com

    hi ladies, i havent been on here in a while! just thought id let you all in on some new info that i found out, cause i know you all love the gossip 🙂
    Yadier and Wanda are no longer getting a divorce, they reconciled. AND she is pregnant! Im not sure how far along but i do know they are going to have a baby, and that came straight from Yadier, he told me in a text message the other day. Anyways, just wanted to share that with yall!

  323. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    ok, so you and yadier just sit around and text message each other, right? do you have any proof to offer? you know we gossips just need to know everything.

  324. fltn83@hotmail.com

    i actually have better things to do then sit around and make stuff up. i guess you’ll see when he actually has a baby soon. and how would i have proof that he told me that?

  325. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    Is everyone counting the days! Just 9 days till Spring Training and 56 till Opening Day but we have to wait one more day, since the Cardinals first game is April 2. They’re just making us wait!! Torture us a little bit more, will they! But oh, honey, it will be worth the wait!

    I was happy to find out our baby is having a baby! Kind of makes you feel like a proud aunt, grandma, or something! Congratulations to our YADI! Can you just see it, a little YADI running around! The future catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, just like daddy! Hey, that sounds good, DADDY YADI!

    I bet his parent’s are excited about YADI becoming a father. Their first grandchild from him! It’s exciting having the first grandchild from each of your children. I have grandchildren from my oldest daughter. My three youngest haven’t had children yet!

    It’s a special thing becoming a dad for the first time! I hope he enjoys it! Can you see him catching a game and throwing off his mask and runs because it’s time! The baby’s on the way! With their schedule lets hope he gets to be there when the baby is born!

    Is anyone else planning on going to St. Louis during June? I’m going to go when Beck has her vacation. It would be nice if more of our group could come. It would be fun to meet one another and all go to a Cardinals game together. The YADI GIRLS could make ourselves known and make a showing for our YADI!!!

    Hey fitn83, thanks for the info but I had read it in another article a week or so ago, but was still exciting to hear from a real source. I tried to E/M you but it came back saying your address didn’t exist! I’d like to hear from you.

    Talk to you later YADI GIRLS!, lots of homework!

    Happy YADI dream and thoughts to the YADI GIRLS!


  326. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    I hope everyone is doing well.

    OMG!! 48 days till the first home game. I didn’t look at March’s schedule until today and noticed the home opener is the 31st against Colorado! Can’ wait!!

    Girls, it gives you less than 2 months to get all your spring cleaning and whatever done before the season starts. I know, I for one will be totally occupied by YADI AND THE CADINALS to be bothered with anything else.


    Keep warm and remember we are in the back stretch, we are going to make it! 48 days!!



  327. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!!
    As I write this we are simply HOURS away from the start of Spring Traing!!! We made it girls!!! Remember back in November when we just didn’t think it was possible to make it to Feb?! We are here!!!

    Hang on Ladies! Games on TV are NOT far behind!!!

    Hope everyone is well and not slipping and sliding on the ice!

    More later!


  328. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!!
    As I write this we are simply HOURS away from the start of Spring Traing!!! We made it girls!!! Remember back in November when we just didn’t think it was possible to make it to Feb?! We are here!!!

    Hang on Ladies! Games on TV are NOT far behind!!!

    Hope everyone is well and not slipping and sliding on the ice!

    More later!


  329. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Ladies!!
    Here we are!! It’s finally here!! We didn’t know if we were gonna make there for a while but we did!!

    Just wanted to tell you guys that there is agreat article on Yadi on stltoday.com. Click on sports, then in the upper left corner click on Cardinals and it will come up!



  330. sltay@earthlink.net

    Where is everyone?
    I am missing your chatter. I very seldom write, but I check you out each day. I do not want to miss anything our Yadi does.

  331. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    I hope this finds all the YADI GIRLS in good health and happy. Let’s not forget warm also, I am totally ready for YADI, The Cardinals, all other Baseball, Spring, and Warm Weather, in that order!

    Has everyone been keeping up with the Cardinals at Spring Training? We are 2-0 in the Grapefruit League! We beat the NY Mets two times! 7-0 and 5-4!! We played against their ace, Santana today and we beat him! Today (friday)Juan Gonzalez hit a 3-run Home Run! Maybe he is the power hitter we need to go along with Albert! Brendan Ryan is looking pretting good too, he hit a triple!


    Doesn’t our baby, YADI look great! Check out the pics on Yahoo Sports, he looks like he’s in great shape and yummy! He’s showing us why we call him HOTTIE YADI!! As my Chica would say, “He’s so hot, he’d make the devil sweat!” Am I right Ladies?


    Later YADI GIRLS! We are almost there! Opening Day is just around the corner!!

  332. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Good Evening Ladies!
    Well, here we are! We are patiently waiting our sweetie to be televised! I for one cannot wait!! There are new Picture Day pix on Gettyimages.com. One is good but the other is kind of odd! Like they snapped the picture in mid-sentence or something! Anyway, yummy all the same!

    Hang on Girls, we will have PLENTY to discuss in just a few weeks!!


  333. mgill04s@uis.edu

    Hey Girls!
    I can’t believe opening day is getting so close. I entered myself, my husband, and my parents into the drawing for the chance to buy opening day tickets, but none of us were lucky enough to get drawn. Do any of you have tickets yet? I’m looking at maybe going to the day game on April 3, but not sure yet because I may be having surgery before then, but I’m hoping to see Yadi one last time before I’m laid up for awhile!


  334. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!
    Yikes!! Took me 2 hours to get home tonight! If Yadi had been waiting for me I would have had a wreck!! Double yikes, Cards lost 10-2 today! Hope they get all of THESE out of their system down in Fla!

    I don’t know about you guys but I have had more than enough snow and I am ready to PLAY BALL!!


  335. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    How’s everyone? Doing great in Oklahoma!

    I just check the score for today and we lost again. I know it’s just taking a few games for our boys to get it together! By Opening Day, I know they will have it together and teamwork will be in place! We will start winning and keep on winning thoughout the season! I have every confidence in the Cardinals!

    The Cards are 2-5 in the Grapefruit League standings, 1.5 games back, but hey, it’s just starting! We still have three more weeks!

    I was watching Spring Training clips on the Cardinals website and got to see YADI during batting practice. OMG, he looks so good, he also looks younger! But I have to admit I liked the chubby YADI alittle better! But he looks good either way!!

    Later YADI GIRLS!



  336. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola YadiGirls!
    Did everybody hear about the game today? Cards win 6-5 in 10 innings! Yadi got 2 hits and scored a run and nailed a guy at second and saved the go ahead run in the 9th by getting a guy at home plate! That’s our man!! Is everybody getting PSYCHED about the season starting?!! We don’t have long ladies! the long dark Yadi-less winter is just about over!!


  337. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Girls!
    Guess what was on my TV today? Cardinal Baseball!! We’ve made it!! It was iffy there for a while! Our Sweetie is lookin good! It’s hard to tell that he’s lost weight cuz he wears his uniform so baggy. But he still has the best butt in the MLB!! He popped up and grounded out a few times, but it’s early. We have LOTS more Yadi to look at and love!


  338. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hope everyone is doing good. It is 5 days 12 hours 47 minutes until Opening Day! We are almost there. I’m sure most of us have already seen some of the spring training games. Our baby looks terrific! Doesn’t he? Am I right YADI GIRLS? This is his year! This is the year for the Cardinals!


    If you go on Yahoo Images, pull up YADI and on the second or third page is a copy of the back of YADI’S baseball card. It is from the Grandstand 2001 Set, if you pull up the card and enlarge it. You will see that there is a mistake on the card. It says YADI’S birthday is 03-06-82, we all know his birthday is 08-13-82. There is a mistake on this card! It is even printed with the MLB Properties, Inc. Maybe they should get the YADI GIRLS to proofread any info on our man, you know we won’t get it wrong!

    Later Girls!



  339. rnoble1065@sbcglobal.net

    Hola ladies!
    OK. We are down to a little over a week to go!! Has anyone caught the commercial running on channel 5 here in St. Louis with all the pitchers throwing to Yadi? Awsome! Is he the cutest thing or what? I think we are all in need of a long hot summer full of Yadi!!


  340. blueridge@irtc.net

    Hello Ladies!!!!!!!! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written. Been so busy with jobs, kids & such. I hope everyone is doing wonderful. I had a wonderful Easter watching Yadi & the Cards. I barely paid any attention to my family who was over visiting. I was in a trance…..know what I mean, girls? I was so excited to see baseball on TV once again. That means spring is REALLY on it’s way!!! The kids are doing great, my daughter will be 2 years old on April 3rd & my son will be starting ball soon. And the coaches want him to be the CATCHER (& maybe pitch)!!! I told him he’s my “little Yadi”! He thinks I’m crazy. He is a Boston Red Sox Fan…(don’t know where he got that from!!). He does watch the Cardinals, mostly because mom is in charge of the remote. He likes them alright though…
    I’d like to try to make it to a few games this year…I went to three last year, and it was just not enough. We’ll probably wait until May to go. And this year my daughter will most likely get to go. She likes Yadi too. She even says his name pretty well! What has everyone else been up to? Been thinking of you gals.

    Well, girls, I guess I’d better get off of here and do some work. Take care all you Yadi Girls!!!


  341. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    HEY! fINALLY IT’S BASEBALL!!. Sorry I haven’t been on here much latelly, I’ve been impatiently wating. But now that it’s her giirls: one-two-three-four, tell me who do we adore? YADI! YADI
    Go-o-o-o YADI

  342. becky65

    Whoooo-hooooooo!! WE made it!! It is finally here!! Too bad we got rained out!! But our baby drove in 2 runs! I was soo proud! Hey Chains! Good to hear from you! We have just been patiently waiting too! Well, maybe not patiently! Are you ready ladies for 6MONTHS of Our favorite catcher?! That Perfect Puerto Rican, the man who is so hot he could make the Devil himself sweat?!! And last but certainly not least, the best butt in the MLB! Keep walkin to the mound Honey!!Love it!!!

  343. becky65

    Hey YadiGirls!!
    Whoooooo-hooooo!!! Our Sweetie hit a homer!!!!! He was waiting til today so I could watch it!! He grew the beard back too! Very Sexy!!!
    All is right with the world!! Our Yadi is BACK!!!

  344. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    1 home run and 5 RBI’s in the first week! And 3 pick offs! (actually I think only 2 count)
    Isn’t our baby smokin’!!

    Becky and I were on the phone when YADI made the home run, I think all of north St. Louis and northwest Oklahoma City heard us yelling!! We were so proud!!

    Where is everyone else? JC, Lisa, Stlbbgirl, you girls still with us?

    For Becky’s birthday I gave her a mini version of our YADI BOOK. It has pictures of our baby. Our book has over 300 pictures. The one I made for Beck has about 30, I picked the best shots of YADI, now she can drool anytime she wants! She loves it, I’m still planning on making a disk of it one of these days. School is still taking up all my time! I may post it on my myspace page, I’ll let you know when I do!

    Later girls, Gotta go and get things done before game time.
    We are watching at my oldest daughter’s tonight, she has this huge big screen TV. Andrea says, BIG, BIG YADI!!



  345. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!
    I do love the Yadi book Karen made me! It is Awsome!! It sure helped during the rest of the long cold Yadi-less winter!! No Yadi tonight!! Bummer! I have to confess, when he’s not playing, I tend to do other things, like get on the computer haha!!
    In the memorable words of our friend Tracie-All is right with the world!
    Sweet Dreams YadiGirls!! Our Baby is sexy as ever!!

  346. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Ha YadiGirls
    I haven’t been around for a bit. I have kept in touch with Karen and Beck and try to keep up on my myspace page. I am a new mom of a beautiful baby girl with Colic so I have been very busy. Still manage to keep up with Yadi and the Cardinals. He is doing so great. His batting average is up to 308. GO YADI!!! He, as always, has been great to watch and I must say is looking really good.
    Later YadiGirls

  347. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    I am still here girls!! Spring is my busiest time at work so I have not had a spare moment to post. I have even been taking work home with me to do while I watch the game. I have been to two games so far though…one where Yadi got his 20th career pick-off (which was awesome) and another where I got to sit almost directly behind home plate and up only 10 rows (GREAT for Yadi watching!). I am also going to this Saturdays game and have tickets for 8 more after that. I made sure that I have plenty of opportunities to watch Yadi in action! One of these days I am going to make it to batting practice so I can watch him warm-up. Does anyone know if there is any other way in to the stadium to watch batting practice other than waiting for the gates to open 2 hours prior to the game? That is fine and all but by then the Cardinals BP is almost over. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, I have officially got Yadi fever. I even posted pictures of him all over my desk at work. I am sure my co-workers think I am nuts seeing that it is starting to look more and more like a teenager’s room everyday. I can’t resist though…especially those more recent pictures with his beard and the sunglasses on. Mmmmmmmm!!! I have to go spash some cold water on my face now.

  348. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Hope everyone has been able to watch our baby! Doesn’t he look great! I love the beard, but he needs to stop cutting all his hair off! I love to look at the curls!
    Aren’t the CARDINALS hot! They seem to be all on the same page most of the time. I heard the announcers say one night last week that they all get along great and even hang out together after the games. They said, the problems are gone this year! (edmonds and rolen)
    I have been so busy lately, just started a new job. I work for an HMO here in OKC, but I do have weekends off and I work 8-5, so I am home in time for the games!
    It’s great to hear everyone is happy being able to see our baby, almost on a daily basis now!



  349. becky65

    Hola Ladies!
    Is everybody still as mad as me about yesterday?!! Man that guy is a creep! Yadi would have taken his head off! I would have been over that wall in a heartbeat! Brandon Backe has the YadiGirls on his tail now! Sucks to be him!!
    It was kinda hot to see him all fired up like that though!
    Are we gonna have to road trip to Houston to get out that can of whoop-a–?! I’m ready!

  350. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    My poor baby girl was sleeping in my arms when Backe threw that pitch AT Yadi. I woke her with the not nice things I had to say about Backe and what he just did and was cheering right along with the crowd. It’s a good thing my daughter is too little to know what I was saying. Yadi does look good when he is anger. He looks good what ever he does but now we know he even looks good anger. Backe saying that it wasn’t intentional may A@!. He knew what he was doing. He should have been tossed from the game right there. I’m with you Beck. I’m ready to kick some A@!.

  351. maddmolly

    Hello ladies!
    Do you guys have room in here for one more Yadi lover? I’ve loved him for a while now and still proudly wear my Molina 41 shirt. It always amazes me how many people don’t know that he wore 41 before 4!
    I have been reading your comments and you guys sound like a lot of fun!

  352. becky65

    Hey Terri!
    Sure!! We always have room for 1 more! I’m Becky, and usually around here we have Margaret, Karen, Tracie, and Cindy. We have sort of commandeered this blog from Rachel. I’ve tried to scare her up but no luck, so here we are! We have all become great friends here because of Yadi! We are all as crazy as the next! You’ll have to forgive us, we sometimes tend to neglect this site cuz we all email each other personally, but we will make sure we come lookin for you!
    Did you see Yadi’s homer today?! Whooo-hooo! I didn’t see it, but I heard it. I knew I should have waited to go to Walmart! Damn! I’ll have to turn on the news tonight. He’s doing soooo good! I’m so proud of him!
    We are glad you found us Terri! Welcome!

    PS- We are all still lookin for a piece of that creep Brandon Backe! He’s got the YadiGirls to deal with now!!

  353. brokenchains44@yahoo.com


  354. maddmolly

    I saw Yadi’s homer today! His swing looked so easy and natural. Of course, I was yelling and screaming! … and Becky, I agree with you… last Sunday after the “Backe incident”….. the Puerto Rican blood boiling… mmmm mmmm mmmmm… muy caliente!
    BTW, just a little info about me…. I’m in St. Louis, married w no kids (just one very spoiled little dog). I have the pic towards the top of the comments where he’s on the mound as my wallpaper on my computer at work. When I turn my monitor on every morning I say “Morning Yadi!” and blow him a kiss…. the girls all laugh at me, but who cares! I’m glad I’ve found other like minded ladies!
    Terri 😀

  355. becky65

    Hey Terri,
    Did you see Yadi get that guy at second?!! Man that’s hot!
    He gets that guy every time he tries to steal!
    I’m also in St. Louis, no kids just a spoiled rotten collie puppy! She thinks she is a kid!
    We are all gunning for Backe here! He better steer clear of the YadiGirls!
    All of my co-workers tease me too! I have my bobblehead, and a bunch of pix at my desk too! I don’t think I should put anything else there or it’s gonna start looking like some kind of wierd shrine or something!
    Oh well, we like anything Yadi here!

  356. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey Terri, good to have you. We have had people come and go but a hand full of us have stood by our man. Those that Beck mentioned have been brought together by Yadi.
    I live just west of St. Louis about an hour drive away and I’m a new Mom. I don’t get on here as much anymore but I’m trying now that I’m back at work. I have a couple of pictures of Yadi hanging on my walls at work also and my co-workers completely understand. They are big baseball fans as well.
    Yadi is doing great with a batting average of .277 and his home runs and throwing base stealers out. GO YADI!!!

  357. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    OMG! I guess I’m not the only one fired up over the incident with Backe! I was already fired up at Backe over the incident with Albert a few weeks back in Houston.
    I was right behing YADI when he was heading to the mound! I had his back! It looked like he was yelling in both Spanish and English!
    When Towles was holding YADI back, I was yelling, knock him out too! It took me awhile to calm down. My daughter was at work when the game was on, but we watched it again on Baseball Tonight and she was doing that half Spanish, half English thing too, she was HOT!!
    Backe should have been thown out of the game, they were all warned before the game!

    The homerun was a beauty, did you see the smile on his face as soon as he hit it, he knew it was gone!

    Then the pick off at second! He is 4 for 16 so far this year but his career average for pickoffs is 54%!! If he is going to contend for the Gold Glove this year, he needs more offense. One way is for there to be someone behind him to bring him in. He gets on base but no one brings him in! The announcers were saying he is one of the hardest players in the MLB to stike out. He strikes out once in every 25.something plate appearances. He is too good!!
    Tony needs to think about this and move someone behind him or move him up so he can be in a better position to score runs!

    Welcome Terri! We always welcome any new friends to our little group! I’m Karen and my daughter Andrea (Chica) are both YADI crazy! We live in Oklahoma City.

    Later YADI GIRLS! Good to hear from most of our group, only a few missing from last year.


  358. maddmolly

    Good Mornng ladies!
    Thanks for the warm welcome!
    We got to go to the game Sunday night and were actually low enough to get some cute pics of our Yadi! Every time he came out or walked to the mound, the camera came out! After a while, my husband said, ‘You know, if you take a picture of the screen on the scoreboard, they’ll be a lot bigger!’ Hmmm, I guess that guy is pretty smart!
    It was pretty cool when he threw Thereiot out at 2nd and everyone gave Yadi the standing ovations!

  359. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Wah! I can’t seem to get it! I wanna see it! Funny how the words”hot” and Yadi” seem to naturally go together! Anybody see the game last night? Our boy sure is getting feisty! He really was hot and bothered about that play at the plate when he was trying to score! Froom what I saw, I don’t blame him. I don’t think the catcher tagged him


  360. becky65

    Bummer! I wanna see it too! I am so proud of our sweetie! His batting average is getting up there! That play sucked! He was so safe! The catcher never even touched him! Get some glasses Ump!
    So true so true! You have GOT to love the YYYYAAAADDDIII!

  361. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!
    Whew!!!! What happened???!!! I was in the kitchen and all of a sudden Yadi was ejected and I went running in just in time to see him all up in the Ump’s face! Man I have never seen him that hot!!! It was kind of sexy haha!!
    Are we twisted or what?!

  362. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I was watching it and kept rewinding it and watching it again. I know that the pitch just before the argument should have been called a strike but there must have been something else maybe personal or that I missed. It looked like when he started stripping (what a wonderful site) off his gear that he told the ump to F@#!ing catch. He was HOT and looked HOT. I might have to keep Yadi’s strip tease recorded. ;O)

  363. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    yeah! what’s with him this year? seems like he has become more and more explosive this year! seems our guy has quite a temper! Stripping? Oh pul-eeez! When he gets the shirt off, I’ll be happy!Is he getting frustrated with the umps, the pitchers or what? We love you anyway Yadi!

  364. becky65

    Hey BC! I’m with you! Think we could pool our money and hire a photographer to catch him shirtless?!! I know I’d pay DECENT jack for that!! I thought it was sexy!

  365. maddmolly

    Hey all!
    Boy, I was upset monday night when I got home and saw what happened on the news! Of course, all they showed was a little snippet. Not nearly enough Yadi! I finally found an artilce that had a link to footage of the whole thing and a little sound byte of Yadi after the game. Damn, he’s hot when he’s mad!
    During last night’s game, he looked like he didn’t get much sleep the night before. Poor baby! Looked like he needed a hug! I sure wouldn’t mind giving him some comfort! ;D At one point, when he was up to bat, Yadi was saying something to the ump – and more than just ‘How ya doin?’. Neither one of them looked too happy. I kept thinking ‘be careful Yadi!” I rewound it several times but couldn’t figure out what he was saying…
    Beck, I was thinking, one of us could just get a press pass and get some locker room pics…. hhmmm, now there’s some pics I’d love to see!!! I know they’d figure me out real quick after I started drooling and only taking pics of our Yadi!
    Have a great one, Yadi Girls!

  366. maddmolly

    Hey Yadi Girls!
    Anyone see today’s game? Yadi had some awsome throws! It was great to see his smile back!
    On another note, got a sticker for my Escape today.. had it made on ebay. It says: Got Yadi? Now, I’m not one to put stickers on my vehicles, but Yadi’s worth it!

  367. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    YADI STICKERS!? Yeah I’ll have a few!!! Hire somebody to take pics in the locker room? I’m for it!! Could Yadi be tired because wifey is jealous of his fans and gives him what for all nite?
    I did see that game today. Nice to see that smile!! He looke pretty pleased with himself.

  368. becky65

    Hey YadiGirls!
    Went to the game on Sat., AWSOME!! Ryan Ludwick’s walk-off homer!!Awsome! Yadi throwing out 2 runners-Damn that’s sexy!
    Saw a girl with a shirt on that said “Yadi is a Hottie!” She said she got it at Chesterfield Mall! I’m off to the mall, it was soooo cool! I think that ol’ hefer Wanda is a MINOR detail!

  369. maddmolly

    Good Morning Yadi Girls!
    Just had a thought… is it me, or does it seem like Yadi has been playing up the cameras? Watching last night’s game, after he threw out the runner at 2nd, he was jogging back to the dugout and just sort of turned and looked at the camera. And when he got his 2nd base hit in the 4th, he pointed right at the camera. Like he was pointing right at me saying “This one’s for you chica!” Well, a girl can dream…. He sure was hot, though! I had to giggle when I rewound when he was jogging back to the dugout and played it back in slow motion, it sort of reminded me of a Baywatch slo-mo jog- only hotter!
    Have you guys noticed too, that he hasn’t been crossing himself before every bat? Wonder what happend there?
    Have a YADI day!
    Terri 🙂

  370. becky65

    Hola YadiLadies!!
    Terri you crack me up girl! I think he has been crossing himself most times when he is at bat. I think that is TOTALLY hot! I know that sounds weird, but it is very sweet and endearing.
    I have not noticed that about the camera though. I will have to watch closer. I hate it when they are out west cuz I can’t stay up to watch the game!
    OMG! Can you imagine a Baywatch slo-mo jog? Ooo honey! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! THAT would be hot! Think we can get him some of those orange swim trunks? I gotta stop! I’ll need a shower haha!
    OK Ladies! It’s just about game time!

  371. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I have not been staying up very late for the games. My baby girl still seems to feel that she needs to get up early the next morning even when the Cardinal games don’t start until 9pm. I do record the games just in case something happen and I want to see more than the replay. I will have to check out Yadi’s camera moment. The camera does love him, as do the Yadi Girls. Also I watched the replay this morning of Albert’s hit to the pitcher and taking out the catcher. I will have to watch the games tonight since there are no regular games on tonight.
    I am all for the Baywatch idea and maybe in Cardinal red shorts. I would put money in the pot for some insider pictures. I really think Yadi needs more interview time. I haven’t seen him on the pre-game or post-game show lately. I do love to hear him talk or do whatever. :o)

  372. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Hey! All you fellow Yadi girls! I hope you’re all going to the online all-star votiing site on the cards homepage and voting for ourYadi to be in the all star game! you can vote up to 25 times. Hey! He deserves to be on that elite roster, dontcha think?

  373. maddmolly

    Hi Yadi girls!
    BC, of course I voted for our Yadi! I did all 25 times at once. It was easy since it kept all the info filled in! Yadi had a pretty good night last night! I just love it when he’s having a good night and they keep showing him smiling!!! I heard that LaRue is catching tonight. Bummer! not sure if it’s true or not, but it’s not as much fun watching the Cards if I can’t watch Yadi too! GOTTA LOVE THE YADI!!!
    Terri 😀

  374. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    whoo-hoo! athree run homer. way to go Yadi! He’s gettin’ better and better! Hey! where is everybody? Maybe you’re all busy voting on the all-star site. Yadi’s still only running third!

  375. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Sweeet! Nice home run…I have a feeling he’ll do it again real soon : )
    Becky’s having surgery Monday. If you want to send her well wishes, I’m sure hearing from her fellow Yadi girls will be just what the doctor ordered.
    Thanks for the win Yadi!!! ~Marg

  376. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!
    What a heartbreaker! Man I thought we were gonna take the night game! Joe Mather’s homer was awsome!
    I am having carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand on Mon. The only glitch-I AM LEFT HANDED!! Yadi will be better speaking English than I am writing it! I guess I will get a quick education on how to do stuff right handed! I will be off work 3-4 weeks, so I will have plenty of time to cheer on Yadi. In fact, we are going to the game on the 14, if I hold up my poor bandaged up hand maybe I will get a sympathy hug!!! I can only hope!
    So, if I talk to you guys next week, it may take me a while to type out what I want to say!
    Well, it’s on to Houston. GO CARDS!!

  377. sltay@earthlink.net

    Let`s get our prayers going for a full and speedy recovery for our baby!
    How scary to see him laying so motionless.
    Get well soon Yadi!!!!!!

  378. becky65

    Fellow YadiGirls,
    Well, I hope everyone has begun breathing again after the terrifying afternoon we had today. My whole family was at my house for Father’s Day so I kind of had to keep my composure throughout the whole thing. OH MY GOD is the only thing that keeps going through my mind! I have always been afraid that he was gonna get clocked at the plate like that, and he was gonna look like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls away the football, but I was NOT prepared for this!
    OK Ladies, the latest thing I could pull off Google from some sports news site was that all tests were negative, and that he only suffered a mild concussion but they were going to keep him at the hospital overnight just to make sure. We want to be sure that in the morning he can still wiggle fingers and toes and anything else that can be wiggled.
    Next week, I will send a card from all of us so he knows we are thinking about him. If anybody has any other suggestions, let me know.
    Let’s all pray hard that our sweetie is good as new.

  379. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Hi Girls,
    Wow, that was just crazy. I can’t imagine what must’ve been going through his mind laying there at the plate. I was stunned and am still trying to get past that sight. Hopefully it’s all minor and we’ll see him behind the plate again this week. ~Marg

  380. maddmolly

    Morning Yadi Girls,
    What a shocker! I didn’t get to see the game yesterday and didn’t hear about Yadi’s accident until I turned on the news. He was definitely at the top of my prayer list last night.
    Beck, I think a card would be nice. …and continued prayers that he makes a full recovery.

  381. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Boy! How scary was that!!?I was watching the game when it happened. I was so scared for him! The way he landed it could have been quite severe. The doctors have said it’s a mild concussion. He kept his eyes closed, and it definitely looked like he had lost consciousness, The commentators said it was the quietest they’d ever seen Busch Stadium. I ‘ve never seen the crowd with such horrified looks on their faces. Tells us just how much he is loved! once they got him on the stretcher it’s like the whole stadium erupted with chants of “Yadi! Yadi! Yadi!” Hopefully, he’ll recover very quickly. The game is just not the same without him! Our prayers and thoughts are with you Yadi! We love you!

  382. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I have cried at least 4 times over watching our baby getting hit. But the one thing that I keep thinking about is his mother and father having to watch their son get hit and laying on the ground not moving. It must have tore his mom’s heart out! I know she’d would have liked to held him in her arms and kiss away the pain! I know I did!
    It makes me naceous just watching it. Living here in OKLA and not being able to get the STL news, it was hard not knowing anything until the ESPN report came out later.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with YADI and his mom and dad.


  383. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    One more comment!
    Once again our YADI has proven he is the best catcher in all of major league baseball.
    One of the commentators on Baseball Tonight was right when he said, our YADI is the heart and soul of the CARDINALS. He does a great job of calling the games and working with the new pitchers they have brought up. He is leading them and helping them to become the best they can be. YADI also has all the confidence of all our veterans. He is simply THE BEST!


  384. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    Ladies, I was at Sunday’s game and it was horrifying. It was so eerie because the cheers from the out were so loud and then it was just dead silence when everyone realized our baby was not moving. I had incredible seats in one of the dugout boxes but it was hard to see what was happening with all the teamates huddled around. It was especially awful because there were no commentators or replays like on tv so I was in the dark about what truly happened until I got home and watched the news. I was able to get right down by the warning track as they drove him by on the stretcher and it was a scary sight. It was amazing that he managed to hang on to the ball and was able to save the game even when injured. It just goes to show you what an amazing and committed player he is. Let’s all keep him in our thoughts for a speedy recovery and return to the game.

  385. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hi Yadi Girls
    I am so relieved to hear that Yadi is doing better and should be in the game tomorrow. Did you see the cut on his cheek? Poor guy, I know of a few ladies that would be in line to kiss it and make it better. Me first ;o) Did any of you see the sign some people were holding up around the first few innings last night? BUILT Yadi TOUGH. Like for Ford Tough signs. Yadi is an incredibly tough and dedicated player. GO YADI!!!

  386. becky65

    Hey Cindy!
    Sorry I haven’t written! How’s Abby? I was at the game yesterday and I didn’t see them! How Cool!! We were sitting in the bleachers, pretty much in center field. Man we got fried! Tracie will be glad to know, I am a red-neck haha!
    I hope whatever their collective problem is they get it together before tonight or the Red Sox are gonna beat ’em like rented mules! 2 hits the whole game! Horrible! I did notice the cut on his cheek, and I am right behind you to kiss it and make it better!

  387. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I read where Yadi had a regression with his concussion Sun. Anybody know exactly what that means? I also saw thery were going to use him on first base! Has he ever even played first base?

  388. becky65

    Good Morning Ladies!
    Well, my stiches came out yesterday, so I only have 2 more weeks to be a deadbeat, so I’m gonna make ’em count!
    I’m not sure what they mean by regression. It could mean that he was still having some dizziness, and/or headaches. I know a whole gang of girls who would be more than happy to see that our sweetie is being taken care of right!!
    Hope everybody saw him play 1st base! He did a good job, and it was really HOT to watch him do that 1st base stretch!!
    I also know of someone who has a birthday coming up in a few weeks! Aside from a card, if anyone has any thoughts, let me know!

  389. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Beck glad to hear your stitches are out. I hope that means things are progressing well. Abby is doing better; she still has bad days a few times a week. She just started rolling over this weekend. Now I really have to watch her when I lay her on my bed. She love to scream loud just to hear herself. She is a joy.
    It was very nice to see Yadi get all the face time he did at first base. While he does look hot in his catchers gear it was nice to see that beautiful face the whole time. He really looked like he was having fun with it. He seemed ok behind the plate at the end. Hopeful he will be back in the swing of things for tonight’s game.
    I’m not sure on the birthday idea. I could think of a few things but nothing I guess we could really do :o)

  390. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here with my friends! Good to hear everyone is enjoying the summer with our baby YADI!

    Seems like so much has been going on in his life, on and off the field this summer. I hope he’s handling it all well.
    I was glad to have YADI back on the field even if it was at first base! We got to see his pretty face throughout most of the game!

    YES, girls, YADI has played first base before! If you were a true YADI fan you would know this! He has played 7 games in his career at first base for a total of 15 innings, his fielding percentage at first base is .947%! We knew he’d be great at first, he’d be great anywhere.
    I read on ESPN that the regression you were speaking of was his scores on some of the tests they give players who have had concussions was alittle lower, so to be cautious he didn’t play behind the plate. I would rather they not play him and give him more time to heal than to jeopardize his health!

    Glad to hear Abby is doing fine and you’re enjoying her! I bet she’s getting big. Send us some pics of her!Give her a hug from the YG’s ( hey that sounds cool-YG’s!!) Tracie how’s our little Yadi? Been playing ball this summer? We’d enjoy some pics of him in his uniform also!
    I’m not doing too much except working and keeping up with my kids! Watching the games and keeping up with the other teams around the league is about all the entertainment I get!

    I think we should send YADI a card from his girls! That would be nice. I plan to have a cake and ice cream again for him this year! We did last year!
    Beck, glad to hear your surgery went fine and you’re enjoying your “vacation”.



  391. becky65

    Hola YG’S!!
    I like that too! Hope everyone is going to have a safe 4th of July! Glad to hear Abby is doing great and getting big!
    Margaret and I went to Tues.’s game and sat right by the bullpen! Got some SWEET shots!! Damn but that man is fine!! We also had a sign that said “Yadi- Simply The Best!” We know he saw it! If anybody wants any pix, let us know and I’ll see if Margaret can shoot some your way!
    Well, as Karen said, my “vacation” is about to come to an end. I’m ready but I’m not haha! Guess I don’t have a choice! I still have a little stiffness, but I try to keep putting cocoa butter on it and that seems to help. I really wish that Yadi would just kiss it and make it better! I KNOW that would do the trick! I’m sure it will be going away here pretty soon. I’m really glad I had it done. I can’t believe I played around with it as long as I did, almost a year!
    Tracie, what’s goin on with you girl? You guys didn’t get flooded did you? They were talking about Hardin being threatened by the Illinois river a week or so ago. How are you guys doin? Pretty busy with Gunner’s games I bet!
    Well girls, tonight’s game is rather ugly, and Yadi is out of it now. Better to save him for the Cubbies!
    Talk to everyone later!

  392. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    ok so I dont’t know everything about Yadi–like him playing first base in the past! doesn’t mean I’m not a true fan! down here in Arkansas we didn’t always get the games broadcasted until the last year or so. Our broadcasters seemed to think we should be Houston fans. So I’m still learning, but believe me, I am a totally devoted Yadi fan! I believe he could play any position they put him in!

  393. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I want to apologize for the way that statement sounded! I am so sorry to make it sound as if any of you were not true YADI fans! I guess I think everyone is as up on YADI as I am. My daughter told me how crappy that sounded after sh read it.
    YADI played first base once a year for the past four seasons. In ’05-he played first 1 inning, ’06-5 innings, in ’07-1 inning, and so far in ’08-8 innings.
    Margaret and Becky, OMG! Loved the pictures from the tuesday game. You’re right he is a cool drink of water! 😀
    I guess most of us have read YADI’s pet peeves, well I have a couple of my own! The first and most annoying one is I hate the way YADI

  394. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Sorry, I get to going and hit the wrong button!
    I hate the way YADI gets on base and is left there! His stats would be alot higher if only they could bring him in! This is one reason why I ( and I hate to say this girls, but…..) don’t think he will win the Gold Glove this year. Geovany Soto seems to be the flavor of the month right now so like I said before, Soto will probably win the GG, even tho his defense stats are not that great, and because the Cubs are also the f.o.t.m.

    But lets hope YADI’s stats keep going up and he does win and makes a fool out of me and my opinions. I am VERY opinionated about YADI and the CARDINALS! Tony LaRussa needs to call me!

    Once again, YADI GIRLS, Tracie, I am sorry for the way that sounded, I know the YADI GIRLS LOVE THEIR MAN!
    Also Tracie, here in OK everyone seems to think we love the Astros too, we get their pregame, game, and post game shows almost daily! We are lucky enough to get all the Cardinals games, but never the pre or post game shows.


  395. lzacharski@yahoo.com

    I would LOVE for you to email your pictures to me! I went to the game Saturday and it was so exciting I thought I was going to explode. Thankfully, not too many Cubs fans sat near us but they certainly did make their presence known. How stupid of them though to load the bases when Ankiel was a for sure at bat. Yesterdays game, though, we won’t talk about. Anyway, maybe someone can give me a tip. I’d like to get into the stadium to watch the Card’s batting practice but they always practice first and by the time the gates open two hours before the game, they are finishing up and the opposing team is starting their practice. Does anyone know that secret to get to watch the whole practice? They even have the times of practice posted on stlcardinals.com but what is the point if you can’t get in? Any advice on this would be greatly appreicated. Thankss!

  396. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey YG’s
    Karen I did know that Yadi had played first base before but didn’t know the detail you had. Beck glad to hear your doing better aside from the stiffness. Also is it really your wrist you would want Yadi to kiss that would make you feel better or would that be a good start? :O) I would love to see the pictures you have of Yadi. Please send them my way. I will send some new pics of Abby. The littlest YG.
    Did any of you see the request on myspace for phone numbers and he will pick one fan to text? Did any of you give your number? I didn’t think my husband would go for that if I were to get picked.
    I can’t wait for the game tonight. We need to gain some ground. GO CARDINALS!!!! GO YADI!!!!!


  397. blueridge@irtc.net

    Here I am!! Here I am!! I’ve been trying to blog for a long time and my password has been messed up. i’ve been checking in though. Glad to hear everyone is fine. We are great. Gunner aka little Yadi is done with ball & I sure miss it. He had a great season also. They played in a tournament and placed 2nd. We were flooded in town and had to drive around, but our house was fine. We are way up on the ridge, so we won’t get flooded. Thanks for thinking of us! It’s back down now so they are taking the sandbags away. We’ve been hanging out in our pool & that’s about it. How are you doing Beck? Healing up? I’d love to have some Yadi pics too, so please send them! We are going to the game next Friday – can’t wait for that! I’ll take some pics and send them to you all. Cindy, your sweet baby is beautiful!! Girls are so much fun. So are boys, i guess… 🙂 It’s great to see Yadi back behind the plate. But it was fun seeing him play 1st base. They had a couple of rough games but I have faith in the Cards. They can do it! Well, better go for now – I will check back soon!

  398. lrizzie@charter.net

    Hi Yadi girls,
    I’m an old gal who gets a kick out of reading your blogs. I am also a big Yadi fan and have been for quite a long time. Recently my son and I were talking about the MVP of the Cardinals. He said Pujols, and I said Yadi because I thought he would be able to play first base a lot better than Pujohs could catch. A couple of days later Yadi started the game at first base. I called my son and he knew what I was going to say, “I told you he could play first. ” I knew he had played first base before for a couple of innings, but not for a whole game. He did a great job. He always looks like he is having so much fun. Hope you don’t mind me chiming in once in awhile. Lois

  399. becky65

    Hey Lois,
    Sorry for the delay, I’m Becky. Welcome to our little sorority! We all get kinda caught up e-mailing each other sometimes and we forget to check in on RRR. We hope you will find us silly and crazy and just generally fun! But wow, after all of these losses it’s sure hard to think about fun! Ugh! Ryan Franklin! Useless! All we can hope for is better luck in Atlanta!
    Anyway, glad you are here Lois! The more the merrier!

  400. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Franklin useless? How about Isringhausen! Talk about useless!! When he comes in to pitch, it’s like “there goes the game”! You can see the frustration in Yadi’s eyes!. Did you all see the Mets series? They’re just never gonna forgive him for that homerun in 2006– still boo-ing him!!
    I couldn’t believe it !

  401. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Franklin useless? How about Isringhausen? When he comes into a game it’s like “ok game over. we lose again! Can you believe the Mets series–All the boo-ing for Yadi! Guess they still haven’t forgiven that home run in

  402. lrizzie@charter.net

    Hello Yadi Gals,
    It’s Lois again. My son, wife and two teenagers live in Chicago, but are huge Cardinal fans are in town this weekend and are goint to the game tonight. Hope we win for them tonight. Last night while out to dinner with them, my 17 year old granddaughter and I were discussing what a good player Yadi is, and my granddaughter said and besides that he’s cute!!!!!!!!I had to agree. I’m going to a game the 6th and 19th of August. Take care everyone.

  403. lrizzie@charter.net

    Dang they lost!!!, but Ludwick hit a home run and cute Yadi picked another off first base. We’ll have to get them tomorrow. Lois

  404. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey YG’s
    I didn’t stay up for the game last-night but I saw the highlights this morning. I’m kind of glad I didn’t because it seems it was a real nail bitter. I’m not sure I could have handled it until the 11th inning. I was very happy to see that we won. So does any one have an opinion on Izzy and Franklin? Yadi does really well with the pitchers but there is only so much he can do. What about having McClellan to be a closer. Yadi has still been doing well both defense and offense. It’s always good to see him behind the plate and at bat. I have to be at work for tomorrows (Thursday) game so I would be ok if Yadi needs a break to put in LaRue. Unless one of you is going to the game then I wouldn’t want you to miss a chance to see our guy in action.
    Later, Cindy

  405. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    It’s been awhile since I chimed in here! Hope everyone is doing fine. Where is everyone, all our girls from last year?
    Everyone in Oklahoma are doing great, just very busy! But never too busy to watch our baby, YADI!
    He’s getting better as the season goes by! His batting average is .307! It’s been as high as .313, he keeps going up and down but hasn’t gotten below .300 for awhile now. Let’s hope he keeps it up there, if he does I think he has a good chance for the GG this year. His stats are better this year than last! His OPS is .745!!

    The one thing that just gets me EVERY game, he gets left on base. The weekend in Arizona he was left on base 11 times! He need a power hitter behind him or at least two good consistent hitters behind him in the line up. I read where he’s not moved up in the line up because he is not a fast runner! But he more often than not gets on base! Just think of the runs he’d score if they could bring him! He gets LOB every game and I just wished Tony would consider moving him up the line up! Wins are so important now! We’re not out of it yet. I think the Cubs are on the downhill slide! The Brewers too, they’re starting to slide. But then theres the Phillies on the wild card above us and the Asstros coming up behind us!
    Only 21 games left to see our baby, then we’ll be back to where we were last year, trying to keep one another company until we can see him again, counting the days to Spring Training and Opening Day!
    Lots of love and hugs to all of you and we’ll check back in again, but sooner this next time!



  406. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I just wanted to say to the new “YADI GIRLS” who have joined us. WELCOME to our group, sounds like you all are just as smitten as we all are.
    Like Becky said before, we are busy emailing and calling one another we sometimes forget about our group here on RRR.
    I’m Karen and my daughter Andrea (Chica) live in Oklahoma City. She’s the one who got me hooked on our YADI!
    There’s a favorite saying around our house, I’m always saying “YADI, MY YADI!” When my grandson sees YADI he says. there’s grandma’s YADI! He just turned 5, and always watches the games with me when I go to visit him. He and I were out playing with a football and he said “come on grandma, let’s go make some homeruns!” So we were trying to make homeruns with our football!! 🙂


  407. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    There you all are! I wondered where everyone disappeared to. Well, once again out Yadi is hurt! Good thing he’s so tough!. They’re saying he’ll only be out a couple days.He say he wants to be 100% and feels only 75% right now. He’s been doing so good lately. A couple of homers, and even two stolen bases! That’s really trying since he runs like an old plow mule!(no offense meant Yadi) I can’t believe the season is almost over again. Seems like it just started! Anybody know if the Puerto Rican league is going to be playing this year?

  408. lrizzie@charter.net

    I don’t care what the announders said about that being a clean hit on Yadi. It was dirty! If that Cub player thought he had any chance of being safe at home plate he would have tried to slide to the outside of home plate, instead he kneed Yadi right in the crotch. That’s a Cub player for you. Hope Yadi gets to play tomorrow. The game just isn’t the same without him in the game. Lois the old gal.

  409. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!!
    Here I am!! It’s Becky!! I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to get online!!
    Well Ladies, it’s getting to be that time of year again. You know what that means. We have to help each other get through a long cold Yadi-less winter! Uuugghh! But we did it last year girls, we can do it again!
    Oh I was so mad at Ted Lilly the other night! Trying to make our Yadi a soprano! I was surprised when he stayed in the game. Poor Baby!! I think he needs us to rub his leg! But remember ladies, only leg-rubbing, no hands heading north haha!!
    I promise to check in with everybody more often! Let’s see, one new thing, our Jezzie is now a puppy-school graduate!
    Let’s just hope she actually remembers everything she was taught!
    Later Girls!

  410. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey Yadi Girls
    I have been busy with my little one. She is growing so fast.
    I guess we need to add Lilly to the Yadi Girl’s hit list. I agree there was no need for Lilly to come at Yadi like that. Did you see the play yesterday I don’t remember which Pirate player slapped the ball out of Miles’ glove? The Pirates aren’t going to the post season anyway why did he feel the need to play dirty. It is always entertaining to see a bench clearing. I was beginning to wonder how many guys it was going to take to hold Villone back. I am really missing Yadi in the games. We are getting close to the end and we need to see him as much as possible. I don’t want him to play hurt but I hope he gets better soon. We could start a line to help rub his leg. And Beck as far as not going north, hey what ever make him feel better. We need to get him back in the game. It’s for the greater good of the team. LOL I better go before I get myself into anymore trouble.
    Later Cindy

  411. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    Welcome Back! Good to hear from our girls. I know we all have lives, jobs, kids, and other assorted items to attend to everyday but it’s always great to log in here and see that we are all on the same page when it comes to our baby-YADI!

    YES! Girls, I think Ted Lilly just got himself elected first spot on our hit list! I knew the cubs were going to play dirty! They have to, it’s the only way they’ll make it to post season, they sure won’t make it on their ball playing, honest ball playing.

    One thing that just gets me, whether it’s the cubs or anyone else, when they intentionally walk our hitters, I hate it when they walk YADI!! and Albert!! I guess the one hundred years of not winning the World Series makes you want it sooo bad, you resort to any tactics to try to win!

    Has there been any more news of when YADI will be back playing full time, it is sooo not fun to watch the Cards without him! I seen where he left the game sunday after aggravating his injury. I think what he needs is for the YG’s to get to St. Louis ASAP to start the massaging. Our YADI would probably enjoy being pampered and massaged by us! Don’t you think??!!

    Later YG’s, dinner awaits!


  412. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Hey! if you all insist on rubbing our baby’s leg, I get first rub–after all I AM a nurse–I need to show you all how to do it properly! haha!

  413. lrizzie@charter.net

    Tony said that he didn’t expect Yadi to play until we play the Cubs. We sure do miss him getting on base, not to mention his excellent play behind the plate. I agree the Cardinal games are just not the same when he isn’t in the game. Lois

  414. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    I just read an article that says he might not play all next week and then some because he has “issues”. Anybody know what La Russa might be talking about? Baseball is sure seeming dull without Yadi!

  415. lrizzie@charter.net

    I sure do miss watching Yadi play. I watched the game today and was wishing someone would brush Ted Lilly back at the kneecaps. I read where Yadi is still hoping to play before the end of the season. I’m going to the game on the 24th. Hope he is back by then. Lois

  416. marseanmorris@centurytel.net

    Hey Girls,
    Just comin off a long weekend. My ex husband finally got his lung transplant early this morning. He was really running out of time so we are all relieved. Especially our three sons. It’s been a long road and so far so good, but we’ll take all the extra prayers we can get.
    Been missin you girls. Haven’t had a lot of time to myself lately, but think about y’all a lot. And Yadi of course. Been going thru withdrawals with him on the DL…can’t imagine how long the off season will be. Maybe he’ll have an appearance soon so we can visit him! Now there’s a happy thought. : ) Take care, girls. ~Marg

  417. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    Mar! A lung transplant? Wow! I’ll sure be praying for you all! That’s a pretty heavy thing for any family to be going through! I sure hope everything will turnout ok!

  418. lrizzie@charter.net

    I’ll be praying for your family. I to am missing Yadi play. I’m going to the game tomorrow and am hoping he gets to play.

  419. becky65

    Hey Cindy!
    Those pix of Abby are toooo cute!! You are such a great Mom! You know, you are right, if we have to “take one for the team” I’m willing haha!!
    You know, the one good thing about the off season is we all always manage to find our way back here to keep each other bucked up til Spring! I think Yadi definitely has the best fans, the most dedicated!
    Will write more later girls!
    PS-Jezzie is an official puppy-school graduate! Now, let’s see if she actually remembers everything she was taught!

  420. brokenchains44@yahoo.com

    this is pure torture!!! the season’s almost gone and no Yadi!! Please! just a glimpse of him before he disappears for the winter!!

  421. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Has anyone heard if Yadi is going to make an appearance or if he is out for the season? The games just aren’t the same without him.
    Beck thank you and I think she is pretty cute too. Glad to hear that Jezzie is a graduate. I wish we would have sent our dog through school.
    Are Yadi’s stats still good enough with him being out at the end of the season for a chance at a Gold Glove? I of course know they are. I know they said something about Soto being on the DL and it possible hurting his chances for a GG. I hope it doesn’t hurt Yadi’s chances any, he really deserves the GG. He deserved it last year.
    Only 3 more games left. I’m glad that I have you girls to help me through the long winter.

  422. sltay@earthlink.net

    Our baby has won his 1st Gold Glove! How wonderful for him. He is soooooooo deserving of it!!!
    Has anyone heard anything about him losing his father?
    Where is everyone? I need all of you to help me through the long winter with no Yadier!!!!
    Looked on myspace and did not see any chatter recent chatter.

  423. lrizzie@charter.net

    It’s Lois in Hazelwood Mo. I saw on TV this evening that Yadi got a gold glove. I was so happy for him as he is the best of the best! I didn’t hear anything about him losing his father. I hope everything is well for Marg’s ex husband after his lung transplant. Everyone take care. I am already having with drawal symptoms from not watching Cardinal Baseball. Lois

  424. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    YADI YADI YADI!!!! I’m glad they finally recognize such a talented catcher. He has been so deserving of a Gold Glove. I’m so proud.
    Unfortunately Yadi’s father did pass away of a heart attack.

    I have also heard that Yadi is playing in the PR winter league again this year. I hopeful that this means he is doing much better and will be ready to go when the season starts. I have been feeling so lost without baseball and no Yadi sightings. I was hoping one of the sports channels would have an interview or something but I haven’t seen anything. I believe it is around 155 days until opening day. It seems so far away. Luckily there is spring training but it also is to far away. I really need to get back on this site because it does help to get through the winter when I have my fellow Yadi Girls help.
    Later Cindy

  425. becky65

    Hey YadiGirls!!
    here I am!! Hope everybody is well! Well, here we are girls! It’s that time of year when we have to keep each other going til spring!
    I am sooooo proud of our Yadi!! It’s about time! They finally discovered what we have known all along! I think he needs a BIG hug from his YG’s!!
    Yes, Yadi’s Dad passed away about a month ago. I saw on the Cards chatroom site on Stltoday that it was very sudden. Benjamin Molina was only 58, he had a heart attack while he was, of course, on a baseball field with a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds. Benjie and Jose were not there yet as of the writing of the article I read, which was from I assume a Puerto Rican newspaper. The translation was not very good, but Yadi’s Uncle Luis said that Benjamin had always said that he wanted to die on the ballfield. Yadi was there with his Mom, so at least she was not alone. It’s too bad this did not happen before his Dad’s passing.
    Anyway, let’s see, not too much goin on with me. Randy and i have a houseguest. My brother’s apt. is being treated for mold, so he has been staying with us for about a month now. Ya know, I’m glad to do it, but I am ready to have my house back!! We think it might just be another week or so. I hope so. He worked late last night and i went to bed soon after he got home, woke up this morning, opened the bedroom door, and my entire house smelled like a hamburger! Guess he got hungry after I went to bed, but MAN! that smell hit me like a brick, and at 5 in the morning….that’s just wrong!
    Well, everybody check in and tell what’s going on with you!

  426. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I’m still around too, just busy working and keeping up with my kids.
    I think I woke everyone up on the block when I was reading my E/M Wednesday night. I had just gotten into bed and pulled up my E/M and read the ones from my fellow YG’s, I screamed and yelled, my kids came running in and I was yelling, YADI WON THE GG! My son said, is that all, I thought you seen a bug or something! It is about time.
    In a way I kind of figured he would win this year. There was an article I read at the end of the season and it was about YADI and the other catchers. The guy writing it was saying he thought YADI was a sure bet this year. He talked about the catchers and their batting averages, (YADI was highest) He was comparing YADI, Russell Martin, and Geovany Soto. They had more homeruns, RBI’s and runs scored but YADI was higher in average, he was more productive in his at bats. Also their pick off stats, passed balls, errors, and all around defense, again, our baby was the best! I kept my fingers crossed and mouth shut (i thought if we talked about it too much, we might jinx him) Yes, I’m superstitous:). He also talked about how he should have won last year and was a candidate the past four years. He also said, YADI will probably be one if not the best catcher in baseball history. Reading the article made me so proud, that’s our baby!!
    I was so sad when I heard about YADI losing his dad, our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
    Later girls, We can make the winter pass faster if we all keep in touch more often here.
    okckaren and chica said, hey YG’s!! :]

  427. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Did you all notice that YADI also won his second straight Fielding Bible Award, for the best Catcher in all of the MLB! He also won last year and was second in ’06 behind Ivan Rodriguez. That’s our Baby! This year YADI was #1 and his brothers, Bengie and Jose were in the top ten!
    Thought you’d all enjoy this bit of info on our sweetie!

  428. okckaren4949@yahoo.com




  429. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Is it just me of does this off season seem to be lasting longer. I miss Yadi and baseball. Is anyone going to the Winter Warm up? Have you heard if Yadi is going to be there this year? I won’t be able to attend but always enjoy the pictures from those who can go.

  430. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!!
    Happy New Year to everyone!! Sorry I am late with that, but like everyone else I have been so busy!! Glad we are done with holidays! Been pretty crazy at work too!!
    I’m with you Cindy! Isn’t it time for SP YET?!! Did Abby have fun seeing Santa?!! Hope you got lots of pix! She is soooo adorable! Karen and I both think she looks like you!
    Well Girls, by my count, about 42 days, give or take a few til Spring Training? MAN! I can’t wait!! I have not heard who is going to be at the Warm-Up, so I have not got any tix or anything. Last year they gave a list on the website of who was gonna be there. I don’t know, I don’t wanna spend the dough if our man isn’t gonna be there!! If anybody hears anything, let me know.
    I am glad that 2009 finds everyone happy and healthy, and we all have each other to check in on! Hope to hear from everyone soon!

  431. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    This cold weather really has me dreaming of a warm beach in Puerto Rico with a special someone. I think Yadi could use some attention during his R&R and getting ready for the season and I could use the warmer weather and of course Yadi. Anyone else game? I want my Baseball and Yadi back. Are we there yet?

  432. lrizzie@charter.net

    Hi everyone!
    Well the holidays are over. I always get the blues afer the holidays so will be glad when baseball starts again. My kids gave me a Christmas present of of two seats to ten games to the Cardinal games. Really looking forward to seeing Yadi and the rest of the Cardinals play. Hope we have a good season. Lois the old gal.

  433. becky65

    Hola Ladies!
    WE ARE HERE!! Spring Training has officially begun!! Karen sent me some AWSOME new pix of our Sweetie!! I think they might be from picture day down in Fla, so you might check out GettyImages.com. They are probably there. I’ll tell you what, he is like fine wine!! He just gets finer all the time!!
    Hope I can be a little better at keeping in touch with everyone. I hope everyone is fired up, I know I am totally ready for daily doses of Yadi!! Best medicine in the world!!

  434. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Hey ladies. I’m also hoping to keep in touch better. I’m on the computer everyday at work but don’t always get on here. I try to stay up to date on the Cardinal news. I really enjoy all the comments, even when I can’t post something I try to at least see if anyone has put anything new on here.
    Just an FYI. I believe that Sat. on ESPN @ 4pm ct Panama vs Puerto Rico is on and Yadi will be carrying the flags for his home country. Also for the St. Louis area there is a spring training game on KSDK 5 on Sat March 14th @ 12pm. If any one is looking for a Yadi fix these might help. I have gotten tickets ordered for one game this year but I’m going to try for more. This economy has got me to leery to charge to many more tickets but I hope to get in a couple more this year. Anyone else in on the Thursday Presale?

  435. okckaren4949@yahoo.com


    It’s been awhile since I’ve logged in, but I always check in!
    I hope everyone is doing good! We’re all doing great in OK! Just very busy at work and I have alot going on right now! Some of you know my son enlisted in the Navy and will be leaving in a few weeks. He will be doing his basic at Grand Lakes, IL Recruit Training Command, near you Cindy! And we just found out his fiance are expecting in November. I am so excited about both!

    Isn’t our baby looking lucious! Check out his new ’09 Pics on Gettyimages.com! His pics look better this year than in past years! Aye, mami! WOW!

    My sister is in the hospital, so I missed the Puerto Rico-Netherlands game today, but I did see the highlights on WBC.com! It shows his game winning two run hit into left field and his pick off at second! WOW! that’s our baby! The look on his face was priceless, he is too cute!

    Their next game will be either against Dominican Republic or The Netherlands again! If it’s against DR, that will be a great game to see! But ‘we’ all know they ‘PR’ is going to win! Here’s hoping they’ll win the Classic!

    If you check out the Spring Training pics on MLB.com you’ll see our baby a few times. There’s one of his catching a pop up and he was growing a beard! WOW, it looked HOT! I even had to say, WOW to Rick Ankiel’s beard! HOT! Man, we have some great eye candy!

    Well, YADI GIRLS, lets all start our keeping in touch here more often, I do miss everyone!!


  436. lrizzie@charter.net

    Watched Yadi catch for Puerto Rico against Venuzuala tonight. I sure enjoyed watching him play even if he didn’t get a hit or throw anyone out. The two bases that were stolen were stolen on the pitcher, not Yadi. I am really getting anxious to see the Cardinals back in town. My first game is April 21st. I am going to be somewhat sad this year, because I lost my brother, Jack, last June. He played in triple A baseball when he was young and then later was entered in the MonClair Hall of fame, in Illinois, for managing young players. We talked baseball all the time. Lois

  437. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Opening Day !It’s almost here! Anxiously waiting! Getting excited about our “new team” this year. It’s going to be weird watching some of our boys play elsewhere. Let’s hope our new men live up to expectations!
    Good to hear from you Lois, but my was sorry to hear about losing your brother. Sounds like he was someone the YADI GIRLS would have liked, since he played baseball!
    I got to watch our YADI in one game, but I did catch all the highlights on WBC.com.
    I’ve had a very stressful couple of weeks, my son’s girlfriend suffered a miscarriage. We were all so excited, it would have been their first child. And a couple of other injuries and illnesses we’ve had to deal with. But things are calming down and everyone is doing better!
    I was so bummed Puerto Rico lost tonight, didn’t catch the game but watched the highlights! I seen our baby came into the game in the 9th. I was busy playing beauty shop. I pampered myself, got my hair colored, nails and toes done, eyebrows done, the works!
    YADI GIRLS, how is everyone? Chime in and let us know how everyone is doing!
    Gotta go, but next time I’ll tell you about the new man in my life!!! : )

  438. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Is it just me or did Yadi pants seem tighter yesterday then usually. I like that look, it shows his butt better. Did anyone else notice this?


  439. becky65

    Hola YadiGirls!!
    We are 1 week away from opening day!! Whoo-hooo!! I never thought it would get here!! Is everybody PSYCHED??!!!!
    Cindy, I didn’t notice, but I will definitely make it a point! I mean, how do NOT notice the best butt in MLB? I did however, notice something else. When I was watching the game today, Yadi was up to bat and he took his helmet off for a second and his hair is BLOND!! What the hell???!!! Or, as Margaret would say, WTF??!! Has Wadling Wanda struck again? Hefer! Hope he drops THAT look in a hurry! Maybe the other guys will give him alot of crap about it and he will let it go back natural!

  440. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    Well, it’s finally here! And we had to lose! Our great bullpen stuck again!! We need some pitchers!
    I rushed home early from work at 3:30, my 15 minute drive took me 5 minutes, I was flying!
    I thought McClellan did pretty good, why didn’t they leave him in longer! And I thought Adam did great, the first 5 innings.
    Of course our baby looked great, am I right girls? He looked so frustrated, especially when he went out to the pitchers mound a couple of times.
    And I have to say Miles does not look right in a Cubs uniform! And…….did you all see the Baltimore/Yankees game? Cesar Izturis hit a 2 run homer!! And Felipe Lopez made baseball history today with the Diamondbacks. He hit two homeruns! One from each side of the plate!! They could have been our homers! I figured Lopez would be fired up this year, he did pretty good in the Classic.
    Well, it is just the first game, we have a long season, the CARDS will get their groove on and start winning!! GO CARDS!
    I’m with you Beck, our YADS need to get rid of that blond hair, and let his natural hair grow back! And I like the beard. When you emailed me about his blond hair, I was telling Andrea about it, my son started with the blond jokes!
    I told him if he didn’t stop, the Navy was going to be minus one Cadet! 🙂
    How is everyone? Doing alright here in OK!
    Hey brokenchains and blueridge, how are you girls, haven’t heard from you for awhile. Drop in and let us know how you’re doing. We miss hearing from you.
    Later YADI GIRLS!

  441. lrizzie@charter.net

    Watched the game today and was disappointed that they didn’t win but we still have a whole lot of exciting games to see. I didn’t much care for Yadi’s blonde hair, but I really don’t care what color it is if he plays exciting baseball. Hope everyone is doing fine. Lois

  442. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    I hope that everyone was able to see Yadi’s triple, he was moving. They kept replaying the run; I don’t think the announcers could believe it. I didn’t realize that was only his second triple in his career. Then he gets a homerun, he was (is) hot. I am with you guys, not caring for the blond. I was glad to see that our pitching held up last night. I’m hoping that Monday was just them working out the bugs. I’m very happy that baseball and YADI are back.
    Later Girls

  443. lrizzie@charter.net

    April 11,2009
    I watched the game today and the Redbirds were awesome. Albert with two home runs and our Yadi boy threw out someone at second. What an arm!!!! I’m anxious to watch them tomorrow. Looks like Yadi’s blonde hair is growing out. Hope everyone has a nice Easter. Love them Cardinals!!!

  444. lrizzie@charter.net

    April 11,2009
    I watched the game today and the Redbirds were awesome. Albert with two home runs and our Yadi boy threw out someone at second. What an arm!!!! I’m anxious to watch them tomorrow. Looks like Yadi’s blonde hair is growing out. Hope everyone has a nice Easter. Love them Cardinals!!!

  445. becky65

    Hey YadiGirls!!
    Hope everyone had a great Easter and got to watch our Sweetie! Is everyone getting used to the blond hair? Yikes! Did he loose a bet or something? Hope he gets THAT out of his system soon! Hope he’s off to a good start with the triple and the homer!
    Cindy, did you get pix of Abby with the Easter Bunny? I bet she was dressed to kill yesterday!! Too cute! Put some pictures up if you get the chance!
    I am taking a mental health day today. I think I’m gonna be a total slug and like it!
    Talk to everybody soon!

  446. lrizzie@charter.net

    Yadi continues to get more awsome. Now he’s in to stealing bases and driving in a lot of runs. What a guy!!!Besides having the cutest personality in baseball he is also the best catcher. Cardinal baseball is so exciting when he is in the game. What is the thing on his necklace that he kisses when he is at bat. It doesn’t look like a cross? Chris Duncan is also doing a good job at the plate. I’m glad he had the surgery, because it seems it has helped. Love those Cardinals.

  447. lrizzie@charter.net

    The Cards and Yadi had another great day and against the Cubbies no less. Chris Duncan did good, except for when he dropped that fly ball, but he made up for it. I’m going to miss part of tomorrow’s game as I have a doctor’s appointment with a cardioligist. I am going to find out if I am okay to get some surgery done on my plumbing.

  448. lrizzie@charter.net

    The Cards lost again today in extra innings, but it certainly was not Yadi’s fault. He gave it his all. Goodness he is good!!! Hope we win tomorrow so we can at least make it even with the Cubbies. Love those Redbirds!!! Lois

  449. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying our baby! He’s doing great, he’s off to a great start! His batting average was .348 when the game started tonight and I believe it ended at .340, his slugging percentage is.500, on base percentage is .424, and his fielding is 1.000!! And we all know he’s only getting better!
    Didn’t you all just love the triple, I was behind him pushing him, (I have to be honest, I didn’t think he was going to make it!) That was soo cool!
    Well, Girls, it is that time again, time for voting for the All-Star Game. Let’s all get our 25 votes in daily. I just finished voting for today and I have my crew voting also! We have to get him in this year!! I think he has a very good chance of making it this year! So everyone vote everyday!! Call in those markers and have your friends vote also! This is going to be his year!!
    Hey, blueridge, brokenchains, and Marge, you girls still with us, it’s been awhile since we heard from you. Let us know how you girls and your families are doing. We miss hearing from you!
    Everyone here are doing great, just working and keeping up with my family.
    Good to talk to you girls tonight.

    Andrea says, Hi everyone!

  450. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    HOLA, did you see the pick of of Escobar at first! It was pretty, he had him by a mile! When will they learn not to test our baby, YADI?


  451. dreamingofbaseball

    Hey ladies! I just found this terrific blog today, and have been having so much fun reading past posts.

    I adore Yadi! He’s been my favorite Cardinal (next to Jimmy Edmonds when he was still here) since he made his debut. Second to absolutely none as a defender, awesome with the bat… and you all know how gorgeous he is! That smile… *MELT* And I think it’s the sexiest thing when he throws out baserunners. His love, intensity, and passion for baseball is the most amazing thing.

    Anyway, I’m so happy to have found this blog. I don’t know any other Yadi fans, really, so it’s so much fun to read all your thoughts. I hope to get to talk to you all soon!

  452. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Where did everybody go? I know I should be included in that since I haven’t been on lately. Welcome cardsstarlet.
    Abby is getting so big and it all is still going way to fast. She is saying so many new words that now I have to be really careful. We are working on Go Cards. She has the Go part but not the Cards yet. It is a work in progress.
    I was just on the Cardinals website and is said that Yadier leads the NL in votes among catchers. Let’s keep it that way and keep voting daily ladies.
    I went to the game on May 16th, which the unfortunately lost and it was a bit chilly. I did get there early enough to see Yadi get some batting practice in. I of course didn’t bring my camera. He looked good as always and the smile warmed me right up. I tried to get an autograph but all the player, including Yadi would rush down the steps into the dugout with there head down.

  453. c4lulu@yahoo.com

    Where did everybody go? I know I should be included in that since I haven’t been on lately. Welcome cardsstarlet.
    Abby is getting so big and it all is still going way to fast. She is saying so many new words that now I have to be really careful. We are working on Go Cards. She has the Go part but not the Cards yet. It is a work in progress.
    I was just on the Cardinals website and is said that Yadier leads the NL in votes among catchers. Let’s keep it that way and keep voting daily ladies.
    I went to the game on May 16th, which the unfortunately lost and it was a bit chilly. I did get there early enough to see Yadi get some batting practice in. I of course didn’t bring my camera. He looked good as always and the smile warmed me right up. I tried to get an autograph but all the player, including Yadi would rush down the steps into the dugout with there head down.

    Later Cindy

  454. lrizzie@charter.net

    Hi Yadi girls,
    It’ Lois, the old gal. May 1st, I had major surgery and have been recuperating. I had tickets for Tuesday nights game, but was unable to go. Gave the tickets to my son and he got to see the Cards win. Tonight Yadi picked another one off at first. What a thrill! Sorry the Cards lost. We need to get our bats going. Better luck tomorrow. Lois

  455. lrizzie@charter.net

    Carpenter pitched a gem last night, and Wainwright was fine tonite. We need to get our bats going, although our guy hit a home run. I’m not too crazy about that Mohawk haircut he has now. What is it with the different hair styles he has had this year? First the blonde and now a Mohawk. He’s still cute as a bug in a rug though. I saw on TV that the charm he kisses was a gift from his father. It’s a glove with a ball . I think it is so endearing the way he honors his mother.

  456. lrizzie@charter.net

    Carpenter pitched a gem last night, and Wainwright was fine tonite. We need to get our bats going, although our guy hit a home run. I’m not too crazy about that Mohawk haircut he has now. What is it with the different hair styles he has had this year? First the blonde and now a Mohawk. He’s still cute as a bug in a rug though. I saw on TV that the charm he kisses was a gift from his father. It’s a glove with a ball . I think it is so endearing the way he honors his mother.

  457. lrizzie@charter.net

    Carpenter pitched a gem last night, and Wainwright was fine tonite. We need to get our bats going, although our guy hit a home run. I’m not too crazy about that Mohawk haircut he has now. What is it with the different hair styles he has had this year? First the blonde and now a Mohawk. He’s still cute as a bug in a rug though. I saw on TV that the charm he kisses was a gift from his father. It’s a glove with a ball . I think it is so endearing the way he honors his mother.

  458. lrizzie@charter.net

    Gee I hope the real Cardinal team shows up tomorrow. I have ticket. I hope it doesn’t rain. It doesn’t seem like we have had much to cheer about lately, except for Yadi’s superb defensive plays. Lois

  459. lrizzie@charter.net

    The Cardinals didn’t let me down last night. We won 11 to 2, and of course Yadi was his superb self.

  460. okckaren4949@yahoo.com

    How’s everyone doing? Everyone here in OK are doing great! Just working and catching the games. Where is everyone?
    Our baby, YADI did us proud in the All Star Game! He was his usual cute self, but I was hoping he would pick someone off, but they knew better!
    Love the beard he’s growing, it looks hot, have you all checked out the All Star pics of him on gettyimages? WOW!
    YADI GIRLS, log in and let us know how everyone is doing! Miss reading from everyone!



  461. okckaren4949@yahoo.com





  462. lrizzie@charter.net

    I don’t know where everyone is, but I do know that Yadi was the man today. Picking that man off first base was the game. You Gotta Love Yadi!!!!

  463. lrizzie@charter.net

    I don’t know where everyone is, but I do know that Yadi was the man today. Picking that man off first base was the game. You Gotta Love Yadi!!!!

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